Loved one one the other side is being attacked and hel by Reptilians through no fault of his own

I have been working closely with a medium who is channeling my loved one who passed away a few years ago. I have no doubt in my mind it is my loved one and not a shapeshifter. The Reptilians have him in a awful place. They are attacking him and won’t let him out. What he has been describing me leaves me no doubt in my mind that he is dealing with Reptilians and Shadow Beings. It jibes with current knowledge of what people have described about their encounters of Reptilians.
Some people would tell me to let him go. But I beg to differ. He has done nothing to deserve this and needs to be set free. He needs help in the most desperate of ways. He has no way of contacting other enlightened beings on the other side as he has been totally blocked from this. He barely was able to reach the medium that I work with.
Is there something he can do to fight the Reptilians off so that he can free himself once and for all? The medium and I have tried ArchAngel Micheal, Arcturians and Palo Santo energy for help but to no avail.
What can he do to help himself? Any suggestions? Please, only answer if your enclined to help. Thank you.

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Tarheel: send love

Love is a vibration they or any low level vibration being simply cannot handle. It works every time.

Tarheel: Love is THE strongest force in the universe.... none.
May The Force be with you.

Donna Ludwig: I am sending love but I am blocked and so is he.

My love as energy for him is, however, not being received on a continuous basis. Only once in awhile does he pick it up. But I am loving him all the time. And he is doing the same but I don’t feel it at all. We are being blocked in very strong way. My very own energy along with his is being kept low. I am seeing a shamanic energy worker about this. I have also surrounded myself with a lot of Palo Santo. I AM BEING CONSTANTLY ATTACKED BY THE DARK ALIEN FORCES. It has been going on for years. I am doing all that I can to keep this from happening. When I brought the Palo Santo into my home it reduce the attacks but it was not enough to rid them completely. My energy is constantly being compromised through these nasty attacks. Just recently I called my energy worker for another appointment and this time he is getting extra help. Right after that I got a really nasty attack the likes I haven’t felt for awhile. I will keep fighting this and doing what ever I can to stop this from happening to him and I. Thank Tarheel for responding.

Quinton: Are you getting this info

Are you getting this info from the medium or from yourself?

Donna Ludwig: Re: Are You Getting This Info From The Medium Or From Me....

The medium that I work with is a type of medium where spirit connects to her temporarily and then speaks through her. The info is coming from my loved one on the other side. Not from me nor from the medium. I only knew vaguely a little about Reptilians but not to extent what my loved one is going through. I found myself have to learn about them though.

Tarheel: when you or he projects love... is bye-bye time for reptilian/low level vibration beings. Something is amiss. Project love and it's over!

Donna Ludwig: Taheel: when you or he projects love....

Something is a miss. We are for most part not receiving what either one is projecting; which is love. We are both very blocked by some force.

Donna Ludwig: Tarheel: When You Or He Projects Love....

The block feels like a energy wall that is barely penetrable. Sometimes I feel it lift a little. Then I can feel it close in. I have payed careful attention to my state of mind when the block lifts a little and I noticed there is nothing different I have done.

Tarheel: I would try....

....a different medium. Try quinton, if he cant help he knows how to send you to Jesse.
Yall will be okay.Trust this.

CausesofCauses: I wanna help you Sis. Im

I wanna help you Sis. Im attacked by dark forces all the time. But this is the first time Im hearing of someone that has passed away, being stuck, like in a sort of limbo as a captor on the other side. Are you sure its Him? I dont believe the reptilians would have that kind of power!

bluesbaby5050: I wanna help you....

Yes they can, and yes they do. This is because they reside in the lower realm of the 4th dimensional frequencies / vibrations. They capture some people that happen to get stuck there in that realm. Those people are fed off from though their physical bodies,and from their mental bodies, and by their emotional bodies. This is their food source. They abuse people by torturing them by raping both genders, and other abuses. They have technology that they use to capturing people. That realm has a very dark existence, and it has a controlled slave system.

Donna Ludwig: bluesbaby5050

The Reptilians have my loved one. I am sure it is him. I have tested him many times to see if it is him. He always proves to me it is him. Those Reps are targeting his emotions. He has always been a very emotional person fill with a lot of love in his life.

