Lessons From Civilizations Past

by Silenci030310 on February 22nd, 2014

Lessons From Civilizations Past

What can we learn about ourselves, and possibly our future, from contemplating the Mayan civilization? The beliefs and values that our society holds influence the way we live, our evolutionary strengths and weaknesses, and the shape of our fate. If we ask ourselves the right questions, we can learn from history how to confront life’s challenges wisely.
Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to vacation along the beautiful coast of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Vivid images of the impressive landscape, the magnificent beaches, and memories of our warm encounters with the wonderful people we met will all remain with us for a very long time. But perhaps the most memorable part of our experience was the excursion we took to the archaeological site built by the pre-Columbian Mayans in the middle of the northern lowlands and known as Chichen Itza. In addition to being one of the wonders of the ancient world and a true spectacle to behold, this now popular tourist attraction has the power to speak to you in ways you don’t expect and about things you rarely consider, especially if you listen closely. Its structures and history, as well as the people who created both, have a powerful and intriguing story to tell, not only about our past, but also about our present and possibly our future.

Their towering pyramids were built with large blocks of limestone, progressively stacked upon prior foundations without the use of modern construction implements; this would have been impossible without a substantial understanding of mathematics, astronomy, and physics. To behold them is enough to make anyone give pause. A few moments of careful reflection on the nature of ancient Mayan society — the things these ancient people valued, the gods they worshiped, the beliefs they harbored, the adversity they overcame, and in the end, the things that likely caused the collapse of a civilization advanced for its time — can really get you thinking.

The people who inhabited the land around Chichen Itza during its most prosperous and influential years (roughly 100 B.C. — 600 A.D.) believed some things and engaged in some practices that most of us would regard as fairly advanced. For example, they constructed a large stadium for playing a popular ball game that was one of the centerpieces of sports activity as well as public entertainment. And the acoustic properties of the complex were such that spectators could actually hear what was going on in the field of play without the benefit of electronic amplification devices. But these same people also harbored beliefs and conducted rituals that most of us would find perplexing if not abhorrent today. For example, to appease one of the many gods they worshiped, they frequently (some authorities suggest on a daily basis) rounded up the most physically fit, intellectually gifted, and talented young persons among them and sacrificed them by bending them over backwards against a large rock, cutting open their chest cavity, and pulling out their heart before casting their remains into one of two “sacred” natural wells. Still, this civilization thrived for many years, until some type of calamity caused a major decline in the level of sophistication and ushered in an era of more primitive living. Some historians suspect a 200-year drought and drought-related conditions, diseases, crop failures, etc. were the main culprits. But others suspect this once robust culture did itself in by systematically divesting its ranks of its best and brightest.

Most students of history know that the human record is full of examples of advances and declines in various civilizations. Taking the long-range view, it’s very clear that ours is still very much an evolving species. And the cultures we spawn are no less subject to evolution. So, while we are learning more each day about where we came from, we still face the ever-present challenge of “Just where are we now, really?” and, most especially, “Where do we truly want to go?” There’s no doubt that, from a technological perspective we’ve come a long way. While we know that ancients gazed regularly upon the moon, it’s doubtful any actually conceived of a person setting foot upon it. But our remarkable progress in technological areas doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve advanced accordingly in other important areas. When you think about it, many of us still worship some strange gods (e.g., money, physical beauty, power, political influence, status) and are willing to sacrifice some really valuable commodities to appease them. We also live in a manner that ignores the ever-present possibility that nature will have the ultimate say about whether we’ve had enough respect for its importance and power to survive and prosper for another millennium or two.

Perhaps the ancient Mayans have more than a few lessons to teach us. Maybe “Where are we really?” and “Where are we going?” are not even the right questions for us to ask. Perhaps the bigger questions are: “What do we really value; how do we distinguish between what we seem to want and what we really need; and how do we best protect and secure ourselves in an inevitably changing and occasionally catastrophically unstable environment?” We may have come a long way, but we still face many of the same challenges to our well-being and way of life that have been confronted by many civilizations before us. And some pretty impressive cultures have fallen from the level of prominence and sophistication they once enjoyed. What will be our fate? Have we learned well enough from the experiences of our predecessors? Will future generations look upon the monuments we once built and say to themselves “What were they thinking?” Keeping in mind the lessons of the past and giving serious contemplation to these age-old questions today might just help us secure a more confident tomorrow.

