Lucid and Controlled Dreaming

by Starperson on January 3rd, 2014

I decided to learn to how to recall my dreams after hearing endless dream stories from others. I would hear people describe their dreams in incredible detail. Their descriptions were so animated and contained so much detail and emotion. It seemed like everyone was dreaming...except me.

I knew I was dreaming like everybody else was, because it is widely known that we all dream. Even with this knowledge, I could not remember anything from the dream world. After doing some research into dreaming and dream recall, I decided to get a lucid dream mask. I chose one that used flashing lights and programmable sounds that were activated when the sleeping subject enters REM.

These lights and sounds are designed to alert the sleeper in a subtle way that they are experiencing REM sleep and potentially dreaming. My results were immediate and almost overwhelming. I found myself in a place that was so unfamiliar to me. The rules of nature were nonexistent and I knew that I was experiencing the elusive dream world for the first time.

I awoke after a few minutes and began writing down everything I experienced in this new landscape. At first, I could not get enough. All I wanted to do was sleep, dream and see what was in store for me in this alternate reality. I had fun! In my dream state, I would say bring it on, and go with whatever was next.

Additional research revealed that there is much more to experience in the dream world than simply being aware of the dream. I learned to control my dream environment...without the mask. I could become aware that I was dreaming whenever I wanted to, and do anything I could come up with without limitations. My imagination was my guide. The memories of my adventures frequently seemed more real than reality. Waking life seemed heavy, slow and boring compared to the freedom I experienced while asleep.

Controlled lucid dreams have helped me to answer some of my deepest questions, and led me to some unlikely research sources. When I am not looking for answers in my dreams, I become the architect of my dreamscape. I close my eyes in my dream world and I WILL the environment to morph into whatever I choose. The laws of physics do not apply. While dreaming, I can control every aspect of my surroundings and everything and everyone I create. It seems so damn real!

Here's why I posted this: Members here have expresses their beliefs and/or knowledge that we are actually living in a hologram or matrix, and that beings can enter our reality from other dimensions. Can our ability to experience and create alternate realities that are so incredibly real, help explain the nature or our physical world? Are we in something resembling the lucid, controlled dream of someone or something else? I don't know.

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UN.i1-PHI: some ppl draw things before they sleep to dream lucid

to remember them, cause as soon you notice/remind you're in the dream your like ejh im dreaming i can do what i want but even then you can dragg off and forget that easily ;P
still im not sure if dreams are entirely controllable or that theres some rules/ways to it too... but thats not for me to say

you know whats interesting in this? fractality! yes fractal and sacred geometry seem to have an real subconscious underlying effect in the dream and 'real' world(wich one is real^^ if not neither or both!) remember those dream catchers, wich were basically/mostly fractal (inter)weaving around a circle hanging around in your enviroment to fractal it up and bring in some kind of harmony

thats why i wouldnt trust an electrical device made for lucid dreaming as the electric (alternating)currents are very distrubing and unharmonious and if you've read chris' post about how the whole electricity grid is corrupted to program disharmony into/via the matrix and that all things are composed of much smaller partika/particles matrix than can be measured by any means of current/public magnification and is abused and all that disharmonious energy runs everywhere in the mechanical veins in all kind of machines/electronic devices even (charged)on battery...

i think it would be necessary/helpful to create an less distrubing sleeping enviorment when ppl start consciusly/intend to lucid dream for the first times, not necessary by makind your own dreamcatchers(tough it may be a good idea) but by shutting down the electricity b4 sleep and maybe it would even work when you print out some fractals(check out the mandelbrot set) or design them yourself if you can and want to

also re-arranging your enviorment in ways wich suit you better would help and probably also using gemstones/crystals and even some plants...
but thats like beginners steps i think the goal is to be able to dream lucid wherever , whenever and however you want, even if you aint at sleep at all! thats awesome if you can bilocate yourself while operating consciously in both realms!

bluesbaby5050: To add to your post...........

It also helps to have a bed with out METAL of any kinds except for the nails of course. Made of solid REAL WOOD, the frame and all. I bought one 2 years ago, along with new mattress with less metal in them too. It is better to UN-Plug all un-necessary outlets if possible. Except your Frig. I use surge plugs all the way around my home, and I just press onto the red lit button, and this protects from power surges to destroy all electrical devices. I lost a 27 inch TV 4 years ago, and never bought a replacement since because of a lightning storm during the summer. It broke the control bypass switch, and it would keep going off, and on, on it's own. Too much to repair, and not worth it. I have only a PC/Laptop that runs on a large monitor, ( if I choose to ) to view movies FREE! I have read that this is the New Ways of the Future also.

