The Tottenham section of London going up in flames as poor people riot - And this kind of rioting is spreading all over Europe. There was a sense of panic on the streets of London as a spate of rioting and looting that had erupted in poorer parts of the city last weekend continued to spread to new neighborhoods and new cities throughout England. The unrest kicked off on Saturday, Aug. 6 after a protest over the Aug. 4 fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old from the Tottenham neighborhood of northern London.

The shooting of Duggan in London closely parallels a similar shooting we reported on recently, the MURDER of Kenneth Harding by the police in San Francisco.

Both killings involved "people of color," and occurred in neighborhoods where the poor are kept "caged up" in; in addition, the police produced weapons purported to have been used by Duggan against them which now appear to be either "police plants" and / or not connected at all with Duggan.

London's Independent newspaper reports that —
"... initial results from tests by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service suggest that the bullet fragments [found at the scene] were [all] from police-issue ammunition, meaning they could not have been from a weapon allegedly fired by Mr. Duggan and casting doubt on claims that he was killed in an exchange of gunfire."

Bullet that killed Duggan came from a MP5 submachine gun - obviously a weapon that could not possibly have been brandished by Duggan. It is a weapon exclusive to CO19 special operation officers.

The report from the Independent continues:
"The Independent understands that the shrapnel being analyzed was from a hollow-point or dumdum bullet used exclusively by Scotland Yard's elite CO19 firearms unit."

The report ominously concludes that these facts combined with additional evidence that —
"... the father-of-four did not brandish a weapon ... will only worsen the tensions between the police and the rioters."

David Winnick, a member of Parliament with ties to Tottenham reports that the rioting by the residents there results from -
"...continuing deprivation, growing unemployment and a feeling of lack of opportunity ..."
On the other hand, the Prime Minister and other leaders of England's "establishment" blame the rioting on —
"... mindless thuggery."
The divide between the elites (on the one hand) and the poor (on the other hand) regarding the reasons for the rioting indicates the massive amount of empty space between the two. Indeed, the following video suggests the depth of the divide:MINOUS PARALLELS TO RIOTING IN

L.A. BURING IN 1992: The chaos in London appears to be eerily similar to the kind of chaos that occurred in Los Angeles in 1992.

The riots, now in their fifth consecutive day, are beginning to ominously appear very much like the kind of rioting that occurred in Los Angeles at the height of the unrest connected to the beating by police of Rodney King in 1992 — riots that to a very large degree resulted from the horrid economic conditions prevalent in the neighborhoods of poor blacks in South-Central Los Angeles; in this case, a poor Afro-Caribbean area of London — all of which gives evidence to the accuracy of Howe's explanation for the unrest (see above).

Since then (i.e., 1992), the American elites have been taking very purposeful and decisive steps to ensure themselves against such unrest; naturally enough, the catastrophe of 9/11 has greatly aided the elites in their effort to guarantee themselves against what they see as the "mob." [Please see our series of articles on the elite's effort to construct a police-state in the United States, "The Development of a New National Security Apparatus, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5."]

However, unlike what the elites in the United States have been doing to ensure themselves against a repeat of the social and economic unrest that manifested itself in the 1992 uprising in Los Angeles, America's lackey elites in Europe have done very little to ensure themselves against such an eventuality. The liberal social consensus in Europe has prevented the governments there from taking any firm steps in that direction, and this is especially true in England where the police "on the beat" remained unarmed.


The protesters in London have greatly benefited from the high-tech revolution of recent years: the rioting (REVOLUTION) there — like the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - is being organized in part via encrypted BlackBerry instant messages which are very difficult for the police to monitor. HOWEVER, unlike the rioting in North Africa, the Middle East, etc., this rioting (REVOLUTION) is not occurring in the backwaters of America's New World Order System, but in the heart of one of America's FIRST-TIER client states: Great Britain - and it is speaking volumes regarding the stability of the empire itself. The reason is that the economic conditions that have led the poor in London to REVOLT are ubiquitous throughout Europe and have resulted in similar convulsions on the continent — in Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, etc. — and in these revolts, poor "people of color" have been joined by poor whites.

