by edisonik on November 12th, 2013

Many are searching for answers to this Matrix. Many want answers and when they get their answers they are plagued with more Questions than Answers.
In an Ocean of Lies the Truth will always resonate with those who have an Open Heart and who have a Great Understanding of what is Real and what is Counterfeit.
It is very hard for many of you to understand many Concepts which have been taught here on this Forum , I understand and that fact that your Vessels have a very short Lifecycle also hampers this process.
Many of you have already Studied Robert Morningskies work of the Lizards and the Dark Tunnel and the Light. Never go into "THE LIGHT", always turn around look out into the Galaxy and go into your own light.
If you go into the Light you will reincarnate here on Earth and there is a possibility you might be put back to work again on this planet.

Humans have a very unique Brain and Genetic makeup , you have the Primal Brain of the Reptiles at the Core and the Outter parts of your Brains is where Reason , Wisdom , Love & Understanding Exists.
Our Primal Brain is what controls your Animalistic Impulses of Survival , Pleasure, Anger, Fear , adrenaline , the Primordial Will to Survive.

These are the Elements that the NWO focuses on, they believe that if Humans can be kept in their Basic Functions they can Dominate them.

Do not just look for the Primordial Evidence of Proof which many of you seek, rather Open your Heart , Wisdom , Intuition , Awareness and many of your other gifts which have been given to you.

For the Reptile Core Brain can only do so much and it can easily be Dominated and Controlled by the Puppet Masters. The Freemasons are in that Box of Control.

Do not fall Victim to the Closed Box , rather Think Outside the Box fellow friends.
If you have studied our Lessons then you will understand. But I will teach alittle for those who still do not understand. You are Spirit First & Flesh Second.
The Flesh can be killed but you still Live, that is the Magic Trick you still live, Consciouness will always be there.
Now why are you still afraid to do what is right?, are you that fixated on 3D Density. Yes 3D Density is very Tangible but if you are still stuck in the Physical you will never see what is ahead of you.
Learn to see the unseable , learn to feel what can't be felt, learn to awaken the Kod within.
Many of you are still Afraid and I can feel this Energy.
I Understand.
But please do not embrace Fear , rather embrace Awareness of your Existence.

Feel your Spirit, See through your Bones , feel your Organs, see through yourself to your Higher Self.

No harm will come to those who Learn these Teachings, that is a promise from the AKU.

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edisonik: Become Masters of Awareness, Become a Charmer

Learn to Charm the Cobra before it strikes, Learn to Sooth the Dangers at your Door, Learn from the Ancient Kods that your Leaders Fear.
Learn from a Power Greater than what you see with your eyes and your Manipulated Mind.

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Learn from those who from Heaven to Earth came.

Tarheel: I have a question about "going into The Light", Edisonik

I agree that we shouldn't "go into The Light" , BUT I have been struggling with that because I want to come back and help Humanity win. I have been battling what is the right thing to do-Leave for something BETTER or Stay and fight the mofos that are screwing The People.

Is it wrong to think like this, and what should one do?

obsrvantlouie: I will advise you....

DO NOT GO INTO THE LIGHT. However, as edisonik said...I also will never tell you what to do. You must follow and create your own path. Having said that, I may be able to elaborate on why you should not go into the light:

The Earth game is ending...there will not be something to "stay and fight for". According to Matrix V: Quest of the Spirit and Robert Monroe...the Earth regains it's pristine condition by the year 2100 and it is nigh unrecognizeable to the Earth of Today (3D).

The reason the Earth game is ending (3D) is because a graduation is at hand. Some of us have experienced the full scope of 3D by gathering all required/desired experiences. This group is ready for it's departure into higher realms. Also, the planetary spirit (NOT MOTHER NATURE bz spirits are both male & female) is also ready for it's departure from this experience.

Now, knowing that you CANNOT SAVE ANYONE BUT YOURSELF....why get caught up in this cycle of materialistic control and deception again?