Quinton: Thanks for sharing Star, this

Thanks for sharing Star, this sounds really interesting. Would you be able to share which lucid dream mask you used? I would be interested in trying this out. I have lucid dreams fairly often and would be interested in trying out the mask.

Sky: My thumbs up was intended for Starperson.

Quiton' s comment drew me to read what you said Starperson about an operational way to go about recalling and dealing with our dreams. Thank you Quiton for your comment. In that I saw yours on list then came to the article. I would like to try these EYEGLASSES out. Hopefully they are reasonable in cost. I rarely if ever cease to be amazed at the spectacular content on TRUETHCONTROLE. I could easily turn reading (aka homework and content) on this site into a sixty hour a week job! Your so fortunate to run this sight Quiton and your support team who probably comment on this sight extensively and or do research.

Anyway getting back to Lucid Dreaming. I rarely remember my dreams. I recall a Jungian Analyst called (phonetic spell) Clarisaa Kingcola Estes stating that taking vitamin B6 before sleep helps. However the eye glasses with the light turning on during REM sleep, dare I say, truly rock! So, correct me if wrong, these eye glasses wake the sleeper up to a certain degree during REM sleep so as to capture the lucid dream state! WOW! WHERE DOES ONE BUY THESE EYEGLASSES STARPERSON? Pardon the neiveate on my part in that I would hope Amazon sells them.

Starperson: The one I chose

It's called the NovaDreamer. I think there is a NovaDreamer2 by now. I also looked into a couple different brands: The REM-Dreamer and the REMEE. They have slightly different technologies, but are apparently more comfortable and cheaper.

A quick check of Amazon for you Sky, and yes there are many available. I guess someone has decided there is a market out there and $ to be made.

Here is the best part about being both lucid and in control in your dream: Not only are we able to create any reality we want, but we can also give our new world and everything in it, free will.

Example: You want to ask some questions of Plato in your dreamscape. Create your own ancient Greece with pillars and stairs etc., and the number of character actors wandering around in togas. Then add Plato as you envision him. Now the cool part...give him his own reality, personality and free will. When you ask your question, he will answer however you can best understand it. After all, your answer will not come from the original Plato, but most likely from somewhere in you own sub-conscience.

When you awaken, you should be able to recall exactly what was said and felt. If the answer you received is not what you have done it. Examine the answer you were given. My experience says clues will be embedded in the answer that will ring true for you and send you in new directions to explore.

UN.i1-PHI: re-emphasizing my critical and sceptical concerns about E.I.L.D.
Electronically Induced Lucid Dreaming Devices like this dream mask
i dont want to shatter the fun/ur dreams on the seemingly awesome flashy lucid dream mask as if i would want to spoil the fun out of it or something but i immediately felt there was something up to this, and after seeing a few more comments on this and noticing how easily it can fascinate people into buying into this, i realized thats the catch to it, i mean most people will like to be able to dream lucid and technology has an quick appeal to people because it can be used as a helping (mechanical) 'hand' and as a shortcut to many things, but the mechanical intervention in the process or/& progress has its own different influence to it wich mostly lead to different results than expected/required/demanded as in the 'natural' way wich mostly is involving one's own pure effort in acheiving and excersizing/training to acheive an goal...and experience and history has taught that shortcuts often lead to nasty 'shortcuts'/errors in many ways and things and dont turn up the way it would be intended by the one using them...

this what i said above was more about that in general and now i'd like to share some other concerns about the electronic dream mask than i mentioned before (like the forced electricity itself is unharmonious/disturbing etc) and this also applies to the noise coming out of your speakers and from uploaded videos and from the musical note/scale system itself, and i wouldnt trust the visual emissions neither, and the visual hypnotic vids seeming to help these thing also NOT...
but here's a simple one, imagine the mask getting a shortcut while your sleeping with it on your head...or turning over on your belly in bed and crushing it, or it crushing your eye someway ;S
now this may seem quite unlikely to happen that easily but thats not the point what i'm concerned about cause such incidents/errors/mistakes could happen to anything you use..

