A Man Time Travels into the Future Year of 2022, Brings Back Shocking Proof!

This man traveled in to the future year of 2022, and he brought back shocking proof! The White House, and U.S. Capital is ripped/lifted up from it's foundations, and then turned upside down, and then slammed back down on to the ground! It's real a mess! Cracks are seen in the foundations, and in the buildings! People are seen standing on the side walks stunned by the aftermath. You have to see this for yourself to believe it! Was this done by ET'S during a future revolution by the Americans against the U.S. governments? You decide. You'll need to view it more then once to see the scope of it all. Here's the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1BVl6rNQhY

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bluesbaby5050: Here's the video link above for you Terra Tea..............

I really liked this mans video, and what it showed me!

Terra Tea: bummer

Thanks for showing me the way!

Unfortunately I recognized the building as soon as I saw it...I have been there a few times. It is in the Wisconsin dells. Fun place to be though! Mt. Olympus water park is across the parking lot.

Interesting history ....the Dells are on lake Delevan and in the early 1900s 3 pyramids and a few giant skeletons were found in the area. The New York post wrote the article. It turns out the Smithsonian came, collected all artifacts from the skeletons, and nothing was heard about them again...

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