NOTE: One of the greatest fears of the British "establishment" is that the unrest among Britain's white students regarding the higher tuitions that have been forced on them by the government will prompt them to join "people of color" in their insurgency, producing the kind of unrest that resulted in the United States when students and the black community joined forces against America's white "establishment" in the 1960s.

Student demonstrators in Glasgow and in London.


German commentator Peter Schwarz writes:

"The development of an enormous speculative bubble in recent years [caused largely by the greed of the elites] was accompanied by an unprecedented social polarization between the wealthy and the masses of the population ...

"The result has been an enormous intensification of CLASS STRUGGLE. The ideology of the free market, which was raised to the rank of a state religion after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has suffered irreparable damage in the wake of the collapse of major Wall Street banks. Under these conditions social opposition will invariably tend to take an anti-capitalist and left-wing form."

In the online edition of the newsweekly Die Zeit, journalist Ludwig Greven, a writer for the Financial Times Deutschland, expresses the fear that the financial crisis in Europe threatens to become "A CRISIS OF DEMOCRACY" - by which he means a socialist takeover in Europe.

NOTE: The thought that is extant in the above comment is that the elites in Europe would have no choice but to form a fascist-like dictatorship so as to preclude the "will of the people" insofar as socialism is concerned.

Russian workers storm Winter Palace in 1918:
THESE ARE THE THINGS OUT FROM WHICH THE NIGHTMARES OF THE ELITES ARE FASHIONED. EUROPE'S POLITICAL AND BUSINESS ELITES ARE FACING THE KIND OF "PEOPLE'S REVOLT" THAT THEY HAVEN'T SEEN FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS - in Russia under Lenin in 1917, in Bavaria under Kurt Eisner in 1918, and in Berlin under Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxumburg in 1919. [Please see our article, "Der Untermensch."]


And it isn't as if the people in Europe are not aware of who's responsible for the current crisis: They blame the elites who have governed them for the last twenty years - elites who have been slavishly devoted to the demands of Wall Street with regard to "market deregulation" and the "dismantling of Europe's enlightened social safety net for the poor and unemployed."

Today, we awaken to discover that like so many wizards of Oz, these supremely confident figures are in reality foolish old men-and some young ones-mouthing hollow incantations from behind curtains."

London's conservative Daily Mail remarks:

"For decades, we have worshipped at the shrine of gold. Prime ministers and presidents have bowed before its keepers. The monarchs of cash, arbiters of wealth, supposed founts of all wisdom, have bestridden Europe at the behest of the United States, humbling all in their path ... Today, we awaken to discover that like so many wizards of Oz, these supremely confident figures are in reality foolish old men-and some young ones-mouthing hollow incantations from behind curtains."

As a result, Schwarz says that ever more people are asking themselves,

"Why must they accept massive cuts in social spending and wages when there is obviously more than enough money to rescue the banks?"

But for the bankers and the politicians they control, the answer to the economic crisis in Europe is obvious: Workers have to pay--and keep paying until the capitalists' problems are solved.


Whether or not the elites in Europe will be able to survive the growing unrest can be measured by what's happening in Greece. How the elites manage to harness Greece's population to the effort of saving their (the elite's) hide will say a lot about whether the elites can manage to do the same in the rest of Europe. It will say a lot about what they can do to prevent the poor from burning all of Europe's cities down.A Greek default is just a matter of how and when.

"And small wonder. By the end of this year, the Greek government will owe over 150% of the country's annual output. By 2016, even with huge state spending cuts, that figure will only have fallen to 146%. History shows that once a country's debt/GDP ratio rises above 150%, a default is just a matter of time.""In other words, Greece is about as bust as can be. Trouble is, Europe's finest can't agree on what to do about it. The European Central Bank (ECB) wants to keep 'extending and pretending' — i.e. give Greece more eurozone taxpayers' money to buy it time while it knocks its finances into shape.

"Unfortunately, time is fast running out. Protests against cuts on the streets of Athens are getting nasty, and could pull the government down. That increases the risk of a 'disorderly' default, where Greece just turns around and tells its creditors and the rest of the eurozone where to stick their austerity."

The question now is, Could Greece become Europe's Lehman Brothers?

