Living in the Moment

by Starperson on December 3rd, 2013

What does living in the moment really mean? I have heard this term for as long as I can remember. I used to think...Of course we all live in the moment, when else would we live? It has taken some time, however here are my learning cliff notes:

This is a multistep process, but the following is what I affirm about step one: Know and understand this mantra:

"I am grounded to the Earth, centered in my heart and receiving light."

When I understood and experienced this mantra at subconscious, intellectual and spiritual levels, a new realm of understanding and peace opened up for me.

These words have power when they are understood and invoked. Whether spoken aloud or simply felt, you will be exactly where you are supposed to be, focused and living. There are many more exhilarating steps to this subject if anyone is interested.

Love and light to all.

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Tarheel: We're interested.

Proceed w/ telling us the steps, shining Star.

I heard something once that reminds me of your passage.
It goes something like this..."We should say to ourselves daily, "I am whole, perfect, loving, happy & harmonious". It's sort of a daily affirmation, but I'd rather hear your Steps.

Starperson: Ok, you twisted my arm Tarheel

Let us proceed with the presumption that you have accepted the mantra from step one. Hopefully you have tried this step and you understand its meaning and the potential power it brings to your life. Now...

While you are at a place of peace and comfort, you are going to focus your attention on each of the 5 accepted, physical external senses. Don't concern yourself with the other senses we all have available to us...they will come into play soon.

First, start with your sense of sight. With your eyes wide open, really focus and absorb everything you can physically see. Take the time you need to insure that you have acknowledged all you can visually survey. Now, close your eyes and breathe in deeply through your nose, hold for a second and exhale slowly through your mouth. Accept what you have seen in your heart and make it yours.

Now it is time to close your eyes and follow the same steps for the remaining 4 external senses, Touch, Hearing, Taste and Smell. Take your time with each one, exactly as you did with your physical sight, until you own the physical moment.

Open your eyes, breathe in deeply once more, but about 10% deeper this time. Hold and release as before. Except this time, you are filling a bubble (sphere) around you with light and love as you release your breath. In this sphere, you have stored or saved each of the physical senses you have just explored. And in addition, you have filled your sphere with the Divine light of awareness you called in earlier.

Now, release your bubble into the cosmos. It will remain exactly the same as you sent it, forever. It is now one of your life markers or checkpoints that only you can access. It cannot be burst, lost or fade with time in any way. The universe has more than enough data storage than any of us can imagine.

At first, each session will take a little time. But, as you practice this technique, you will be able to complete this experience in a matter of seconds. You are now filling the universe with your specific moments in time that you wish to retain. More on that later.

Immediately after you send your sphere off, you are back in the physical world. You WILL be more acutely aware of your surroundings, feelings, emotions and an amazingly intense feeling of living in the moment.

Maybe to access your bubbles anytime as if you were experiencing them again, but with more incredible detail? Love and Light to you all.

Tarheel: Way

Way cool demonstrative, Star.

I have a glass of cool water. The glass encompasses the water admirably. The light shines and sparkles when it reflects off of the Water in my glass. The it's brilliance it is crystal clear. It quenches any thirst I ever had. Knowing I may drink it, or that I may accidentally knock the glass off of the table it sits upon and that it may break and spill...well, just knowing all of that makes the moments I have with that glass & the water it contains VERY SPECIAL.

edisonik: Good Work Starperson

Your Good works have not gone unnoticed , you understand many things and like an exceptional star seed you never seem to amaze me with your Teachings also. Great Work.
Always assist Humanity in there development.

Chris: Edisonik Multiuniversal Empire

edisonik is it possible to creat a Multiuniversal Insectoid Empire that rules demensions and relms od Et, alien races and magical mythological type beings

edisonik: Yes Lord Chris

What you create will be created.
On other Dimensions, haven't I said that already?.
You see the Power you have is Awsome.
This is why other want to enslave you and stop you.
But when you understand the Lies and Apply the Truth, nothing will stop you.
Absolutely nothing.
Because when you understand the Hologram called Reality you will become Masters of Reality.
A Power never before seen in this Species.

Believe in yourselves, believe in the unknown , the Impossible is the Illusion, Let no barrier stop you from achieving Destiny from within yourselves.

edisonik: I do not expect many of you to understand the Advanced Concepts

But some of you will Understand.

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