by edisonik on December 7th, 2013

You are Memory, you are Thoughts, you are Energy, what you Think and Feel wether you understand or not does have an Absolute Effect on this Planet and the Galaxy you do not see around you.Your Conscious is an Incredible Power and wether you understand or not you have Soul , this Power is all Interconnected, around the Galaxy you live in. Your Energy goes further than the Earth and this is what most Humans do not understand, they think Power is something they see with their Eyes.

Physical Power is all they believe, what they see with their eyes, but that is just Theatre, Real Power is what you do not see, it is an Energy Field that Bonds around all Living things , Lifeforms, Stars & Planets.

Everyday of your waking short lives your Mind is Processing knowningly and unknowningly Persons (Friends/ Lovers/Enemies/Family/ Friends that already left this World Etc , Places (Work/Vacations/other Places you haven't been in the 3D World etc) , Things ( Cars/Homes/Clothes/Money/Hobbies/Gardening/Commerce etc)

You see what you Value most is really not what you believe to be Important, You fail to understand that your Greatest Wealth is your Thoughts, what Good is anything Physical?, what Good is anything Material?, what Good is anything of Tangible Substance?, everything is Nothing without the Power of Thought.

Thought is what Manifests Energy into 3D Tangible Reality, You are all Awsome Creator Gods & Goddesses.
An Idea is Divine , Creativity is Divine, provided it does not harm others or enslave others.
So it does not matter what Tool you have weather it is Technology or Ideas, without Spiritual Understanding of Karma , Reincarnation , and Life cycles, and Universal Understanding you really have nothing.

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

Spirituality must be your Top Priority, the Understanding that Death is not the End but another Opportunity in another Dimension on other Worlds and Civilizations, but before you finish here learn your lessons , make your mark here on Earth and fullfill your Destiny.

Humanity has Awsome Power, Power that cannot be enslaved.
Love you all.

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Quaesitor: Thank you Edisonik. I have

Thank you Edisonik. I have this quote taped inside my bathroom cabinet so that I see it every morning. I didn't understand the depth of the meaning of it at that time I wrote it on a green post-it so many years ago. It's becoming clearer. Finally.
"I must remember I am Goddess, the Dreamer, the creator of vision, my point of power is now."

HebrianDaniel: i wonder if our dreams are

i wonder if our dreams are also parts of our memories. because
i see people in my dreams that i have never meet them before and odd people also
i have also seen a human with 3 eyes that was weird
but when he looked at me i got exhausted and wake up from my dream

bluesbaby5050: HD there are Some Reptilians that have 3 eyes that are .....

all located on their heads. 2 like us but, some have a total of 3, and the 3rd eye is in the middle of the their forehead. They are very physic, and they know your thoughts. They invade our dreamscape which is in the lower forth dimension. Some will let you see them as they really look, while others will use human disguises, along with many different kinds of disguises to fool us, and to confuse us. And they will suck your energies from you. This will leave you in a tired physical, and mental state, and sometimes with a bad head ache along with this. Do not fear them, as you also have very high mental, and physical powers your very able to use against them, and in your favor. You have more physical powers then in your normal waking state. You can jump higher then normal, and you can go though walls, and other barriers, and you can even fly if you want to, and you are very strong, and you can do things that you only dream of while your awake.

Doobz: understanding...

what do we do once we understand this knowledge how can we harness and use it ?

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