by Annunaki77 on January 27th, 2013

NASA IS A JOKE!. NASA keeps on lying to the Public about the Planets. NASA keeps lying about the CANUS KING face on MARS. The Pyramids and other Structures that hold the History of this Solar System. The Burial Grounds of King ALAL , Lord ENKI and other ELDER ANNUNAKI LORDS.

NASA shame on you for Lying to the People of the World about MARS. You lie and keep on lying to the People of Planet Earth.
Listen to the TRUTH about the ANNUNAKI Ancient Civilization on Mars that lived there a Million years ago.

UFOTV® Presents : UFOTV: Gods of Cydonia - The Case for Ancient Structures In the Solar System - Richard C. Hoagland

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cosmicstorm: NASA an acronym for

Never A Straght Answer

UN.i1-PHI: nasa censoring fails

NASA: PROOF of image tampering
i guess they've got better now with photoshop by now...

UN.i1-PHI: Nasa Are Scam Artists

Nasa Are Scam Artists AND THEY STINK AT IT TOO!
they are laughing at us
from the Mojave desert
and Hawaii not Mars
NASA Mars Hoax 100% guaranteed

UN.i1-PHI: disinformation program

YT comment:


"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything American public believes is false" William Casey, CIA (1981)

dvogel: Very interesting video.

Just a shame that the uploader is flat earther. Not that it matters in this case of course.

UN.i1-PHI: proud 2B a FE (flat earther), shame on space alien nasa fanboys

proud 2B a FE (flat earther), shame on space alien nasa fanboys and girls, sorry to have to break it to yall but
please ppl do ur research lol
unlike you galactic balling heliocentrists, the flat earthers have awakened in masses by now
and the space farce is now a part of the military branch thus the nassholes have been reopened so saith the trump that very well knows about the fakery going on that has already become for some time a 'real' part of our figment of reality that is under so called national security and other space agencies have engaged in the same bs worldwide ask elon scum he already told y'all it looks so ridiculous and impossible and you can tell its so real because it looks so fake
i hope after doing some more research y'all can read between the lines but thats up to you and if you got ears to hear and eyes to see, not just to listen and watch everything coming one way in and the other out if you know what i mean
ive wasted enough time trying not to mention it here due to the cognitive dissonance it would create due to the space alien fans here worshipping self proclaimed gods and godesses hiding behind keyboards deluding people and im sorry to have been a part of it trying to tie together or unify your believe system so it can be coherently researched but i actually dont believe in false prophets and i can tell em well and i'm telling you now

for those who love to float about purpouseless sticking to an unproven spinning ball, its all a jesuit deception fyi so regardless of your believes you have a common distorted ground and you can't even stand on your feet for it cause you're tripping too high up in space with your imaginary friends

and the radius of their constant heavy gravity programming is quite large and so is the affected area that spans the fictitious imprisoned globe which so you can multiply that with pi squared which not so coincidentally happens to be similar to the approximation of the gravity acceleration constant in the redefined french metric unit which has to do with the renaissance, let it be said that heliocentrism and outer-space and aliens are a unfounded theory just as darwins attempts to define the evolution from retarded common ancestors, yes its all a freemasonic jesuit lie from the moon missions or shall i say apollo the destroyer to the futuristic dead world of going to mars (hell/war) to the CGI planets that they shove up your face to eat for breakfast and the surprisingly effectively deceptive fish eye lens to curve the flat horizon nevertheless it can appear to go either way convex or concave but if you look orthogonally straight the flat horizon remains the same and rises to the eye level due to the perspective of the vanishing point on the plane
evolution is fake, space if fake, but there may very well be a creator responsible for intelligent design of the world and it's creatures but since you think your so advanced while you regard yourself scientifically and biologically descendands from so called primitive dumb apes that stem from retarded fish mutations that learned to walk that might be way smarter and in tune to reality than the average brainwashed human being nowadays yet you continue to conduct inhumane experiments in the name of scientism and extrapolate its use for abusing drugs because of the similar mechanisms that are most probably the result reused modular components the real programmer/creator has used for the biochemical mechanisms to create life which can further only come forth from previous live unlike the attempts of a so called scientific experiment in 1953 to prove the presence of some enzymes that supposedly were synthesized in primordial atmospheric conditions full of carbon dioxide with a few sparks that resemble thunder strikes though the probability of that even happening is so astronomically unlikely equally respected scientists rather argue that existing life forms has been seeded from other planets via meteorites and developed further on earth supporting the alien narrative but just ignore the complex requirements for a cell to be able to live and survive and multiply which already requires the necessary enzymes and especially the proper DNA and RNA strands that contain the encoded program for the life organism to live and scientists can't even make sense of it and accredit most of it as junk dna because it isn't responsible for the synthesis of enzymes that they can only try to relate to genetic located alleles and the way they make a DNA profile is by chopping it up with PCR enzymes and measuring the distance it travels due to the resistance of the lengths of the chunks while under attraction of their polarity on the electroplate

