A little wonder for this day!

by nivine on October 13th, 2013

Allow me to use and re-phrase ur " A little humor For this day" title, and rephrase it to something that suits my point! Thank you :d

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bluesbaby5050: Nice point........

Great Point! They have all they can do to survive on this bloody planet. Good thing they don't have human consciousness.

nivine: thank you!

I would like to add 1 thing, if they don't have human consciousness, that doesnt mean that they don't have their own one
The exact concept goes between us as humans, and those coming or present on other planets
Yes we have a unlimited consciousness, But they have their own in a different level

bluesbaby5050: They have a survival consciousnesswith an ability.......

To show affection to their own kind, and SOMETIMES TO SOME HUMANS! Buy they do not have the ability to REASON. This is the difference. Thanks for your input. That improved on my point :-)

bluesbaby5050: OH!!! SORRY I mis-spelled another word }:-0

SORRY AGAIN to those of you that like to correct others for TINY/PETTY? - Mistakes. THAT'S LIFE :-)

nivine: that's us and not life:p

"if u didnt make any mistake, u never tried anything:p " ( forgot who wrote it, my bad .__.)
Don't worry I got ur back again:p
I know they dont have reason or other things that we do have.. That's why we call ourselves "thinking animals" as a differention from others.
But my point wasnt that. Even if we have rational thinking and other things that they lack, that doesn't mean that they don't have their own "world of consciousness" that doesn't need to be based on reason for example, they also have things we don't have, like their way in feeling and sensing things. Scientists now are even trying to get in contact with to get answers from their senses, like what happens after death for example, animals try to express the answer by. Acting in a way that gives hints.
Each creature in this universe got their own level, and each got certain thing that make them distinctive from the other. Some are based on reason, others spiritual, and ect...

bluesbaby5050: What happens after death? The animals go where some

Of us go. I know this is true, because All my deceased pets have met me on the OTHER SIDE, by my way of astral traveling. They greet me on the grass, in a sunny, warm environment they speak to me though mental tele, and people, such as my parents, and friends, and a brother, and a sister, and other relatives, and deceased neighbors have also. We visit at times, as well as other helpful BEINGS do too. I have been on spaceships before, and not all of them were metal, many times during my childhood, and into adulthood in fact, and I have always seen though the veil as well, since I was 2-3 years old, and my parents never told me different. I was never brainwashed, as most children are as they grow up, and then enter the brainwashing insitutions for their further Dumbing Down, as we all know this is/was always the plan for us humans. I am also an Empathic, and I have other abilities too. I never channel, as people have asked me to do this for them, and I have refused, and I gave my reasons why. I decided to share this information with this forum, because I already know people want to know how my pets could do this. So I shared this little bit about myself, and to show that ALL PEOPLE HAVE SOME OF THESE ABILITIES TOO. A lot of events in life are not random, and they are expected to happen, BUT, this is always a choice to made by each, and everyone of us. Tim Lovell also has some abilities of his own too. He has said so in this forum, past lives knowledge etc. This not a singling out of course, just an example here, like in Mortal Combat, we have those abilities too, I know a man that can hold a light bulb in his hand, and it will turn on all by his own doing, though his electrical currents running though his body, and he was born this way, and he has other abilities also, because I have seen him at work in private. And this is what makes HUMANS SO SPEACIAL, and this is also why TPTB FEAR US HUMANS, THEY KNOW THESE FACTS ABOUT US ALREADY :-)

bluesbaby5050: I also DIEED before, and I went down that........

Tunnel of Light too, and spoke to my murdered sister back in 1973. This has all been documented, as I was helping the Local police dept., and the Detectives during their investigations back then. I was only 22 years of age then at that time. I have a lot of experience with this.

nivine: Im so glad that u decided to share that

Well..This is something so touching, i think anyone who will read this will actually feel every word u said
I got no further comment on this, which is something weird,coz its the first time i reply by such a short answer:p
Im really speechless.. Thank u again for sharing, we much appreciate it
Peace :d

bluesbaby5050: Your Welcome, as you already knew just a little bit...........

