This has not been forgotten, those Souls will find Peace and Harmong every last one of them Worldwide.


Annunaki77: Souls are Real

You think you just have one Life and that is it?, the Dream or Nightmare never ends, it continues for Eternity, what you do with your lives is what is remembered throughout the Ages.

The Pieces of the Puzzle are coming together, CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY.
Freedom or Tyranny.

bluesbaby5050: Souls are very real---

And you are REALLY your soul in a human body.Your soul Can be set Free from going into the light to be RE-cycled again. If you go into this tunnel of light, you will have to come back into another human body again,and indure another round of confusion,and loss of your memories.This is the Reptilian game for their AGENDA. You will play this game again so they can live off from you! When you go to this light of this tunnel, you will go though re-orientation again. You will have to start over again from scratch.Your mind will be Again wriped clean of all that was before.This will be RE-peated UN-till You figure out this game, and finally WAKE UP TO THE REAL TRUTHS. When you do figure this out you WIN THE GAME! And how to stay out, and you will not go to this light again.You must RE-member NOT TO LISTEN TO THEM WHEN THEY TRY TO GET YOU TO FOLLOW THEM TO THIS LIGHT,AND INTO THIS TUNNEL. YOU MUST NOT GO BACK INTO THIS LIGHT! You will BE TRAPPED AGAIN! IN-stead someone from your TRUE ALIEN family will know to get you, but Only when you WIN! They WILL KNOW! YOU will become your True Alien Self, and go to your Real home world,with your true families. You will have completed your journey though the Matrix of Earth. You will have Mastered the Earth Realms! The Falcon.

wmarkley: sounds easy enough

all i got to do is go in any direction when i die? except to the light, i can do this, im just not sure that it is my time to leave for good yet, there may be souls that need help here, i wish to help souls that are in turmoil, if i need to come back, then i will, if for some reason, i am not needed here, then i shall be glad to fly away to other challenges that need fixing.

wmarkley: freedom

I am sure that i always chose freedom, i just wish that i could remember who i was in past lives, i have always made it my priority in this life, to never fear, to always love, and to always embrace joy with my sense of humor, i can make humor from any situation. i must admit, that this lifetime is my favorite because i cherish the people whos paths i have crossed, whos lives have touched mine, and given my life meaning. I do not fear death because i know some day i will walk into its valley, and i know that this is the worst thing that will ever happen to me bacause i will leave behind the love of my lifetime and never remember who they are. It is great that we are on the thresh hold of the greatest liberation of my people in human history. next we must figure out how to bring down the veil of forgetfulness that comes with the next incarnation. Maybe it is necessary to forget, otherwise i will be a baby with a PHD from the school of hard knocks with more wisdom than my parents, lol

bluesbaby5050: This is NOT how the game is played----

You must go though stages first. This involves your spiritual self. Your heart is involved here. There are certain steps to take ,and to follow.There are no short cuts to this game! To Remember your pasts lifes will not help you in this process. Your human family is also here to play this game,and to figure this out too,FOR THEMSELVES! You have a family to join you in this life. They are players too,but do not know this,nor understand this either. You can tell them,but they will not understand this,as they will not till they reach their OWN CERTAIN LEVEL IN THIS GAME. We all have our own paths to take us there. Some, in our families will make it and some will repeat this untill they finally get it. This will be played out till the last human,humans are done. Then game OVER FOR ALL! This cycle is almost done.This is why this is so important to be here, and Now. This is the LAST CYCLE, AND THEN THE GAME WILL BE RE-SET AGAIN FOR ANOTHER CYCLE OF A FEW THOUSAND YEARS. The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: then if we souls and can live

then if we souls and can live on other realms after death so why we need to stay alive on the Physical Dimension? dont its better to kill youreself to go to higher realm? :P


NEVER DO THIS! YOU WILL SET YOURSELF WAY BACK AGAIN! Your life is a GIFT FROM GOD/KOD! You are here to ADVANCE IN YOUR EVOLUTION! You NEED to advance as a human being! You need to experience all levels of evey dimention to do this! Each level has many lessons to learn, and these will bring you higher.We All have to go though these different levels of learning.Earth is the ONLY planet you can do it at a faster rate.You get many different ways to do this. You have MANY CHOICES to choose from.Earth is the hardest planet to learn these lessson from,because you have duality ,and this makes it more interesting.No other planet has duality,this is why so many souls want to come here for these reasons.You can speed it up,or go slow,it is up to you. This is the ONLY planet you can advance at a rapid rate.You can waste your time here,or you can make the most of every opportunity that comes your way to advancement here. It is always up to you what you do with your life while you are here. So, pick and choose wisely. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather,

HebrianDaniel: then why we are the only

then why we are the only planet that has this duality? thats interesting question

Annunaki77: You will be given an answer Herbrian Daniel.

Because of the Ancient Wars. This sadness has caused conflict within the Mind of Humanity.
I weep for this fact, but when one recieves Lemons one must Learn to make Lemonade.
Humanity is conflicted and polarized, we must learn from this outcome to find Harmony within our Spirit Son. we must find Peace and Harmony.

It will not be easy, but it is not impossible.

Always find the Good in Humanity. Make Love be a part of your Lives, Passion will follow after that.

HebrianDaniel: i myself think its will take

i myself think its will take long time for the humanity to learn to peace
if we are 13000years lives on Disharmony that mean its take us a lot of time to evlove

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