Liberation Forces–Special Message to Terrans!

by Chris on January 24th, 2015

Liberation Forces–Why They’re Here on JKI!

liberation forces
Liberation Forces send vital message to Terrans–Humanity. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NASA

Liberation Forces. The Liberation Forces (LF), the Light oriented ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) working to free us from thralldom so thorough and vile it’s all-pervading have now interrupted, well, themselves (the still incomplete extended post series on the latest LF developments) to bring the humans of Terra/Earth vital news. My remarks will be in Italics.

We have come to an agreement among ourselves to make a stronger effort to reach the mind of the Earth Human.

The Liberation Forces are comprised of many dimensions in which are several galactic federations, both the Academy and Universities of Evolution, and a vast array of planetary leaders who have been set free from the suffocating control and domination agenda of destruction.

We have chosen this website because Mr. Kettler touches on our reality and has a basic understanding of such. Although, as it is well noted, he is more oriented toward standard Earth weapon discussions and battle strategies, he has made room for a grander kind of battle–on your level, it is mostly of the mind. So the objective of setting Earth free falls into his overall pattern.

Earth weaponry is increasingly ET/ED derived weaponry, whether by direct covert transfer, UFO crash recoveries and technical exploitation, or even telepathy, as in the case, apparently, of the German secret societies immediately after WW I and continuing through the Nazi era–which isn’t over. More on that another time.

The concepts presented to him are alien, foreign, strange and bizarre because the vast collection of life, whether ill intentioned or good intentioned, has little to do with the framework the controllers of your world have designed to both regulate your thinking and twist up your mind. The People of Earth live a bizarre fantasy that comprises both heroes and villains, and some of it shadows our reality, but the objective of the storytelling on your world is dictated by the control and domination agenda of the fiends who manipulate every factor of your life. That list is long, including water, food, entertainment and a false history.

The characterization above is a grotesque understatement. Frankly, it’s a miracle I haven’t long since gone stark staring mad trying to comprehend even parts of it, never mind explain the concepts. Of course, there are those who think I’ve long since cracked–Humpty Dumpty style!

Here’s one aspect of how we are dominated and controlled. There are many, but much of it comes down to this: Control the framework and terms of reference, control the discussion; control the discussion, control perception; control perception, control reality; control reality, control behavior–at all levels. Now you know why the negatively oriented occult secret society Skull and Bones controls the government, the media, the AHA (American Historical Association–defines officially sanctioned history), the AMA (American Medical Association–decides what’s promoted or suppressed when it comes to our health; what’s safe, effective and inexpensive is always suppressed; what makes zillions for Big Pharma and frequently is deleterious, if not eventually lethal, to us is seldom ever suppressed) and the APA (American Psychiatric Association–defines what does and doesn’t constitute sanity, what’s real and what’s mental illness, generally requiring psych meds, whose use is pandemic in this country). Partial list only, but you get the idea.

Their agenda is to ensure you have hope, for if you looked at the truth–and we know this from other timelines and your past–you would all suicide yourselves.

For a look at what happens when a planet’s people lose hope, please see the visionary scientist and author Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s profound and masterful novel Childhood’s End. If you think some of the posts I put out are traumatic reading, be grateful there’s even worse stuff I’m explicitly forbidden from discussing! As it is, I’ve pushed this altogether unique form of Disclosure well past the point of flak from parts of the Liberation Forces. This is so far beyond the deliberately kept ever churning “debate” over the reality, or lack thereof, of UFOs and aliens or ETs or ETs/EDs as to make the adjective “incomprehensible” utterly inadequate as a descriptor.

In this timeline, there is no need for that action, as there are many worlds, creators and vast agendas being put in play for the common good, and John has listed some of these support activities on his website. The most obvious being the multitude of volcanoes and their volcanic ash that have not turned day into night and suffocated billions as it would have been if our suction ships were not delivering the ash to worlds much in need of the rich soil nutrients found in that ash. And as a side note, you, the People of Earth, are so that important in the scheme of things that we are making an extraordinary effort to diminish much of your suffering.

I’m not going to bother with links regarding that extraordinary effort, for you all know how to run Search. I have put out, in aggregate, dozens of posts on the LF, what they’ve done for us, even sightings of some of their ships at work to save us from the destruction which would otherwise occur. Such as? How about the very disintegration of the planet were they not holding it together with, for want of a better expression, energy sutures which have a bit of “give” to them? These sutures are created, maintained and adjusted on the fly by extremely specialized ships and rigorously trained crews–projects involving simply stupendous time, energy and resources, to include things like building the PSS (Planetary Stabilization Ships), over a course of years and vast expense, on a different timeline, on a world which does nothing else, then bringing them over to this one, operating nominally in the 4th Dimension, but the thinning of the dimensional veil has resulted in several sightings of what the LF thought were invisible.

We have encouraged John to let out more information as a weapon against the dark agenda that has enslaved you. We do not ask you to take any action, in fact the opposite; do nothing other than perhaps enlighten your friends. Should we be able to access certain channels of power, and gain leverage to move some strategic political agenda aside, then the Force, or the urging of your Soul, will tell you what you need to do and when to act.

Like it or not, we live in a surveillance state which, in lots of horrid ways, is worse than what George Orwell set forth in his terrifying novel 1984. He was worried about helicopters as the ultimate intrusion. Imagine how he would’ve felt had he seen the Internet coming, vast interlocked data bases (social media, anyone?) revealing pretty much everything about us, instant access by government and business interests alike–coupled with the all but incomprehensible surveillance clout wielded here by DHS, NSA and who knows else?!

It is not our reality that has been manipulated, but yours. Yours is grossly out of touch with What Is, and you cannot help, unless you have enough knowledge. Therefore, despite what was intended by us from the start, you can only support our efforts to get Earth back where it belongs–and it certainly does not belong in the depths of the dark realms–unless you know what’s happening, why and how.


The coalition of Leaders, Commanders, Creators and Wah

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