Life is more than Political views

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.
An I've come to the conclusion that. We have too much to live for, to little time, an most of us waste it on the unimportant things. Politics being a big one. So I'll say this!

We must realize​ that Obama an Trump​ are like 2 pennies in one of those coin donation funnel drop buckets!! You put them in there an you feel great because they'll spin their time around. Some spin longer than others. Some go right down.

But ultimately they're just another drop in the bucket. In another 10 pennies it won't matter! Truthfully.... I can't go back 10 pennies an neither can you. An even if you can, or those who can. It doesn't matter! It's irrelevant now, just as it will be soon again. My point is... There's always going to be bad people, war, a president, an people who both like an dislike said elected president. Oh well! I'm going to live my life each day. An so should you. The same people who got through Obama. Will love Trump. The same people who loved Obama will get through Trump. Oh well. Get on with it. Live won't stop. In 4 years were looking at a new roll of the dice. So why sit here an bitch about it?!?

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Tarheel: Trump FOS

Trump said he'd kill NAFTA, BUT he chose the health of the economies (plural) of Canada and Mexico over bringing jobs and money back into the USA. He's better than the alternative we had but he's no friend of the people.
Same old bullshit no matter who's in office.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Agreed... Which goes to show.

Agreed... Which goes to show. Same hand up a different puppets ass.. I'm going to just keep living my life.

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