There will be a new GAME not unlike the one being played on Earth right now. It will take place ona different planet than Earth in a different sector of the galaxy. Don't get caught up in noble and self sacrifcing pursuits Tarheel....focusing and improving one's self is the greatest help you can give to Humanity.

People need to experience on their own terms and at their own pace...some will need to continue the game while others of us who have advanced spiritualy will proceed to our next realm of experience.

THE LIGHT - You will be recycled into a physical body and your memory erased to be a pawn on the newly designated planet. This is a sequential trap to keep you from realizing your ability and potential.

I....will not be going into the light.

edisonik: Tarheel

You must follow your Heart Tarheel. I will not tell you what you should do.

Chris: Edisonik former white hat cabal agent

hey edsionik this guy keeps spreading disinfo about ET reality and whats going on earth and who is he.

edisonik: Answer to Lord Chris

Misinformation is going on. I do not know who this poor Soul is, most likely a person who is deceiving the masses.
You must listen to your Heart Lord Chris. In an Ocean of Lies we must sort through the Lies.
I understand your concerns , use your Intuition it will serve you well.
The Non-Terrestrials are Real and there is a Cabal Owned SPACE COMMAND that is being operated by 5000 Cabal Astronauts,these Astronauts work with off planet Officers, some Human and some None Human.

Earth is heavily guarded with Particle Beam Weapons and TR3B'S and other Advanced Interstellar Crafts. There is a Hierarchy at work here on Earth.
It is Elites & Extraterrestrials.

These Groups constantly Conspire against Humanity and it is up to Humanity to see through the Media Lies , Political Lies, Religious Lies and see the Unseen and Understand the True Activities at work here on Planet Earth.

You must search your Higher Knowing and Access your Inner Awareness of these things Mighty Lord Chris.
We do not work for these Elites , we are Renegades, Non-System Rejects.
We Choose Freedom over anything else Lord Chris.

edisonik: The Whole Galaxy is under Imperial Attack behind your backs

It is not just this Civilization that is being managed / controlled, it is happening on other Planetary Civilizations in this Galaxy also.
The System of Control is being applied to all Free Star Systems, Fascism is being applied to many Free Star Systems, many are fighting this and Winning.
It takes Courage to defend Freedom , when you start losing everything you start realizing how important it is to Defend Freedom.

100 Billion Star systems are in this Galaxy , the Size is Colossal and all is tied together forming this Galaxy, Consciousness is all tied to this Galaxy so it is important to know these things because when you Reincarnate you will end up on another Planet in another Civilization.

edisonik: These folks on Earth will not understand so easily

Because like I said before the Concepts being taught here are Light years ahead of many Forums out there.
Love you all, Peace & Harmony.
You will not find the Answers in any Institutions, you will need to search these things yourselves.

Doobz: edisonik

im soooo glad i found this site as you might tell I'm new,but I've been reading about this for years now and i might have had an spiritual awaking or something i can't really explain what happened to me but i stand by my word it was something divine and something out of this world like i felt connected to the universe i believe in finding my own path and obviously its lead me hear, i have a question for i think it is Edisonik, how can i learn from the kod or whatever where do i need to start my journey? Where are these teachings that can help me reach my potential i know i shall seek my own path but i really don't know where to begin? meditation? any answers will help

edisonik: Study the Teachings on this Forum

Study the Teachings of Heaven , also study all that everyone has put in this Forum.
This is a Journey and everyone is taking part in this Learning of Truth to Power.
Doobz you know well within your Heart that there is something Severely Wrong with this Reality/Matrix.
You know that you see wrong being done by your Governments, you feel helpless but do not feel this way because I am here to tell you that you have Awsome Power but you do not yet know how to Unleash the Dog Power within you.
Yes DOG / GOD Power.

Learn the Ways of your Ancestors , Learn the Way to Awsome Power.
Free Will , Passion & Destiny.

Your Birth to this Planet was not Mistake, you are not a Mistake. Fulfill your Destiny and sit at the Throne of Earth, take my hand Doobz and study all my Teachings and Master ANU77.

Through Heaven's Eyes


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