Love stories of the Gods, jealousy, rape, killings and the occult

This topic delves into the beliefs of some occult groups and some of the mythology where these beliefs are derived from.

In Ancient Greek mythology the Greek goddess Persophene is abducted by the god Hades who drags hers to the underworld to become Queen of the underworld, the world turned cold from winter because she wasnt there so the other gods demanded her back, in the end they had to settle for a deal whereby every spring she would return to the heavens and the earth would have spring. This is a story about the seasons interwoven into a corrupted love story.

A love story? How do I know!
Well it will all be clear in the end...

This story is similar to the story in roman mythology where Pluto rapes Proserpina.

Theres Similar myths appear in the Orient, in the cults of male gods like Attis, Adonis and Osiris, and in Minoan Crete.

In the topic picture we have the apostle Barnabas and the virgin Mary glaring into each others eyes lovingly, some people believe that the apostle Barnabas is actually the virgin mary's husband Joseph because before the apostle barnabas was called Barnabas, he used to be called Joseph.

How would you feel if another person came along and raped your wife? Pretty shit wouldnt you? What if you were another god and another god came along marked is name all over your goddesse's *****, well you would want to smite the f*****

This is a very interesting tale because this myth shows up time and time again in movies and video games.

Especially in the Bible. The rape of the virgin Mary by god then joseph kills god, no im not joking Barnabas is actually considered to be a god particularly in freemasonary (just like some catholics believe the virgin mary should be worshipped, same thing).

The god that tries to rape her in biblical mythology is clearly the apostle Paul as your about to see.

Barnabas and Paul fight each other over the Virgin Mary, OR fight with each other for the virgin mary, depending on the story. Then the apostle Paul dies.

We have the season of the witch film where a character has one of his eyes scratched out by the devil (so he is one eyed and is symbolic of the apostle Paul) then we have a woman who was demon possessed who becomes unpossesed at the end after the devil is killed. Then a young man walks off into the sun set with the woman after making a cheesy line about saying "whats in your heart" of course the heart is the symbol of the apostle Barnabas, and the woman is obviously symbolic of the Virgin Mary. SEE IT FOR YOURSELF:

NEXT we have a clip from a video game called starcraft 2 where
a character called Sarah Kerrigan turns human and another character with a scar over his eye (symbolic of the apostle Paul) is killed by another guy who carries the woman (symbolic of the Virgin Mary) off into the sun set. The man carrying her is symbolic of the apostle Barnabas.

NEXT we have a clip of the famous film beauty and the beast where some guy with a bow and arrow symbolic of the apostle Paul (Ra carries a bow and arrow sometimes) trying to kill the beast.

The beast fallen in love with the virgin mary, (whos wearing red, the vrigin mary is sometimes called the lady in red) the twat dies and the beast turns human, happy ending... blugh!

So all these video clips have in common is that the virgin Mary becomes possessed and the apostle Paul dies while the apostle Barnabas (Joseph) and Mary walk off into the sun set.

Ironically this is different from greek mythology where Hades (Joseph) steels a woman (virgin mary) down into the underworld.

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