lets fight for a change

Hey. Well all I can think to say is I'm hoping to help make the world a better place, learn a lot, and meet some people who are as different as me. I've always known I wasn't like others and felt a responsibility to do some things that would help people for the better. I LOVE my different-ness (for one, being the same tends to mean you have the same old played-out talents as everyone else) , but usually don't like to draw attention because I don't usually expect people to receive me well (although its probably all in my mind). But in times like this, I can see I have to take action. I'm hoping to make self reliance and good will in general more common place. I'm sure I can find some like-minded people around here.

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Quinton: Hi black-luster soldier.

Hi black-luster soldier. Great to have you hear and I like what you have to say. Welcome :)

Tarheel: Draw attention, BLS

No reason to hold back here.

We look fwd to hearing/seeing your input,too.

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