The question is what can he do to get himself out of this prison like place he is in?

The Reptilians have tried all sorts of ugly things on him! The Reptilians have even tried to force him into sexual acts with spirits that were prostitutes in their short life which he never went through with.

What you stated rings true with what my loved one is experiencing.

Donna Ludwig: I wanna help you sis....

My loved one is held in a place on the other side much like a prisoner is held. I am pretty positive it is him. He was a very emotional person in life and the Reptilians and dark forces are targeting his emotions.

CausesofCauses: I wrote a long paragraph but

I wrote a long paragraph but clicked a link and lose all of it, so Ill try to keep this short. In 2012 I smoked DMT heavily for about a month and then tried meth for the first time. 5 hours after the meth I began to hear voices. These voices started to become violent and demonic. But back in 2010, I was attacked by a demon that told me he wanted me to die..I haven't been so scared in my life. But then I heard a voice which I believe was Archangel Michael, the real one and not the demonic Michael voices I heard since 2012. He said, "there is a demon with you". Shorty after that I heard thousands of angels singing but not in a language I could recognize. But I believed and felt they were telling me to throw all my drugs away, so I did.. I was suicidal at the time and planned to OD.. I flushed down the toilet PCP, coke, and weed. After I did this, the demon went away. I thought it was gone forever, but after 2012, all hell broke lose. I remember seeing myself aboard a spaceship (alien music in the background) while I was attached to tubes that were draining the Light out of me. I believe this was my first abduction experience. Since then, I haven't been able to shake the evil entities that torture me around the clock. I get electric shocks, extreme migraines, violent muscle spasms all over my body, and mind contral shit. I would like to explain the whole story but it would take too long. I could explain all about the war.. the archons..their evil controlling and deceiving tactics. We all read that Satan is the biggest lier and deceiver, but I never imagined that this level of lies and deception was even possible. I should've stayed abstinent for the angels and took better care of my Aura. My only hope now is God and all YOU! For years Ive been trying to escape the lower 4D, but all my hatred from the torture drives me to because very angry. And my level of anger from all this is not accepted in the 5th dimensions and higher. Now I am a lot more worried. If your loved one passed away and is still a prisoner of these lower dimensional forces, then when I die, I will probably be a prisoner too. We have to do what we can to get him out of there. I always thought God would take care of these situations but now I am not sure and confused. Maybe we could try Ancestor training to clean up his energy field and raise his vibration because he must get out of enslavement. No soul should be stuck this. I gotta go for now and cut this short but lets continue this conversation. Godbless you guys!

Donna Ludwig: I wrote a long paragraph but...

I am not sure how to word this. Both my loved one and I never dabled in drugs. I never smoked but I have drank some. My loved on when he was a late teen and a 20 something man drank and smoked but gave this all up before his thirties. The point I am making none of us have ever done anything that would have caused evil spirits to go after us. Like for example something evil.

What could be other reasons why these monsters seek my loved one out? I really cannot grasp at why him or for that matter me be targeted? The only thing I know in all this is that these monsters are going after our emotions.

BenjaminFalkenrath: When you pass you're light is

When you pass you're light is like a beacon. You have more than just this physical body. You have the essence the energies. Your spirit. Your soul. An being that you are morally uncorrupt in a filthy world to them is like steak for a ravenous wolf. So yeah that could be a reason.

Tarheel: Unfortunately, it is their nature....

...especially if they sense fear or weakness. Overcome your fear,project love and it will all be over with.
Raise your vibration !

Donna Ludwig: Unfortunetaly it is in their nature....

Tarheel, have you read any of my replies? I have explained about the blocks. Fear is not the block. As a matter of fact if anything I see them as a pathetic “b” movie. I do not fear them. They are the ones that are insecure. Fear is not the block. There is an ENERGY block and it is made of a very thick heavy substance.. And as for raising my vibration I am seeing a shaman about that. But for my loved one his emotions are way too connected to his energy. I also want you to put yourself in his shoes. When one is held captive no good feelings come of it. He misses his family, friends, and freedom. It is not fear but rather it is sheer loneliness and not being able to reach anyone. I am working on his emotions but this is no simple matter.

Tarheel: We are on your side

Never forget we are behind you 100%.
We always win.