Stevenson explains:

"What happens then? Let's look at who's got what on the line.

"At the end of 2010, according to data from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Italian banks held $2.3bn of Greek debt, and UK lenders were in for $3.4bn. They should be able to cope with those losses.

"But then the numbers get much scarier. French lenders held $15bn of Greek sovereign bonds, while German banks were exposed to more than $23bn. The total for European banks was $52bn.

"This doesn't include the ECB (the so-called European Central Bank), which itself has bought €47 ($65.8) worth of Greek bonds in a failed attempt to boost confidence in the country. 'It's become an enormous... dumping ground for bad loans', notes Matthias Brendel of Spiegel Online. 'No expert can say how it can jettison these without dealing a fatal blow to the European banking system'.

"On top of this, exposure to Greek banks in emerging Europe 'is rife', says Joseph Cottrell on FT Alphaville. 'Greece's banking sector is largely Romania's and Bulgaria's banking sector'.

"What does this mean? Subsidiaries of Greek banks in these countries have accounted for a large slice of domestic lending. As these subsidiaries are forced to send more and money back home, the 'least bad outcome', says Nomura, is that lending will collapse in Romania and Bulgaria. That would be damaging for growth.

"But if those Greek bank subsidiaries run out of money, they in turn could be forced to default. And in a mad scramble for cash, that could lead to the worst-case scenario: 'a fire sale of emerging European assets'.

"And then there's the question of what happens to all the credit default swaps (CDS) written as insurance against Greece going bust. If Greece defaults, would the banks who wrote this insurance be able to pay out?

"This may all sound familiar. That's because you've seen it before. 'The probability of a eurozone Lehman [Brothers] moment is increasing', says Neil Mackinnon at VTB Capital."

"You're getting the very, very messy picture by now. And it's likely to prove bad news for the euro, as John Stepek noted last week: The battle for Greece looks set to slam the euro."


Stevenson asks rhetorically,

"So where are the safe havens?

"The answer is obvious. America is hardly trouble-free, as reflected by the weak dollar. But compared with Europe's looming woes, US problems are 'small beer', reckons Charles Dumas at Lombard Street Research."

Another well placed economic strategist writes,

"If you think the political impasse over the U.S. debt ceiling is the biggest financial threat stalking the world economy, just take a look across the Atlantic."

As a result of all this, Heribert Prantl of the Süddeutsche Zeitung writes that -

"... the European oligarchs are looking desperately to Washington to bail them out."

And they are looking not only at America's financial strength (the financial problems of which — according to Dumas - are "small beer" when compared to Europe's), but also to America's military might to act as a backstop to their own militaries in case things really worsen.

NOTE: It's in this light that one should remember that the most powerful army in Europe is not the German or French armies, but the AMERICAN ARMY IN EUROPE. It's a military machine that is more than capable - should things get really "out of hand," and should it be used mercilessly - of backing up Europe's comparatively weak, under equipped armies.

HUDSON is the author of Super imperialism: the origin and fundamentals of U.S. world dominance.

And the European elites may very well need the military backing of the United States should "push come to shove" in their effort to control Europe's restive population. Economist and author Michael Hudson has pointed out the harsh parallels to the austerity plans being pushed in Greece and other countries to the notorious "structural adjustment programs" pushed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Latin America, Africa and Asia in the 1980s and 1990s. Hudson explains:

"[The austerity program's] logic is to subject economies to austerity and even depression, sell off public land and enterprises, and reduce living standards in the face of a sharply increasing concentration of wealth at the top of the economic pyramid. The idea is to slash government employment, lowering public-sector salaries to lead private sector wages downward, while cutting back social services."


Police attacking demonstrators in Latvia


It appears that similar right-wing, American-sponsored dictatorships are now in store for the nations of Europe. [Please see our articles, "The Horror of John Dimitri Negroponte and Everything He Stands for."]

Sean Egan, president of Egan-Jones Ratings and an expert on debt, told the investment newspaper Barron's,

"The resolution of this sovereign-debt crisis will remake the face of Europe over in the next few years. This is going to be one truly big story--on the scale of the instability of Germany's Weimar Republic after World War I WHICH EVENTUALLY PRODUCED A RIGHT-WING DICTATORSHIP."