but i also was immediately sceptical about the (hidden/underLYING)intentions for bringing such items to the people to be used, as it could/Would be easily abused, very probably for MindKontrol techniques for an main example...
so i went to search some and could only find a very few people having suspicions/concerns about this type of item, i also found an interetsing list of 52 ways to have/improve lucid dreams, here's the link:
52 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams
i was somehow relieved to see the lucid dream mask at the 10th position from the BOTTOM;)
as well as the Vitamin B6 supplements, as i hope more ppl dont trust these supplements as easily either as they are aware of the many difficult,unseen&ignored side-effects of consuming such products in such processed 'unnatural' ways and also the nasty intentions&effects behind using them and supplying them on a mass scale to the masses

so i did a lil search on it and as difficult it was to find some critisizm about it, i found something interesting while searching or Dr Stephen LaBerge the creator of NovaDreamer, an popular/industrious/'scientific' lucid dream mask... it was not especially dedicated to/about him but it mentioned him and the product and connected it mindcontrol with flashy lights and more,so i'll cite a piece out of here and you can read the rest if interested;
FROM: The Story of Obama: All in the Company (Part V)

A formerly Secret NOFORN [not releasable to foreign nationals] proposal for the CIA, dated December 31, 1992, and prepared for the CIA by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) describes in great detail the agency's behavioral science programs, which included anomalous cognition (AC) and anomalous perturbation (AP).

AC is defined as "the awareness of information that is considered otherwise shielded from all known sensory channels" and AP is "the perturbation of physical matter under conditions of complete physical and sensorial isolation."

The document states that research into both field began in 1973 with the CIA engaged in such research and was followed by U.S. military service and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) research with SRI through fiscal year 1990.

The document also states "beginning in 1986, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) [Fort Detrick, Maryland] initiated the first coordinated long-term examination of AC and AP phenomenon."

SAIC proposed to conduct various research projects for the CIA are similar to some of the "enhanced interrogation" techniques used on detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, and other CIA "black sites" in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

The experiments, conducted by SRI since 1974, included exposing individuals to flashing light or no light to discover how their central nervous systems reacted to the visual stimuli. Experiment subjects were fitted with EEGs (electroencephalogram) monitors to measure their reaction to the flashing light stimuli. Part of the SAIC proposal remains redacted.

A sub-contractor to SAIC was the Lucidity Institute of Napa, California, founded in 1987 by Dr. Stephen LaBerge for the conduct of "research on lucid dreams and to help people learn to use them to enhance their lives. Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that one is dreaming and allows people to consciously guide the direction of their dreams."

Ironically, one of this summer's blockbuster movies, "Inception," dealt with the subject of invading people's dreams to steal secrets. Leonardo DeCaprio plays a secretive agent named Dorn Cobb who is an "extractor" agent operating in the para-psychological dream invasion program. What may be fiction in Hollywood was far from it in the CIA research with SAIC, SRI, and the Lucidity Institute.
Tarheel: I think we are living a dream.

It's way too tripped out, but it is getting better all the time.

I want to get into the dreams I'll never (supposed to) see....too good

obsrvantlouie: If the mask helps you to

Get out of body and you don't notice any side effects from using the mask I would think it is harmless. With all the elf waves and so on and so forth and really don't see how this can have a negative effect. Generally though, I agree with UN.i1 here.....the more you can become independant of electrical devices the more harmonious your energies will be. More then likely, you will only need the mask so long bc eventually you will learn to get to the out of body state...willingly.

UN.i1-PHI: the mask alters your mind/perception while your dreaming...

im pretty sure it does/can do some physical and mental 'harm'/negative influences in different degrees/ways, just that it 'helps you get oob' it doesnt mean it doesnt do anything else or that the possible consequences should be just ignored because it isnt noticed yet?... the process afflicts your mental state but then once in a lucid dream (your 'first ones' with a mask) do you think that you would like to be flashed when your doing this, the idea already sounds quite strange, and btw things to cheat/shortcut/alter the original proces/way/method always have 'side effects' because it is different,something/someway else and has consequences... and it seems like a great opportunity for dem MindKontrollers to execute their flashy mind control tactics they were experimenting/excersizing with to influence you some ways, direct and/or indirect, short or long term... yes your right it should and probably can help people to get to the out of body state untill you can do it willingly, so you probably/hopefully ppl wouldnt have to use it that long, who knows in wich way this could afflict you but besides that, would you want your 'first'/conscious oob/lucid dreams to be acheived/started this way, while being flashed to remember you your dreaming? i would rather suggest a more 'natural' way like to draw/write/say i'll be dreaming after i draw/read/say/think this every night and think good about it and spend some time on this so you become more serious/aware/prepared for it to do it more with your own effort for better/more 'natural' state/induction//results/begin of lucid dreaming, or you can figure your own method to induce your lucid dreams but ofc you can also just try the mask if you really want to (be easy :P)