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Tim Lovell: What I learned from my

What I learned from my lifetime during the Mayan civilization was that the priests knew their ceremonies were rubbish just to feed fear etc but they kept that from the peasants below , also I was a ball court player a captain I was quite good , but on the weekends when they did the twins ceremony the loseing teams captain had to be sacrificed if they didn't have captured prisoners to use of course, well one weekend I was playing a game and I took a risk and missed the hoop, and that was it the next day I was painted blue all over taken to the top of the pyramid spread-eagled over the staone and my heart cutout with an obsidian knife then my head ccut off and body thrown down the side... that was the end of my first lifetime in this cycle .... guess that's why I don't like football lol

Tim Lovell: yes this is eaxtly what it

yes this is eaxtly what it was like but this did actually happen to me in my past lifetime, they did paint you all blue, my theory is that innana was a blue skinned liendian of the family of anu and or others ofc they were mimicking this but trust me this happened to me , the movie portrays it very well actually , but I don't recall any disease just the ball court games , and waiting to get the the championships at chitzen itza but sadly I never got to go there I took a risk and I lost and I died for it ....

Tim Lovell: pliedian uni , use your brain

pliedian uni , use your brain dude, sry my miss spell...

UN.i1-PHI: xD i tought so...

btw isnt it more like plEIAdian? or plEAdian from BAL ADES (wolf-ish/mammalian type)

http://stargods.org/ReptilianKings.htmps pic here
reptilian god glowing gold shining halo

mayan Kululkan/aztec Quetzalcoatl was bird feathered reptilian from Orion and has a lot of sacrafices and bloodshed on/in his name...

Tim Lovell: omg when I use the term

omg when I use the term pliedians I am referring to the human cousins on erra ( billy mier etc)

Senjase, the blonde really nice good guys in their beamships, NOT the blue alcyone reptilian base ones (who arnt bad they are good ) but I am never referring to them when I say pliedians( Barbara maarchinics pliadians are the blue plieadians from alcyone (the Argos aliens of the tv ads btw...) I ALWAYS mean the good pliadians from planet erra in tayget system , ##omg if you don't know who they are why are you on this website lol?


UN.i1-PHI: i know what you meant tim

no offence man i didnt say or meant YOU meant the blue ones or something(except when talking bout INNANA!?) but i just wanted to show that one pic here btw bcuz it shows how these mayan/aztec gods may look like and give the idea that these worshipped gods were mostly reptilians that demanded these sacrafices to please/feed them etc...
and its said that they( called the sining ones ) shine like gold (because of the mono-atomic gold particles they ingest?)
and to show something about the spelling...

Tim Lovell: Yes I know about the

Yes I know about the monoatomic gold that they used on Nibiru , that artificial accelerated their spiritual evolution ( they thought!!!!) It actually did NOT it gave them the illusion theyu were up in the higher dimesions , its retarded their lower DNA also by stopping their base dna from activating, the whole Nibiru thing at that point ( when they mined earth etc) waqs just a sad failer , ALL lost even ANU who is chained to earth and the lulus as their king , he must give them ALL he, had until he can move on in his evolution, karmas is a locking law no false king even can escape it lol, I call Anu.... Anus ... pstt but tell him! pls he may smight me!"

Tim Lovell: p.s. I do have respect for my

p.s. I do have respect for my elders , but not ones that treat even after the fact the youngers visciously which he does , I respect love not a anger reaction from an old `man` who hasn't learned his own lesson yet alone as he is... he sits is his solo world thinking he knows it all but what is he? a static unevolving `man` who knows it all SO much he man.......

afterall you learned everything here haven't you? why not fuck off into your dream heh your denstined for greatness....

and you are ..

Tim Lovell: Unmi all the gods back then

Unmi all the gods back then were to feed fear as you know, inanna btw was a blue alycone pliadian femal , ok she did bad things with the family of anu on earth but she is dedicated to the liberation of earth humans now , I am not carinf tbh of the family of anu to much atm we all know it and the whole story about it , but what I am saying is this they want UT , they want out of earth , they cannot carry on evolving until they give EVERYTHING they are and have to us because of what they did to our species/ via gentic changes etc this is the law of karmic binding at the 3d level and above this is also why the love sparkj is going at this point in time for earth humans, this love spark was anus spirit put into each human to give them all he had to give to satisfy his karmic debts , now its done and over he is leaving , ALL of you know and feel this fopr some its easier to let him go then other for some its VERY hars or they just wont accept it , this is the present situ on earth but time will move it all on , this is evolution ans karmic debt repayment ....

Tim Lovell: sry btw I cant spell

sry btw I cant spell sometimes...:(

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