by Annunaki77 on September 8th, 2013

Throughout the Centuries Dogs have been by the side of Human Beings. During their Special Occasions in Family Celebrations, during the Hunting of Wild Game in Packs, during Funerals of their Masters, during the Times of Ancient Rome Fighting Lions & Wild Game in the Colesium, during the Witch Hunts in the Dark Ages(This was an Abomination during the Spanish Inquisition),Also in World War 2 strapped with Bombs by the Germans to run accross enemy lines through "NO MANS LAND" to jump on enemy Soldiers sending thousands of Soldiers to their Deaths with Man & Dogs alike.

The Dogs are Loyal Servants to their Masters. None is more Loyal , None can give more Unconditional Love, None is more Affectionate , None can fill your Hearts with more Love than any other Being , their Love & their Eternal Loyalty truly is Unconditional, and none can fill your Hearts with more Dred and more Fear than the Dogs (When you break the Spirit of a Noble Dog, which also an Abomination).

When a Dog is given Love , a Dog can be the Best Friend a Man or Woman could ever have. The Dogs will willingly give their Lives in the Denfence of their Masters, the Dogs are Courageous and Defend their Packs with an Awsome Savage Fury unlike any other Species in the Galaxy.

So I really Enjoyed the Movie called "MANS BEST FRIEND" The Movie is about an Innocent Loving Dog that was used for Profit by Engineering a "SUPER DOG" Designed to do Jobs no other Dogs can do. But this Project was busted by a Concerned Young Woman who defended Innocent Animals from Scientific Animal Abuse by these Criminal Labs which do Horrendous things to a whole Host of Innocent Animals for Profit.

The Dogs Name is "MAX" he was Programmed to be a "SUPER SOLDIER", "MAX" was an Innocent Victim to these Evil Corporations that Abuse Animals for Profit.
In the End the Love of a Dog has no Equal.

Man's Best Friend part 1









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Tarheel: I searched many YEARS for Unconditional LOVE.

I found it not in friends/family nor partner, but in my Dogs/Pups.

I n my time, I have deduced that most People(friends & family) will betray you at some juncture, but NEVER will a Dog. Perhaps that's why I have surrounded myself with 4. They bring me unbridled happiness and love, and are very entertaining.

nivine: My favorite subject!

If dogs could rule the world! :d .... I bet they will do better job than the government
And If only they were able to turn their thoughts into actions.. I will be the first one voting :d
It's unbelievable how they become literally a part of us.. So much love and peace!
we get to know how be loved unconditionally, and how peace really tastes!
This is something that humans for ages didnt even managed to do

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