Anyways. My death experience happened after my second child, because I bled out, and I should of had a C-section, because she weighed in at 11 pounds, and I am only 5 foot 3 inches tall, and of med. frame. This was barbaric for 1973. I had to have surgery on my insides FAST, as I had blood going into both arms at the same time, and losing it all out the other end. And my veins were shutting down, and they were going to use my feet. I was told this before my exit happened. I used up all the blood of my type in the hospital blood bank, and they had to send away 25 plus miles to get more. So in the mean time, this is when I left my physical body, and rose upwards, and everything moves at a fast speed because of your own thoughts. I went into the hospital hallways watching my doctor on the phone with another doctor, as this was in the middle of the night too, and I went back around to my room, and saw myself, and I didn't realize it was my own body I was looking at. I was chalk white, and large black circles around both eyes, and skinny, as this is what happens when a person loses all their blood, and body fluids. I also had waist length long straight dark hair too, and against a white background, it makes a big difference. I did not know I had left my body at that time, and then, I heard a voice, not female, nor male, just a voice saying my name, and to look upwards to the ceiling in a corner, and I felt myself go there, and when I did that I was in a dark place, blackness, and then I turned around to have a look to see anything, and I said something to the effect, where am I what is happening? Then at this same time, a very bright small light appeared in the darkness, and instantly I was moving closer to it, and as I did, the circle of light got wider, and bigger, and brighter, and then I noticed the sides of a type of walls around me, as I moved faster towards that light, and at the end, I arrived into a bright light, and I heard a voice reassure me that I was safe, and not to worry. I had asked if my sister was there, and they said yes! I guess more then 1 angel was with me. In the background ahead, I saw a meadow, and it was very green, and trees were in the backdrop, with bright flowers, and a crowd of people were walking around back there, and I felt myself walking towards that area, and then I was told I couldn't go any further, and I had to stop, I asked why, and he/she replied, because this is the borderland, and if I went over there that I couldn't go back to where I came from. So of course I stopped. Then my sister appeared, and she said not to be mad, and she told me what would happen in superior court, and not to worry, that I would do fine, and it was all OK, and that she was OK, and much more, but, this is very private. Then I was told that it was not my time, after I got to see a review of my life up to that point, and into my possible futures. I asked some more personal questions as I realized what was happening, and where I was. You see, I was on Earth for a short time, already, and 100 years to them is like 10 years to us here! So, this is why I had memory recall fast while there. I also, got to look into the so-called viewing machine that is over there too. Remember this was all before all THESE TV SHOWS, AND BOOKS THAT ARE OUT NOW, AND SO MANY PEOPLE HAD CASHED IN ON THEIR STORIES, but I didn't. I had a higher purpose, and this would have spoiled my purity of my life's experiences. MANY DISTRACTIONS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME, and this would have got into my way, it- money would of hampered my path. I have had more near death experiences but, this one is where I actually did die, while other people will have near death experiences, and not go though the fullest experiences but, all will benefit from them anyways, as this changes a persons life, from criminal to a complete reversal of their habits in life style ( an example). I have had 4 now, and the next one will be my last one. We actually have 5 exit points in life. Some can choose to leave at the 1-2-or 3, if they feel the need to do so. We have them at different points inserted at different areas in our lives before we arrive here/incarnate. Any questions? If I can answer them, I will to the best of my knowledge, and from my own experiences, and not from others, as we are all different.

nivine: sorry for what?

u know how much i like listening to u, i don't mind even reading them all over again.
Its so hard to put into words what i actually feel about this, its like yes,i feel sorry for what u went through, but at the same time I'm glad how u managed to turn all those struggles into something better which is worth talking about. But again all this made ur moment while sharing it tastes much better.
This made me re-think of how we always consider ourselves knowing life and its difficulties, when we are not even close to what we are supposed to see. And How we always complain about our struggles, instead of actually turn them into something that is worth talking about.

What's noteworthy is that u used the hard way to manage overcoming all this, by deciding to keep your secrets, power, and even the struggles for your own. And decided after all these years the right time and place to share it..so that not only to improve ourselves on how we are supposed to deal with things, but also to go beyond our understanding of life only.

This really took me so much time to think about what to reply :d
Its the first time i feel that despite how flexible i am and into all sorts of subjects, i actually feel that i know nothing :d

I read the comment after 4 hours of posting it, after that it took me some time to put into words what i feel towards this.. and actually its almost 6:30 am right here ..it was hard to holdback the need to reply before sleeping :d


bluesbaby5050: Your a very intelligent woman Nivine..........

You have a lot of insight. Your a beautiful soul.... One's struggles always makes us look at our own life, and the life of others, and it forces us to go deep inside our selves to reflect. This makes us appreciate our gift of life, and to see how valuable life really is. Peace to you dear Nivine.

nivine: Thank you

Well, I'm glad that you've got such a good impression on me.
But u know something (ofcourse with respect to all people, I'm in no way better, I'm just different.
I said that bz i want to state something that I'm sure most people will take it in another way)
Alot of people are full of confidence that they are so smart, and when siting with them they show u what a supreme perfection they are. When it comes to state their opinion about me, they end up saying that I'm smart, realistic or wise for example.. But really it tastes nothing!
Simply because, if i look smart or not to the eye of the beholder. All what i know about myself is that even if I'm not smart or wise, i want to seek that way. I'm more than satisfied by only directing myself to that road. So at least i must think that i actually am smart from the complements gained from different levels &diversity of their mentality. But that never gave me any answer to myself. I mean maybe they are stupid and i look smart to them, that doesn't mean I'm smart! which is actually the case, its not maybe, they are and I'm sorry for saying that( maybe Im stupid & they are smart, so in this case they must excuse my saying)

What actually kills me, that people are so full of confidence of how super smart they are
And I'm like, how the hell u people think? Alot had many reasons to think they are, but they didn't act like u do. And the ones that do think they are smart, spent their entire life so they can finally be able to say it.
The point of all this, if people aim the road of reality and rationalism, or aim to be smart,they will always doubt about themselves. So if those people claiming that they are, rule number one they should never have this full confidence, and not thinking about doubting themselves.
There is a quote that i really like: The difference between a fool and an intelligent is that the intelligent know how foolish they are

I was trying to state after all, that it really tastes so different when having complement from people that are ''actually smart'', its like hearing it for the 2nd or 3rd time. Realistic, rational, smart, and wise people have their own way in every single word they say, even if it sounds the same to rest of the world. Only them will actually see that, and make them realize that they belong to the same path. That's why u see how flexible i am with everyone in this group, i also highly accept their criticism, ask for their opinion, and even enjoy the discussions especially when we disagree.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry if it seems...............

long, but I was trying to keep it short, because more happened before I left, and while I was over there, and I left a lot out. I can still see it, and remember it as if it was only yesterday!

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