Egan goes on to report:

"From the militarized confrontations of Greek police with the nonviolent mass occupation of Syntagma Square in Athens, to the Spanish riot cops who tried and failed to bust up the encampment on Plaza del Sol in Madrid, the authorities barely bother with the pretence of democracy, as bankers and bureaucrats insist on greater austerity measures to try to squeeze whatever they can out of 'the people'."


Across borders, and in many languages, the Europe's political leaders and business elites have the same message for working people: You're going to have to live with a lot less, FOR GOOD.

Obviously, this will mean calling out Europe's military — which is precisely what Conservative MEP Roger Helmer has suggested:

"Time to get tough. Bring in the Army. Shoot looters and arsonists on sight. Shoot them all!"

UKIP (UK Independent Party) MEPs (Ministers to the European Parliament) Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage echoed Helmer's suggestion: they also called for the military to be deployed in London to crush the rioters and institute a full fledged police-state and martial law. Batten said:

"I think the police have been out-numbered ... I think the point has come where we have to call in the armed forces. Lets get our troops back into this country and put them on the streets supporting the police in order to crush this criminal insurrection."

Farage agreed:

"We're not sending out a strong enough signal... I would have thought the logical thing to do was to call the army in."

Even celebrities have begun calling for the army to be deployed, with England football player Rio Ferdinand leading the charge.

According to a YouGov poll, 77% of the British populations wants the army on the streets, 82% want curfews, 90% want water cannons used, and 33% of the British population wants to see live ammunition used on rioters.


Batten and others like him have suggested that "political correctness" is the overriding factor that has led to all the unrest in Europe — that and the unwillingness of Europe's "people of color" to assimilate into the "European mainstream."

The French Newspaper La Monde calls Christopher Caldwell's, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West, a neo-conservative call to arms against the onslaught of Islam. [Please see our article, "The Neo-Conservatives."]

In introducing race into the mix, Batten has purposefully chosen to follow the lead of America's neo-conservatives — a lead which places the blame for Europe's unrest on unassimilated populations of "colored people" — principally Muslims.

In his book, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, Christopher Caldwell, a prominent neo-conservative ideologue and a columnist for the Financial Times and the Weekly Standard, makes the charge that Europe is in danger of losing its white, Euro-centric "Christian" culture because of a multiculturalism that has run amuck and that has opened the way for an Islamic onslaught on the continent.

Like Edmund Burke before him, Caldwell sees European society being dissolved and replaced by a world of monsters. The monstrosities Caldwell parades before us include honor killings, "menacing North African slums," anti-Semitic outrages, European police who "are petrified of Muslim men," vandals rampaging through the banlieues [i.e., those areas of low-income apartments that surround French cities], and young zealots marching through European streets with signs reading "Death to anyone who insults Islam!" [We URGE you to see our article, "The Neo-Conservatives."]


Stephen Holmes

Concerning the Islamic menace that Caldwell sees, Stephen Holmes, a professor at New York University School of Law, writes:

"You may doubt that a socially marginalized, economically impoverished, politically disorganized, and territorially dispersed minority [i.e., Europe's Muslim community] could pull off a revolution, seizing the commanding heights from native Europeans who dominate their countries' institutions and own virtually all of Europe's wealth. After all, the groups in question are trapped in pockets of violent weakness where smoldering anger does not translate into significant power. But Caldwell mocks such doubts: 'There were probably fewer Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917 than there are Islamists in Europe today'."

Holmes continues:

"Once the book gets under way, however, the concept of 'revolution' plays virtually no role in the analysis. Instead, Caldwell wants us to see Muslim immigration into Europe as a kind of reverse colonization that may lead, you guessed it, to the Islamification of Europe. Because Europe's population is imploding and its territory is being reoccupied by non-Europeans, the homeland of Western civilization may be destined to vanish into the mists of time, in the manner of the Byzantine Empire. [Please see our last article, "The Rise of Fascism in Europe."]

