by edisonik on February 10th, 2016

You will be conquered if you become divided. I say Love one another and let go of anger , hatred , ignorance for the time is coming when all those thing will not matter.
Only Love for humanity will become the Treasure and nothing else.
Time has no bearing on you , only the Fears you hold in your Hearts Fears of the Unknown , the Future.
A Future that is a Carrot at the end of a Stick.
Say no to War and Love each other always , all peoples worldwide.

The Messenger.

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edisonik: UR-UM




mahi-mahi91: Love and respect are key

Love and respect are key to our advancement. Just imagine what the Terra would be if we all worked as 1, as a whole. No war, no discrimination and no fear. The day will come sooner than we think.

Chris: not happening

Most humans don't want thus also hummanity is not in control many other species are aswell no independent human state will because of this also many humans are spiritless and have a hive mind system they run on and on a soul level many humans come from different races i am a elf being and soon will return to my race.

mahi-mahi91: We are all unique

We are all.unique. We must use our differences to come together. Not all humans are spiritless.

Chris: yes

Thats true not all humas are spiritless but a very large portion is also alot of humans like this nasty matrix not all but most.

mahi-mahi91: true

I have noticed quite a few people, from where i live, that are caught up in the matrix. All theu care about is money and material possesions. It bothers me that more and more people are taking "the easy way out" so to speak. Its easier to follow the herd but in my opinion why take the easy way? Life is supposed to be a vast array of expereinces. In following the the herd, everybody is pretty well the same. You are born only to die a 100 years or so later. Its not about the destination but the path to the destination. It almost defeats the purpose of living to only follow the trends.

Fal: It isnt always about material possessions

More often than not, its the facade of pseudo-importance that people try to build up in their lives. They care more about how important they are on social media, than whether the leaders of their respective countries slowly take away their rights and freedoms. This facade also perpetuates selfism, and lack of caring for others. You shouldn't brag about doing good things, or do good things for bragging rights, but do them just because its what humanity is about. People care more about getting a fight on to Worldstar instead of breaking it up and keeping people from hurting one another. That's just one major example.

mahi-mahi91: I agree

I should have elaborated a bit more. What i meant by obssed with material possestions was that everyone has to have something better than the next to, just for the bragging rights. It makes them fee superior to the next guy. The most greedy and arrogant/ignorant are the well-off/rich. It disgust me how they treat some people...

wolfe: The thing I think is sad is

The thing I think is sad is how much good the ultra wealthy could do in the world if they made the choice to. I don't care if your talking about the Buildaberg's or the Walton family or even the drug cartel's. With the kind of money they pull in the good they could do if they CHOOSE to would be astounding. What get's me is that you can't buy love is a true statement however to a point you can buy happiness or at the least a release from the slavery that drive's most of us to simply survive. However even buying happiness, at some point fiscal freedom hit's a cap and really what else can you buy that will increase your enjoyment of life? That being said why is it that the ultra rich can't, won,t and don't invest a tiny portion of their holdings into making the world a better place? I dont know if its evil so much as just apathy or simple "Don't give a shit".

Tarheel: They are true psychopaths.

You said it...they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

But, hang tight. Consciousness is at "The Wheel", and consciousness is evolving rapidly and they know it-which is why they are tearing down the system. They think they can control consciousness. THEY ARE WRONG.

Brakel: @ tarheel,

I couldn't agree more

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