Marijuana Edibles Expand in Hungry Market

One of the more interesting sales phenomena since the advent of Colorado's legal recreational pot market is the popularity of infused food and products delivering THC and the other 65 cannabinoids in marijuana orally.containing cannabinoids may seem like novelty items for recreational users. Medicinal users, however, have long used orally ingested forms of the drug to help further refine the intended impact and delivery efficacy.

In the last few years, the cottage industry that grew up serving this market has become a burgeoning crossover mainstream industry vertical, with "edibles" as they are called, carving out a respectable place in marijuana-related sales, even before 2014.

After the January 1 legalization in Colorado, many stores that stocked the same reported invoking strict rationing to no more than two products a day per customer. Products flew off shelves so fast that vendors reportedly feared more than a month's inventory would sell out in the first week of legal recreational sales.According to Joe Hodas, Chief Marketing Officer at Dixie Elixirs, the first manufacturer in Colorado to obtain an "Infused Products Retail Marijuana License" issued by the state in 2010, "The response has been overwhelming." He estimates that as much as half of the entire Colorado market may be comprised of edibles, although he also modifies this figure with a caveat that better clarity depends on longer periods to gauge sales trends.

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