"If Caldwell and his fellow doomsayers are to be believed, Muslims have now done what they failed to do at the gates of Vienna in 1683. They have breached Europe's defenses and created 'beachheads' behind enemy lines, 'patiently conquering Europe's cities, street by street'. We shouldn't view Muslim immigrants merely as seeking better lives for themselves and their families, Caldwell says. They should be seen instead as the avant-garde forces of a long campaign of cultural replacement."

This kind of thinking runs parallel to the kind of thinking that the Neo-Conservatives have introduced into the United States, making Muslims and other "people of color" straw-men for the horrid economic results of their own greed. Holmes goes on to say:

"Even if, for the sake of argument, we accept ... Caldwell's way of framing the issue, it leaves us wondering: Why are the Europeans, with so many material resources, losing this war? Caldwell's answer is that theirs 'is a civilization in decline'. Europeans are mired in 'self-loathing' and 'hand-wringing self-detestation'. He explains, 'Whether or not [Europe] can defend itself, it has lost sight of why it should'.

"A 'guilt-based moral order' took root in Europe, according to Caldwell, when shame and remorse about both the Holocaust and colonialism threw Europeans into spasms of 'moral self-flagellation'. Ashamed of their past persecution and oppression of non-Christian peoples, European [liberal] elites began to espouse an 'ideology of tolerance'. You might suppose that an 'ideology of tolerance' would be ethical and principled, but in Caldwell's telling, it is actually an expression of unprincipled self-disgust.

"Supposedly, it is this self-loathing that has led Europeans to see the admission of Muslim immigrants as 'a moral duty'."

Holmes explains:

"Caldwell's thinking goes something like this: When rich nations subscribe to universal human rights, they lose all moral grounds for keeping out poor immigrants. After World War II, Europeans abandoned their traditional intolerance of non-Christian peoples in the name of universalism."


However, New York Post columnist Ralph Peters calls Caldwell's analysis of the Muslim threat nonsensical; he writes:

"Don't let Europe's current round of playing pacifist dress-up fool you: This is the continent that perfected genocide and ethnic cleansing, the happy-go-lucky slice of humanity that brought us such recent hits as the Holocaust and Srebrenica.

"The historical patterns are clear: WHEN EUROPEANS FEEL SUFFICIENTLY THREATENED - EVEN WHEN THE THREAT IS CONCOCTED NONSENSE - THEY DON'T JUST REACT, THEY OVER-REACT WITH STUNNING FEROCITY. One of their more humane (and frequently employed) techniques has been ethnic cleansing.



Nevertheless, Caldwell continues in his insanity — calling this intolerance "Christian;" indeed, he posits the notion that it was precisely this kind of Christian-based "intolerance of lesser peoples" that led to the munificent domination of the world by European powers during the age of colonialism — which he approves.

Naturally enough, and in connection with all this, Caldwell's pals in the American neo-con community are doing their best to spread this new Christian-based "intolerance" throughout Europe - seeking to re-ignite a FAKE Christianity on the European continent with which the ersatz American Christians that populate the precincts of the Republican Party can make "common cause" - the kind of FAKE Christianity, for example, that allowed Nazism to prevail in Germany; the kind of BOGUS Christianity that has taken hold on the United States today.

Geert Wilders of Holland's racist, so-called "CHRISTIAN" party, "Partij voor de Vrijheid," is enthusiastically embracing this help. Wilders writes:

"The United States is the last bastion of Western civilization, facing an Islamic Europe. America is the last man [meaning, the last Christian nation] standing."

This kind of thinking is EXACTLY the kind of thinking that Batten and other Englishmen are "buying into" as the insurrection spreads in Britain — AND IT IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF THINKING BEHIND THE BRITISH PUBLIC'S MINDSET TO "CALL OUT THE ARMY" TO PUT THESE 'LESSER PEOPLE" DOWN.

It's in anticipation of this coming "BATTLE FOR EUROPE" that Europe's elites have been quietly turning to America for military help; specifically to America's Special Operations Command (SOC) which has been secretly training the Norwegian, French, German, Dutch, Italian, etc. militaries in the techniques of urban warfare directed against "insurrectionists" in their own countries. [Please see our recent article, "A Secret War in 120 Countries."]

God help the downtrodden of Europe!!

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