obsrvantlouie: Excellent comment UN.i1

I agree. If I had the money to spend on the mask....I would not choose the mask and instead save for a trip to the Monroe Institue. They developed hemi-sync technology that uses certain sounds and tones for the "trainee" to guide into the oobe state.

Fortunately for me, I achieved this ability without any tech...just needed curiosity and balls. As a matter of recent post is about my first oobe.

UN.i1-PHI: i would watch out with guided 'mass' communities (and with tech)

i mean you cant really trust anything/anyone anymore... you wont know for sure if there aint no inter dimentional demons sucking your energies away right there lol:p(or from 'far' away anyway) same thing with the mask... may seem all innocent ect but what about the 'unseen'...(&purouses),i'm glad some ppl can see them with their very eyes nowadays... my eyes only got real worse lately :'(

Tarheel: This mask you speak of...

...Are you talking about what is referred to as "the God helmet" ?

UN.i1-PHI: lol real gods dont need helmets:p

or masks,unless they're under-cover and dont want to scare anyone ;p no i was referring to the electronically induced dream mask wich starperson mentioned/introduced here(i never heard bout it before:P), it suppose to activate an trigger with flashy lights when it discovers your in REM(Rapid Mye Movement) and i think it uses IR(infra red) sensors to dectect it , that would mean it will be constantly beaming there and back the IR waves to your head to check/detect if your sleeping already so it knows when it needs to let the LEDs-lights Dance to let you know your dreaming already because you will experiance something triggered/altered by the lights wich should remind you of that, but basically the concept that makes you know your dreaming is that you know you have this mask to help you lucid dream and you need to remember/remind that, the only advantage is that it gives you something to remind you are dreaming while you're dreaming but you could use any other way of induction or just train yourself to recognize your in a dream or keep remembering/being aware you are about to dream before you sleep...
i personally would not buy (into) it :P, and i'd rather develop my own method/way/progress...
i would want to start checking/detecting myself if im dreaming not let a machine do it and flash or bleep me in hope i associate it with the concept that i would be doing this to be reminded i'm dreaming... and if i want to help this i would create more harmony in my sourroundings where i sleep and perhaps weave my own dreamcatcher in some fractal ways to 'symbolically' fractalize the enviorment more...

Starperson: Risk vs. Reward

I'm not endorsing this or any other product or devise. I just wanted to share my personal experience regarding dreaming. As I stated, my initial goal was to simply recall my dreams. When I bought my mask years ago, I weighed my decision using the simple risk vs. reward argument. In this case, in my opinion, the potential reward outweighed the potential risk. It worked for ME as advertised.

Just a bit more info: The blinking lights are programed to flash for only a few seconds when REM is detected, then automatically turn off. I used the devise for only a few months until I was able to recall dreams, lucid dream and finally control the dreamscape, without assistance. The mask is just a learning devise. I'm fairly sure it did not cause any brain damage or leave me exposed to any forms of mind control. On that issue, I can't be would I really know?

If you guys disapprove of the dream mask, you are not going to like my latest experiment. I now have a sensory deprivation tank. Mine is called an isolation chamber. I've had some amazing experiences in there. This not a recommendation nor endorsement, it's just another risk vs. reward scenario for me. So far, so good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take this call in my head. :)

Tarheel: Re: your comment...

Re: your comment...Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take this call in my head. :)

Was it "incoming wounded" ?
D'oh !

obsrvantlouie: I AM SO JELOUS!

I have been wanting to try the isolation tank for so long. What I want to build is a dark room that is sound proof. I don't need the tank to get out of body as I can overcome the suburban noise that parades 24/7 to acheive out of body.

The Dark Room and Isolation Tank are clutch for anyone attempting to connect inside.

I doubt the mask did you any would know :)

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