Man Invents Magneto Shoes And Working Wolverine Claws

Everyone wants to be part of the X-Men. Wait, I retract that. Everyone wants to have sweet superpowers. Everyone. The most unrealistic thing in the X-Men universe is that mutants are feared instead and constantly having to fight off a barrage of people screaming, "Oh my God! You can fly!? Show me! Wait, let me Try this too!"

So the most shocking thing about inventor Colin Furze is that it took this long for society to produce someone like him. A self-proclaimed garage inventor, Furze laughs in the face of science-fiction and turns into into science fact with the ease of your grandmas knitting you a sweater. Complete with love in every compressed air propulsion.
With 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' on the forefront of every geek's mind, Furze has been hard at work making all our mutant power dreams come true. First with his completely functional Wolverine claws. (I guess anyone with a garage can putter around in their spare time inventing anything their heart desires. After all, they are living their passion, and they are their own boss, and no time limit to deal with. After all, that's how most inventions happened). ]
============================================================================(Here's a little Extra for you Fans out there) Plot summary:Fatal Attractions-
The Acolytes, now led by Fabian Cortez, attack Camp Hayden, the headquarters for Project: Wide awake, the latest government Sentinel program. The base is defended by government-sponsored mutant team X-Factor, and as the battle rages Cortez makes an offer to Quicksilver to be the Acolyte's new leader, accepting his role as Magneto's heir. The Acolytes leave after Quicksilver strongly declines.

X-Force is approached by the mutant Exodus, who brings an offer of sanctuary from an unknown greater power. It is revealed that the "sanctuary" (which is referred to as Avalon) is in fact Cable's former base of operations Graymalkin (now retrofitted with Shiar technology), and the "greater power" to be the mutant Magneto, who was presumed dead after the fall of Asteroid M. Cable teleports X-Force away from Avalon using the station's bodyslide technology, while he retrieves the sentient computer program Professor from the central core and activate the auto-destruct function. However, he is only successful in the former objective, as Magneto prevents him from fulfilling the latter, and Cable very nearly loses his life in a lopsided battle before teleporting himself out. The mutants Rusty and Skids, who were cured of their brainwashing at Stryfe's hands by Magneto, elect to stay aboard Avalon.

While the X-Men are burying Illyana Rasputin (who was killed by the Legacy Virus), Magneto and the Acolytes crash the funeral, stating their intentions to wipe out humanity from Avalon, their space station. Colossus, distraught over his sister's death and faltering in his faith in Professor X and his dream, joins Magneto and the Acolytes.

The UN Security Council activates the Magneto Protocols, which uses a network of satellites to create a barrier around the planet that will prevent Magneto from using his powers from within. Magneto retaliates by unleashing an electromagnetic pulse on the Earth that creates havoc on the world's electrical systems. Professor X dons a Shi'ar exoskeleton that enables him to walk, and assembles Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue, Quicksilver and Wolverine to go to Avalon and stop Magneto. Arriving via Shi'ar teleportation device, the team boards Avalon and disables the station with a virus created by Beast. Magneto engages the X-Men in battle, and in a fit of rage after nearly being gutted by Wolverine, tears the adamantium out of Wolverine's skeleton. Professor X, enraged by Magneto's actions, mindwipes Magneto, leaving him in a coma. The X-Men race back to Earth to treat Wolverine, while Colossus stays in a devastated Avalon to care for the comatose Magneto.

As the Blackbird returns to Earth, it runs into rough turbulence. Flashes of Wolverine's consciousness are shown as he struggles to stay alive. The X-Men on Earth watch in horror as the crew frantically tries to stabilize the ship and care for Wolverine. The ship's hatch opens, and Wolverine sees himself "going towards the light", but he is pushed back. He awakens in time to prevent Jean Grey from getting sucked out of the Blackbird. The X-Men land on the Earth safely. As Wolverine recovers from his injuries, he and the X-Men learn that his claws were a part of his actual skeletal structure all along, as he now possesses claws made of bone.

On Muir Island, the X-Men use Shadowcat to lure in Colossus in an effort to heal his head wound (caused by the X-Cutioner), which they believed was responsible for his defection. The ruse works, and while Nightcrawler fends off the Acolytes' attempts to reclaim their ally, Professor X and Moira MacTaggert heal Colossus, using Cyclops' optic blast. Once again able to return to his human form, Colossus still elects to remain amongst the Acolytes, to keep them in check.

This story leads directly into the Avengers/X-Men crossover "Bloodties".
In wiping out Magneto's mind, Professor X unleashes an evil psychic entity, Onslaught, that festers in his own mind, leading to the Onslaught Saga of 1996.
The mind-wiped Magneto did not return until 1999.
Wolverine lost his adamantium skeleton (and subsequently left the X-Men). He did not get it back until 2000, when Apocalypse rebonded it to his skeleton, shown through flashback sequences during Wolverine (vol. 2) #145.
With the team in shambles, the three remaining members of Excalibur (Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Phoenix) decide to remain on Muir Island, abandoning their operations in Britain.
After the destruction of Avalon, Colossus would later join Excalibur as part of his rehabilitation.
According to Peter David, the idea of Magneto pulling out Wolverine's adamantium came from the plotting of the X-Cutioner's Song crossover. He had sarcastically suggested the removal when they were considering bringing Magneto back, and supposedly it was never meant to be taken seriously.[citation needed]
Nicieza returned to this story in honor of the X-Men's 50th anniversary in the special anthology comic X-Men: Gold #1 (2013). In this short story, we see that while he was erasing Magneto's mind, Xavier gave him a final vision of a utopia that could have come to pass if the two of them had worked together.

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