(Looking out/Looking in)

I have vivid memories of being in a different place. Isolated from any other celestial beings. In a league of our own. The True ones, us who could make the difference. We isolated from the rest.

High above having to watch the false deities trick, trap and enslave the love creations of our prime creator.
Watch as the sick game in how the more the people rise up the higher we would go lost in lonely space.

The more strife an negativity the lower we'd go. Until we get to a point we're Just above the chaos. Somewhere higher than the 4 & 5th dimensions. Don't quote me I could be wrong. It was very long ago. I know this much, it was a real pain. So hard to have to fall into a new life from that high it was always difficult. I also remember living on the Sun. Among other lives. I don't want to go to either when I die though. Not sure where I wish to go next....

Does anyone else have long ago memories of places besides being on earth I'd love to hear about it :)

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