The emoted rant offered not as articulated answer but rather meant to challenge and stretch presumptive relational reality. An act chronicled unseat readers from plush sanity in observed sit chair undisputedly has been traded for sake of comfort conforms into emerging reliable meaning. To be brushed by my hope to breach each leg figuratively lean encircled the conscious bubble found afloat carried personal ignorance projected current of a sea. This vast emptiness left a small crack ruptured through glimpse in complete absence of expectation replete with darkness embraced extends to the eternal fathomless un-manifest depths beneath and beyond a mind's yet projected boundaries.

    A place insight beside hosts lines of blind KangarooSatvas rain as drops caught in cycles seeking endless rebirth torn efforts to free their own fractals selves from the black void. They come for you and I wed to their noble quest propelled by the self subjective truth on relying insists exits a unified field grown eyes projecting strong desire rushed creation formed a pyramid.

    These thoughts that bounce upon the fields in-prisoned ages as moths to a bright light perceived being struck snare tethered compared beginnings and ends, heavens contra hells imbedded many here's and there's. The journey split multiplying separates struggling survive pitted degrees lent separateness. Called back concede delve light to collect treasures sought have given purpose co-dependent Satva Kangaroo hop and run toward each bright source only find by extension are thrust expanding the circumference of darkness.

    Marsupials tug hominids locked holding hands transformed into the common trap woven bifurcated a prism light layered minds fractured through beliefs coo-creating time and space. This web crawl suffer limits drawn frontal lobes relayed constructs within reside severed be alone clutching as real. A space measured contemplated things that are real being set an imagined emptiness. The ocean of islands judged eyes rest the horizon viewed above sea level proffered objectivity as tangible three dimensional forms perceived. Each assigned its name and purpose crushed into a connected world kept hidden by the waterline. Here they take carefully manufactured boats to wander new coasts while embodied in unrealized state. These tides swept individual identities arisen conjoined a compact commonly agreed to share subconscious unaware drift contained a quantum ring.

    The universe found asleep dreaming sheltered shiny building crafted presumptions forged nails linked deductions piled so high become a wall made blind. Blind to the persistence of ever supra-conscious swimming in an imagined disjointedness. Blinded to their wholeness contiguous in the silent still unconditionally offered as a canvas for the cocreative conjuring of every circumstance. Blind to being always the singular present fullness as an awareness unmeasured and un-circumscribed Omni-consciousness unfolding inwardly wherein every possibility revealed borderless an eventual probability through center-less entropy.

    You might head words of warning to take care when adventuring these open inductive irrational notions spouted can only be explored absent any pre-contemplated trajectory. No one knows where the path leads again seems remain flanked sirens singing seductive temptations lure disguised as alternative definitions of new sanities. Those voices will subjectively pull till you fall constrained reanimated as a KangarooSatva in another ring. One renamed a fifth, sixth, tenth or other dimensional awareness the proclivity given acquiescence to numbers and divisions of space in endless compartmentalizations.

    For the void to one is a hole and the whole comprised relative reflections experienced will become clear absent origin or destination. To be both none is the one upon seen concurrent a navigation of each separated idea of self given rise to elements travel through light tied to a notion one is solid. This dream scape of parts within when try to achieve super conductivity requires resumption of the very misguided thought that things are apart.

    This absurdity is my manner pointing betrayed an abstract painting channel triangulate no certainty is the comfortable trap obstructs each seeing through every eye lost in light abandoned its darkness. Such are limits constructed out of codependent hopping KangarooSatvas that come and go unaware that they never left.

    By Mark Richard Nichols
    © 1/17/2017
    Acrylic by Mark Richard Nichols

     Filed under: Philosophy & Psychology


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