BenjaminFalkenrath: You have to understand what

You have to understand what God is. That god is not just a Who so much as in a one singularity but a what as in a whole.
This false light/heaven/god is so convincing that these spirits who are still trying to process their death get stunned by these dark soul sucking energy "vampires"
The reason you feel God doesn't "do" something is because there's only so much "god" can do. This God that you seek to do what you will is still one of freewill. You can still be lead astray. This doesn't mean the God of angel armies doesn't battle the dark.
There's sectors specifically devoted to the task of watching the lower dimensions. An One in particular for the group spoke off.
Their goal is to guide and liberate. I know because I remember both. The fake "good guys" look good only from a far. Their "mouths" are almost triangular but false emotions. The light they use the lure you in is not their own an they'll not be nice. It'll be. You must. You have to. Now. Or force.
They know no other way. You can't communicate with their 1 track minds and mentality.
The true light will always let you be free an give free will love an guidance. An of that place I can remember from my father shoulders I do recall. He taught me how. Because before the darkness came I knew not of it. The light was all I knew.
After the fall darkness came. Then when the traps appeared thats when the action occurred. Don't THINk you're alone or that no one cares. An you can do or say all the right things an they still might get you.
Because you are on a certain light wave an vibrational frequency.
Fear is king.
Love confidence an authority though.
Thats what will deflect much of it.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Right its like looking out

Right its like looking out looking in. From the looking glass. He is on the other side. It would be like being in a cage. Being hungry. While your captors eat in front of you. Damn it is times like these I wish I could draw. Has he given you visualizations of his surroundings or these entities other than their energies?

BenjaminFalkenrath: He is Free... Isn't he not?

I get what you are saying, not that you have fear, or even that he has. But it is as if they have him in an area where the force field this block as you call it is a demoralization of positive energies where hope and love an like frequencies that are the hardest to get through. They want their subjects to continue to be subdued, but viable enough to be syphoned of off. All this time an to be here. He has not been able to process an move on as per the norm. Being stuck like this, would certainly be lonely. The fact that he believes he is being held captive is already a bad sign. He needs to start believing otherwise. As crazy as that sounds consider this. Ask yourself, if God gives us free will, then we have the ability to decide, This means we are technically free. An in as such we so do choose our decisions. Now, in whatsoever way it does not matter in how it is he's in this situation but one thing is for sure. Those behind it have no real control! Remember this, they only have the ILLUSION of control! This is the Key. A Real Lord (Which we all are Lords of OUR OWN TIME of Our OWN Destiny of our OWN Selves. I'm a Time Lord this is my place! your a Lord, get the picture? So, These idiots will make him believe that THEY have the upper hand. They have control. LIES! We are We do!
So, Insert hope! Insert belief. You, all of us, an he, believe he is free. An that they have no power. Because it is the truth. They're RELYING on the HOPE (Which they're taking for both of you since we all know they can't manufacture it on their own) that ALL OF US (An you both) will believe he is captive an not free. But we don't buy it! The final block is himself. He is the key.. think about it.

Donna Ludwig: The building is made of a type of energy material

This alien building is not like any building according to human standards. The rooms are all made of the same energy. This acts like a force field which blocks. The building was very small then was added on too last year. Now there are many rooms.

My loved one has developed an ability through his hands by sending out pulses of his own energy. He discovered he could burn the energy that has made the building. Albeit very small holes.
We have discovered that his energy is not being siphoned off but rather he is being filled with some sort of black energy to keep his energy down combined with some kind of shields. How they managed to bring his energy down was through his emotions. His emotions are strongly linked to his energy. They use emotional and psychological tactics to achieve this.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Hey I could be off base, but

Hey I could be off base, but thats the only way I got out...

Donna Ludwig: The Reptilian Removal Prayer

Benjamin have you heard of the Reptilian Removal Prayer? I got from this from this site. From what I understood it is in Ancient Egyptian.
It goes like this: Awa Ubena Emnen,
Keferu Kua,
Keferu Eck Kefere,
Shetu Se Tuka En Ferac,
Ahmentet Akeeu!

Does anyone here know what the translation is???

Tarheel: Sometimes....

...we are architects of our own prison, So, we have the plans, so we deconstruct and free ourselves.

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