by Annunaki77 on February 1st, 2013

The Earth was Richer in Oxygen back then before the Great Destruction of Mount Olympus and the Capture of Lord Zeus and his Olympians.
This is for you Bluesbaby5050, and for all to see Lord EN KI's footprint , the first prints captured a Million Years ago.

When King Anu demanded a Solution to the Annunaki Revolt which Enlil caused through Slave Labour of the Annunaki.
Africa is the HeadQuarters of EN KI and the Engineering of the First Humans , the First Homo Sapiens Created were Drones they had no Sex. But Later Woman was Created and Man recieved their Penis from EN KI.
Man & Woman had the Ability to Reproduce , this Angered Brother EN LIL.

Now the NWo is trying to Destroy your Schools by Destroying your Sexes with Homosexuality and Gay Rights, this is an Abomination. They want Drones with no Gender not Free Humans.
For the Luciferians Seek to Destroy Human Gender Identity. When God Created Man and Woman, you are either Man or Woman Period. Not Man with Man or Women with Women.
This Insults EN KI .


They want to Teach your children to Accept Homosexuality and Sexual Depravity before the children can understand Sexuality Period, this is wrong.
The Indoctrination of your Children must be Stopped. You folks must stop these Schools from Endorsing the Gay Agenda which will destroy Families.

X-Ray DOG - Here Comes The KING (ALL VERSION)



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bluesbaby5050: A BIG THANK YOU !

THIS IS SO DARN AWESOME! Just THINK about this EN-KI's Giant Foot!. It's 4 Feet Long in Length! NOW Guess his Height! His Gerth! His Strength! EN-KI's POWER!

bluesbaby5050: More Truth about the school system...........

Truth about the school systems agenda in America, and in other country's too. Home schooling is best, if it can be done.

butterfly: homosexuality...

dear Annuaki77,
you may be right, i am not that drastical over everything, but i would just remind you of a different point of view
-we cannot tell anyone what to do and how, whether we like it or not
-free will (we are working to create it)
-homosexuality has always existed, even without special schools
-man/women= soul
-if there are aberrations, it is at soul level, and this is not limited to sexuality
-for a kid, tp me, it os better to be looked after by 2 loving BEINGS, as we have been created, than being abandonned in an orpelins' home/in an aggreeeive heteosexual couple
-eve 'normal' heterosexual couples can have weird practices, just to name a few: 2+ people, bisexuality, sado/maso/anal/agreesive sex.
-to me it is no worse or different by who is doing these. to me it is not about love. nothing wrong with this, as long as my own free will is respected, so i want to give the same respect to others.

to me if a soul want to be out of this, IT will be given the chance.

you are thinking 'out of the box' too, not because this is what human schools taught to you, i guess.

bluesbaby5050: These Weird Sexual Practices you named are not about Love.......

They are about Controlling a person though Sexual Behaviors. Giving and receiving Pain is Not Love though Expressions! To Dominate, and Control, and Degrade is not Love at all. To Show Respect and Honor though Loving Gentle Expressions, and Kindness is Best. Set the Example, and Be The Example. Teach children about Respect, and Morals. Never Tear them down. To live one way, and teach a different way is to live a Life of lies, and Deceit. Children are Wiser then you think, and give them credit for. Children have enough confusion, and Peer Pressure though out life as it is, they need Real Guidance in life. Parents of the Opposite sex is Best when children are young. When children grow up, then they will be Old enough, and Responsible enough to make choices for themselves. People should put the needs of their children before their own needs when they have children to Raise into Decent adults. To be a good parent is to be un-selfish, because the children are the most important gifts we have to give. They are our Legacy to the future of humanity.

butterfly: great summary about love and freedom

great summary, bluesbaby! i fully agree.

it is always painful to me when chidren are not treated with love and rescepect! just because they are smaller in size and not in power... they ARE indeed very clever, with all noticing eyes and senses, and parents teach them how not use these, how to separate themselves from their devinde connections, ie their 'unnatural' imaginations, just for the love and approval of THE parent.. the eartly one... it's like the pavlovian dog case. training the 'our future',ie the kid, how to get the approval of society and how to fit in by being a controlled sheep. sad.

but i keep visualising the positivity that a kid can have as good as or even better approaches than adults, at certain cases. adults need to learn to let go of fossilised approaches of 'seniority'. we need a huge change, so fresh 'out of box' kids are very welcome! we do need to support them.

bluesbaby5050: When people Spend too much Time Living Their Lives .....

Living their lives from their ROOT Chakras, instead of living their lives from their Heart chakras then they will take a longer time to Evolve. The Root Chakra is of the lowest vibrational in the human body. This is where the human survival mode is located. To eat, to have sex is your most BASIC NEEDS. They are Primal. All animals live, and survive from this point. Humans are a lot more then this, and there is a lot more to life then this.

bluesbaby5050: Primal Urges can become............

Primal Urges can Become Addictions, and this Slows down the Progress to Evolve as Humans. All desires in the Physical body can be addicting, and habits are hard to kick. The Higher a person evolves, the less urges, and addictions people will have. Life becomes more easy, life becomes more Joyful, and Beautiful.

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