Here is something that i read that got blocked on
    I found this quite scary

    here is some pictures if they work otherwise check out his account:

    Here it is be warned this could scare you and so long term psychological damage, here it is:

    "Lets just hope I can make it to you guys without this being deleted straight away (again) by 'them'.
    I have figured out the secret of all. Our existence, aliens and the Illuminati. Remember I am risking everything just to get this information to you people.

    As you all may know, the Bermuda triangle was recently discovered to have a giant crystal pyramid containing a vast amount of energy. I believe this is an alien antenna that broadcasts all the happenings on earth to aliens living on a certain planet/galaxy and that this is their form of entertainment. They have superior minds that allows them to process all that is happening on earth (and other planets)simultaneously. The pyramid is the alien media sign.

    In the Egyptian times, the aliens regularly visited earth and contacted humans directly only to get the human race going (to broadcast earth). Because in the Egyptian times humans were not as advanced as they are now, the aliens assisted them by building pyramids (marking their territory on earth as a media planet) and they gave the Egyptians knowledge and controlled them. This is evident through ancient Egyptian drawings and writings. As the human race became more evolved, the aliens hid themselves, forming a group and controlled humans hidden and through symbols.

    The Illuminati is this select group of aliens, and they are directing the 'show' earth. They are the ones who direct what happens in order to keep earth interesting to viewers. They change the course of events using their powers (for e.g. religion, celebrities, shootings, bombings, wars, deaths etc) and they brainwash the population in order to keep their 'show' interesting and new.

    Aliens are the demons.

    Thank You,
    Please feel free to expand

    Also, this is NOT a theory. This is the TRUTH.

    I will not go into explaining the evidence as they can easily be found online, just look it up"

    Then it finishes.... creeepy...

    he only posted one thing and his topic was stopped by moderators.

    The pyramid he is talking about is actually on the northern magnetic pole and southern magnetic pole and is called "life" because it broadcasts everything we are doing so that negative individuals can feed off of the energy I believe. The pyramids have a large antenna which look like a phallic symbol Hence why the Vatican uses phallic symbols and the ancient Egyptians. But this is only a hypothesis as to the pyramids use so far. As far as moving negative intent elsewhere so that aliens can feed off it. If its possible its already happening...The question is how? Perhaps you know?

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    Tarheel: I'll take exception to this.

    What a crock. That site is a joke.

    Tarheel: It's not personal TR.

    It's the dis-info/site that's fos, not you.

    bluesbaby5050: Look what pissed off the Illuminati

    I agree. We aren't into Fearporn. We are wise to this. Advance forward, or get left behind.

    SoulCommitment: Entertainment

    Makes me think of the film "The Truman Show" with Jim Carrey. So they can later say; "But we told you about this.......".

    BamfOttO: look at what pissed off the illuminati

    seen any old south park episodes lately

    Truth And Knowledge: Quite dissappointing...

    I have been looking at what YOUR purpose is on and off now for some time. It seems very seldom that you have much to contribute other than just trying to debunk others. Now this is not to make any such claim that others have the actual answers, I would even venture as far to say that people claiming that they know 'the truth' should be more wary about what they are claiming BUT it would seem that someone who is only out to disprove really isn't contributing much, if anything at all. If you wish to continue to 'debunk' then maybe try using logical deduction rather than showing a Grinch spouting 8th grade insults...

    BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree

    If you look over all he comments & all he does. He is nothing more than a negative troll. It's ok I just stopped replying to his crap. I've been told by some who've been on here longer than I that he went by another name. I forget, started with a P. Then he got banned for his shit and came back as OL. Either way, he is just not nice. But Quinton allows this because it's free speech I say that OL is just a little man who is hateful and hates everyone & everything but himself. Oh well.
    I'm waiting for him to come back online so I can block him though, I don't think that keeps him from posting crap. I just ignore his shit. You should too, he isn't worth it. :o)

    Terran resistance: hahaha

    that was funny that video but if you were an aggressive extraterrestrial how would you move negative intent around, everything holds polarity, you could start a war elsewhere simply by starting a war here then the negativity goes to nearby star systems and causes war there. Perhaps that is what the 'truth' is? Afterall why the use of phallic symbols unless they are used as antennas by a previously unknown structure such as a pyramid with a phallic symbol that holds the magnetic poles in place to stop a pole shift otherwise they represent something else. the ancients used a chevron to represent pyramids which was also used as a foot symbol, hence the biblical saying foot for a foot, so there must be at least two of these structures probably one on each pole. the association with the foot is because the poles move around on an axis.

    Terran resistance: also the foot symbol

    also the foot symbol is incomplete as a pyramid because its partially underwater which leads me to conclude its somewhere remote.

    Terran resistance: i would say more

    i would say more and back it up with ancient evidence but its hard to find and upload

    Terran resistance: here is an example

    here is an example, the djed holds up an eye on top of the pyramid, the djed symbol is usually 23.5 degrees which is the obliquity of the earth, which places the pryamid at the northern magnetic pole.

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