by edisonik on September 17th, 2013

The Dark Government does not like LOVE or WISDOM.
They Pit Nations against Nations for Profit & Control.
They have kept the Extraterrestrial Reality a Secret on this Planet for Thousands of Years.
Your Souls are here on this Planet to Learn Lessons.
Reincarnation is a Fact and not a Myth.
You must discover yourselves and Learn what you are here to Learn.
Only you know your Destiny , not the Dark Government and the Nasty Extraterrestrials that Dictate Policy on the Media and Political Puppets you see on TV.

The Star Nations are here and that is a Fact the Dark Government does not want you to know.
There is a Battle between Light & Dark happening behind your backs.

The Battle is more Inside than Outside, from within your thoughts and feelings.
Thoughts are Energy and whenever there is too much Negative Energy flowing around it makes Earth cause Natural Disasters killing people Worldwide.


Pleiadian Message from Alaje Complete Part 1-14 (English)


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Tim Lovell: nice post , don't worry so

nice post , don't worry so many people now are awake and KNOW the et reality soon it will be so obvious it will just become a part of normal reality but it has to come naturally too much at once would do more damage than good for example if there was a landing event it would cause more problems because as a planet we are still too divided amougst ourselves , try in 900 years time :)

Tarheel: There's A LOT going on now.

Edi made no prediction of timeline here, TL. He's never mislead me. Myself, I would prefer to confront the muthas and take them down NOW, but it's an "en masse" thing. There's strength in numbers. To me, the fact that there is so much happening world-wide says we are ripe for an engagement sooner vs later.

In would hope you(TL) are lofty on your timeline, though. Time is of the essence.

HebrianDaniel: hey that ryden from Mortal

hey that ryden from Mortal kombat :P

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