Bellerophon: Oh!

I always knew he couldn't possibly be human! Always! :D

Tarheel: You pegged Super Mario Batali as Sirian.

Mario is a world class TRUE Italian chef and world renowned.
Hey, maybe he's using his ET celebrity card to boost his popularity. (not)

Terran resistance: ......

Im putting my foot down and saying hes an alien heres why:

see if you can spot the pattern aigh?

Terran resistance: of course

the last picture isnt a hint at all of his true skin tone.... jeees...(sarcasm)

Also lots of Hindu gods have red skin and the dog star has been the center of much supposed "sun" worship in the past.

Indra a hindu god with red skin for example:

bluesbaby5050: It's OK to Disagree........

After all this is a forum here. We are people that come here to seek Knowledge, and New Ideas. TR your Not a Troll, nice Try Hahahahaha! Your here to Learn, and I had come to Realize this in the past. In the beginning you Shook thinks up a little, and this took us by surprize, me for one. I Like you, and I had said,"I was sorry for my response to you in the beginning in private." This was my truth to you. ---->I am speaking in general Now, so please don't take this personal, I am speaking to EVERYONE . We are ALL ONE, so let's Prove that We all Can get along here.This goes for the New Members too. Let's be Civil to one another. This is Your Testing Grounds Here! So if you can not be nice, then be Civil to others. Peace ,and Harmony to us ALL. Thank You }:>)

Tarheel: I was poking fun at him. Only you mistook it.

TRs ok except when he demeans others for the way they believe.
I adopted a policy of tolerance a long time ago, but I will speak up at my leisure.

bluesbaby5050: You must of MIS-placed the Humor,cause I never SAW ANY.

Where was the laughter? WE SAW NONE ! How do we know? This is a WRITTEN FORUM.

Tarheel: I can see where you may not have gotten it.

It was in jest.
Vous ne comprend pas.

bluesbaby5050: WE GOT IT ALRIGHT...........

IT'S STATED IN FULL PRINT! I am NOT the only person that reads what is written in this forum. I just happen to be the one that pointed this fact out. TR did not just DEMEAN ANYONE here. AS for his past ,I THINK YOU/we are all GUILTY!

terranjuice1and7: yo im new i wana know if

yo im new i wana know if certain types of et or eds are unaware of what they are

Tarheel: Notice that TR names Mario Batali as a Sirian!

He's my favorite chef, and he's Italian but 1 thing he isnt....a Sirian !

Dude. I just saw Mario's pics in your collage. It is such BS that I never looked all the way thru it the 1st time.

Keep searching, Truth Seeker TR. Eventually you'll get it right, limey. Hey, focus on The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. At least nobody will be able to discount THAT.

Terran resistance: -

thats because lots of people are secretly extraterrstrials believe or not.

Tarheel: Mario Batali can cook for me any time and I'll ask him.

He would, of course, tell me if he was a Sirian. He's most honest and THE best chef..... uh,well..in this solar system. By far. He's got SUPERB restaurants all over this planet, and he's a HUMANITARIAN of the highest order. If he's a Sirian, we need more Sirians in The USA. Oh, BTW, he also cooked at Waterside Inn (outside London). Here, see for yourself Finger Pointer. I think it was your other cronie that turned on you and told ya to be careful when pointing your finger, because there are 3 pointing back at you when you do point. It's true.


Terran resistance: -

other cronie ? what are you on about now?

Terran resistance: also

lets not forget what Vladimir Putin the russian president said right at the end of his interview:

Tarheel: Vlad also referenced MIB while laughing when he said it.

U R kiding, I hope. Even the interviewer laughed while Vlad held back a grin.

Again, IF Mario Batali is Sirian, we need more liike him here. Im hungry.

Terran resistance: he isnt laughing at the interviewer

hes laughing at people that dont believe, who have eyes yet dont see the facts in front of their faces, did u not see the quote at the end of it, he was being serious.

Tarheel: Dude, please and A tribute for TR.

No REALLY, DUDE. Even the interview-ER was laughing. And I believe in Alien/ETs/UFOs. But Vlad was poking fun and only YOU didnt get it.

Again, I BELIEVE in aliens/ets/ufos,etc. I KNOW.

Here's 1 for YOU, TR. A good one.

bluesbaby5050: I'm sure they know they are alien to other worlds..........

I would also think they KNOW WHO,and WHAT they are,and also WHERE THEY ARE FROM AS WELL.

Eldertree: rLOl... TC and Bluesbaby

rLOl... TC and Bluesbaby parroting as usual. Oh the irony. Sirians are not red looking. They are white or blue skinned. They are are a mixture of many races They are not red haired either The pictures above look far more like Aryan or Orioninte.

Terran resistance: source?

wheres your source of information?

bluesbaby5050: RED SKINNED?

I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT SKIN COLOR,YOU DID! I Already knew the colors of the Sirians skin colors,of Blue shades,and white shade,Sirius A, and Reptilians brown, and green colored skin versions,and Black tones in the humans of Sirius B. Red skinned and white skin colors are found amoung the Pleiades Races. Green is found in the Arturan race. I never mentioned red haired colors YOU DID! TR is only saying red skin tones are found amoung the Sirians race,as they always look flushed. CHECK OUT HIS PICTURES FOR ALL HIS EXAMPLES AS THIS PROOF.I did not say this, TR did at the top of HIS POST. Your always starting trouble AS USUAL AST. Always trying to put YOUR WORDS INTO/COMING FROM MY MOUTH. WHY DON'T YOU GIVE THIS UP.YOU are NOT FOOLING anyone here, and This is PLAINLY SEEN. And I was Not Put In My Place either,by YOU or anyone else in this forum. You Don't like yourself,or anyone that does Not agree with You! So Pick a Fight Somewhere Else. You won't get one here with me. YOUR MOUTH DOES NOT Bother me in the least. You only wish it could.

Terran resistance: Source?

Source of information?

Tarheel: U r preaching to the choir Einstein-NOT.

BTW, those posts were 3 months old.

Grow a brain, but try not to take it out and play with it, like you do with the defected model you have now.

Eldertree: Bluesbaby do you behave like

Bluesbaby do you behave like this in day to day life?! You have the mentality of a spoilt teenager who has no self awareness on their behaviour or actions. Grow up for f*ck sake.

bluesbaby5050: You Sound like a Teenager Never ABLE to get YOUR WAY AST!

Your the Tweenie -Teenager NEVER ABLE to get your own way! LOL! What a joke ! YOU NEED TO GROW UP! My Teenagers are all grown up ,and making good livings at the skills they learned before hand. This is ALL YOU DO AST,You Take Pride in Slandering People for their thoughts, and for what they believe in. Shame on you. When they Disagree with you, then you proceed to call them names, to belittle them by to trying to build yourself up bigger then they are. WE see though this kind of behavior. Your NOT a Pleasent Being.

Eldertree: Bluesbaby there isnt everyone

Bluesbaby there isnt everyone else in this equation. I'm directly to you. You use capslock and childish aggression to get your point across. Not only that you're a psychopath who cannot stop lieing. Its about time you get real.

Tarheel: It's okay TR. Mario makes MEAN eggplant parmesan.

I don't care if he's Nazi Gestapo, the man Mario Batali can cook. He can cook for me any day.

Peace in the valley, brother.

Infinite peace: ..

The fact that your all here *you might already know this* tells me that each one of you are starseeds.

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