Light/Dark (Duality) & Keeping Neutral.

I think we've all heard it before.
If you haven't you must be new here.
But even so, we've all seen much about this topic.

Most of us are already very familiar with it. That is; the light VS dark. We know of the differences. An most people may not realize. It isn't about keeping away from the dark, staying close to the light.
Yes, we're energy and our polarities are key. We can be a depressed, sad, pathetic, negative person. Or we can be a happy, vibrant, loving, positive person.

The problem occurs when we identify with one or the other. One more than then other. It's like picking sides in a battle where actually nobody wins. The truth is, one must find a middle ground. Some call it a happy medium with which you find an inner peace that if one were to look. You'd be perfectly balanced.

Tricky as it is, and as impossible as it may seem at times. It is possible. But let's face the reality...
No one, and I mean NO ONE. Is going to be perfectly balanced 24/7. ALL THE TIME.
Anyone, and I me EVERYONE. Has the ability to find this peace.

Though any person claiming they have this peace & are perfectly balanced 100% of the time. Don't pay them any mind, because they're lying to themselves and to you!

It isn't something like a title you win an you always have it. A balance needs to be maintained. An if anyone says it's easy they're also lying to you. Because even the best spiritual guru's will tell you. It isn't an easy thing. Especially given that this world is full of negativity. It's EASY to fall into the trap that is the black & white. The Light & Dark duality that many struggle on.

I struggle with it. Most of us do. I've yet to meet someone who has beaten it and can maintain their balance with 100% purity in an earth body and a earth life. An do so 24/7, 365!

We're all on a journey. We're all of the roughly 10% of brave souls to embark on this earthly life.
We are here for the love of Life. An we are here to learn new ideas all while experiencing new things.
It is a conscious effort to live in the now & to live within a balance.
No one ever said it was easy.
Remember, when life gets you down. Or people try to tear you down. Learn from it. Move forward, and don't let the negative energies of people with negative inside get you down to their level.
That right there is a big balance upset and it isn't for the good.

When you find yourself in such a situation. Take a step back, an remind your self. It's just a game... This life. Enjoy it. An refresh. Don't let the little people get you down. They can't win, if you give them no ammo.
Be blessed...

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Tarheel: Zero point field

It would be great if we could achieve it in our judgement AND duality.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Could you please elaborate

Could you please elaborate what you mean...? What are you trying to say..?

Tarheel: Meaning....

It would be great if we could sit in the middle and not pass judgement but rather just observe, thus remaining neutral.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree there...

As always, it's easier said that done huh? lol

BenjaminFalkenrath: IT would be nice if we could

IT would be nice if we could do it here. Easier if the negative forces didn't impose so much bombard us an make it so difficult to allow out higher selves to meld easier with our selves. The ultimate goal is to "bring heaven down" & have our higher selves be in our physical bodies.
We use to be able to this so easy before. An it was just as pure and easy as thinking it. In fact, we use to just go up it would be like 2 seconds down here an 3 weeks up there. We solved many problems this way. I almost can't remember it as it has been such a while ago but I do still remember it on a soul level.

kaleohrile: can you explane i love to know more !

I like to know more if you can share i like your views and stand with them , for me i felt so alone and finding this site is for me a way to be with others that live and die and it never ends thanks have a good day !

BenjaminFalkenrath: What more do you wish to know

What more do you wish to know? You can IM too you know.

LoliApolys: i could not

i could not live with out either the light or dark side of me....each of them serves a light side has love for all living things, a dreamer for a harmony way of living, understanding and passive aggressive tendency to the exstrame., a just paladin cause for righteousness but in having so causes me to be unrealistic in worlds, easily steeped on, taken advantage of and only seeing one side of things when a "unjustfull act has happen" my dark side gives me reason, intolerance of stupid acts case in point ( i'am going to plunge my self into a cactus just because i think its funny or worse hurt people for no reason) yes even my dark side wishes to kill all humans for being retarded, uncaring, selfish jerks. it gives me a full spectrum of how to look at a situation unblinded by the "righteousness of light" and ask was this persons horrible dead done for a good reason? it also gives me the ability to FULLY accept a person for WHO and WHAT they are....oh you are a negative entity being have done nothing to me and only hurt those who deserve it ...uh ok your chill... not your evil because your vibrations are to low so that makes you evil instantly....some races are born in lower vibrations case in point HUMANS! we would not be going threw an awaking to raise vibrations if you were perfect on the 8th lvl scale ! so judge not!

BenjaminFalkenrath: I 100% understand that. Which

I 100% understand that. Which is why we have to find our own balance.

LoliApolys: indeed

everyone thinks balance is erasing the darkenss but you have to have it! if you erase it and do not understand it then you are not balanced

BenjaminFalkenrath: Do you remember when the

Do you remember when the balance was off & The Dark & Light kept going wonky like a light switch? It caused beings to fall down then go up back n fourth do you remember this event?

LoliApolys: well that depends on how long ago

it was... i have only been here for oh what as it? well only for the last 4 assessment of humanoids on this planet for the ascending. so 4 apocalypses.

BenjaminFalkenrath: So you remember when the off

So you remember when the off balance caused the light dark up down off on affect on those outside of Terra on other levels?

LoliApolys: iam not sure

i get reincarnate every so often and this is not the only planet i have been on. there are other seed planets that need my attention sadly :(

LoliApolys: i find

i find this picture offensive ! lol why is death a bad guy? he should be your best friend! i mean honestly he is neutral ......chaotic neutral but still neutral. XD ...dont take the offensive part to heart.

HebrianDaniel: i also understand the balance

i also understand the balance! thanks for letting me understand the balance i go hear my patience and quiet! you must be quiet!

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