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In 1892 “Lizabeth” Borden was acquitted of the bloodthirsty, double axe-murders of her father and stepmother. There has been much speculation and debate regarding her guilt or innocence. Due to the—yet—present popularity and fascination with the case, there were countless books written—some quite good—plausibly accusing other noteworthy people of the gruesome murders. For example, did you know that the girls, Lizzie and her sister Emma, had an *illegitimate* brother who was quite angry that he was not benefiting from any of the patriarch, Andrew Border’s, wealth (as the girls were)?? Did you know that the day *before* the bloody murders, the girls’ uncle—on their mother’s side—came to visit the Borden house, livid and vile over a property dispute?? Did you know that the Borden maid, Bridget Sullivan, was made to do—sometimes very dangerous—or ugly things such as-- clean the “spit station” of Mr. Borden’s tooth cleaning/brushing area *whilst* Mr. Borden would spit his dirty saliva onto, and near, Bridget’s hands?? Disgusting. So you see my point then? Many people carried enmity in their hearts for ole’ Andrew Borden. And it doesn’t help the suspect list that Mr. Borden is not generally reputed or accepted as a kind, genteel, well-liked man.

Regarding Lizzie’s guilt or innocence, there are die-hard fan’s of this mystery who are firmly on one of the two sides… And then there are fans of this mystery who take a third position: Undecided. I belong in the third category. At this point, I don’t believe we have enough data, evidence, or information to label Lizabeth guilty beyond ANY reasonable doubt. That *is* our thing right? Our American way? On a side note, I was there folks! Spooky! I stayed over night inside the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, and I stayed in Mr. Borden’s personal bedroom! It was a spectacular experience I intend to do again! Anyway, I was taking the house tour, when I saw a lovely, encased dress marked, “Lizzie’s Dress”. I asked my tour guide if it was a replica because I was shocked, taken aback by the tiny size of the dress! I had seen many pictures of Lizzie, and her chubby-cheeked face fooled me well! My tour guide said it is, indeed, a *real* dress, preserved in glass, that belonged to Lizzie Borden. And then my tour guide also slyly and rhetorically remarked, “She was a very tiny woman, wasn’t she?” This got me thinking---How could such a tiny little thing wield a very heavy wooden and metal axe, so furiously, up and down so many times…..twice?? But I abated that thought immediately because I remembered my third position of neutral indecision. Anyway, for people like me, bound by this curiosity and mystery, I have jolly good news for you!! Pathetically, I’m rather excited about the news!!!

Lizabeth’s defense attorney was Andrew Jackson Jennings. Mr. Jennings kept two journals about the case---chalk full of evidence, interviews, and the REAL mccoy! The journals have been FOUND!! Attorney A. J. Jennings’ grandson, who recently died, had the journals all this time and in his will he donated them to the Fall River Historical Society. The journals are in a dilapidated condition, so sadly it will be a while before the professionals can decipher the pages and publicly publicize the journals. It’s highly suspected that these journals will offer some new insight into this mystery and *possible* the most-likely answer or truth.

We’re all aware that a defense attorney has to try to save his/her client despite his or her own opinion of the client. So what I’m suggesting is: These journals will have Mr. Jennings’ *true* feelings about Lizzie and *could* possibly give us some real, worthwhile, new information that *could* led to a more definitive answer (or at the least point us MORE in ONE direction, as opposed to three positions and opposing groups of---guilty, innocent, or unknown) The Fall River Historical Society announced, publicly, that the journals *WILL* be exhibited after first being properly preserved! I, for one, WILL be taking a return trip to Fall River Massachusetts when the journals are there for the public to read! Afterwards, I’ll retake the Borden House tour with a new, fresh—well-welcomed—perspective and insight!! I hope you’ll join me!

Lizabeth Borden took a proverbial axe and gave us curious folks 40 mental whacks!!! But maybe, , , just maybe, , , we can now block her ghostly blows and have some peace of mind of our own!


*Note- The information regarding the Jennings journals is not rumor our hearsay. The Jennings journal announcement was publicized on ABC news. Also, if you’re wondering why I switch from calling her Lizzie to Lizabeth, , , well, it’s simple. After the trial, Lizzie herself forever CHANGED her name to: Lizabeth. So, I choose to respectfully call her Lizabeth per her request.

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killingwithkindness: you stayed there?

dam girl youre brave! did anything weird happen? did you get to pick mr. bordens bedroom or was that just the one the gave you? nice post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha
lizzie borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks
when she saw what she had done she gave her father 41 !

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