let's see if anyone here can debunk the globe cause dumb nasa even can't even try to do that successfully
i have no need to argue here anymore with unreasonable people, but for lulz lets see what kind of reasons you guys and gals have for defending your believes in the ballshit, sorry for being disrespectful but this is now my turn giving a little two cents cause i cant even start to mention all the hoaxes or sum it up although it would be a great idea than this rant but when i tried to remain respectful here and ask what you people believe to be true to try to sum it up for consistency's sake, i mostly only received foolishness and bigotry i tried to ignore and deal with but in vain so i'd actually really appreciate if quinton deletes my content from this site because i've unfortunately also participated in this parroting copy paste behaviour for other reasons but i've seen members not just properly citing sources but entirely copy and pasting it on this site oftenly even without mentioning or linking to the original source which may have lead to quite some copyright violations but nevertheless nobody seems to care anyway so why would I

you can start your journey into the flat earth reality you have consiously and unconsciously been rejecting all your life and see how the ancients had it more right than you think and if you may still be able to believe in these godly entities or fallen angels but beware of the heavens above and the wandering stars/angels may not be what you thought they were, a good time to research ancient cosmology and creation 'myths'/legends around the world even the bible says the earth flat and motionless on a pillared foundation and within a dome that has stretched out the heavens like a curtain aka the firmament which separates the waters above from below can also be found in older ancient beliefs like geb and nut for example and you can make all the parallel comparisons you want for yourself and to share with others as long as they're legitimate enough for yourself to believe and others can check and try to correct as well but don't claim to know the full truth if you don't even if you have convinced yourself otherwise, stay real to yourself and others for goodness' sake and of course you can do and say what you want but beware there's also healthy way of criticism and its called pure skepticism though its also helpful to state your beliefs you subscribe to and explain on what its based even if you don't believe in anything anymore which surely is fine too in this age of deceit

NASA Astronomer's Globe "Proofs" Debunked (Flat Earth)

btw dvogel you believe what you want but i think hollow earth is just an escapism to the reality of the artic north pole and antartic southern periphere to cover up what admiral richard bird found out there during the expeditions, shortly after the antartic treaty was signed by many nations and is still intact today to prevent unsupervised independent research and navigations, you can only go to guided areas and you would need an approved permit or else in the name of animal protection you might get wacked and there might be even land beyond the poles as richard evelyn bird astonishingly mentioned and/or its all a wall of ice like refered to in nordic mythology and game of thrones for example and its cold there cause the sun doesnt come that near there as it probably circles back and forth the poles. I dont claim to have the full truth but i have reestablished well where my allegiance lies in what to trust and what not even though many things are hard to prove and unprove though common sense and objective reality may aid in debunking false scientism very well too and altough theres disinfo everywhere you can look flat earthers migh be on to something closer to the truth than anyone here dared to question and it may also be a card played by the illuminati but as long as there's no curvature the earth is still flat and as long nasa & cons fakes the hell out of it with green screens and cgi and zero-g planes and underground elevators and pools it's worth checking out and pondering on what the actual reality is we live in after flushing out the brainwashing theories based on actual evidence, reason, conspiratorial controversy and the ignored burden of proof

UN.i1-PHI: Space Station Hoax- Analysis

Space Station Hoax- Analysis of Video Proves We're Being Lied Tomind the take on the RT vid about pleiadians and chemtrails etc in the end of the vid...

"space may be the final frontier, but it's made in the Hollywood basement" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

UN.i1-PHI: International Space Station Hoax

International Space Station Hoax
ehm another/similar(better?) analysis vid!

UN.i1-PHI: Buzz Aldrin Punch

Buzz Aldrin Punch
say what?!

bluesbaby5050: Here's a RE-Post as was asked for by Moonstarr...............

In these links above you will find conflicting information. What is really going on with the Moon? Mars? Pictures are included by the Mars Rover too. Enjoy this Moon, along with everyone else. :-)

UN.i1-PHI: London's Edwardian SETI Programme And The Girl From Mars

London’s Edwardian SETI Programme And The Girl From Mars

It was a message unique in the history of telegraphy. Opesti nipitia secomba. These words, written in Martian, were relayed from London to the Red Planet on 27 October 1926. The sender was Dr Hugh Mansfield Robinson. The intended recipient was a six-foot, big-eared Martian lady called Oomaruru, with whom he’d been in telepathic contact.

Dr Hugh Mansfield Robinson was a former Town Clerk of Shoreditch and a Doctor of Laws. His picture in Hackney Archives, painted around 1912, suggests an austere, sober character. Yet just a few years later, this public servant and man of law was claiming to be an interplanetary psychic.

[Londonist]

UN.i1-PHI: Annunaki is a hoax, so is nasa and the heliocentric globe

hmm i have come to the same conclusion myself so far
so i'm gonna read this i just came across
and this

beware of the deceit, the truth is controlled in all kinds of ways thus also controlled opposition to lure the conspiracy theorists, even within the flat earth society /community there is an attempt to ridicule it by saying why doesn't the water fall of the edge and that we'd be anyway floating up trough space with a constant rate of 9,81 m/s lol the gravitation acceleration constant is approximate 9,81 m/s^2 which co-incidentally is similar to pi squared and has to do with the redefinition of the metric unit the meter

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