" MAKING HOME" According To The Ancient Gods

" Making Home" We { the gods} have not taken away any of your original integrity, because no one can do that. But we have badly distorted one part of your reality. Since we journey so far, we are great warriors, and we are very male. You are meant to Make Home and live in harmony with all species on Earth. To resonate with Gaia, you need to be very female. We have forced you to be warlike, too compulsive, focused in linear space and time, too fearful. Now these incompatible tendencies are exploding your cells. Luckily your genetic matrix also has stellar contributions, and now this stellar-cellular matrix must awaken. You must interact with other dimensions to heal. You are multidimensional beings. { A Message From Your Creator}

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Tim Lovell: omg so THATS what god looks

omg so THATS what god looks like !:P

bluesbaby5050: No, it does not......

It is only one of many lesser physical creator gods/kods. I could not post a proper picture of the ISSNESS/Gravity. But, none the less a creator and a destroyer god/kod.

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