Laws of the Land

by Annunaki77 on November 25th, 2011

When Citizens give up Freedom for Security, the Citizens of the World will recieve None!.

When Citizens are apathetic and Ignorant and never hold their Governments Accountable they will recieve Tyranny.

When Citizens avoid themselves from Controversy they are neglecting their Duty as a Citizen and will become Subjects instead.

When Citizens just go along with their Leaders and follow along with Tyranny they will deserve what they get!.

When the American Consitution goes down the Toilet the Free World goes with it!.

SO DEFEND FREE WILL AND LIBERTY , because it is a Precious Jewel and once lost it is very hard to get back.

So sayeth I Lord Kanesh Roo a Friend to Freedom.


bluesbaby5050: Laws of the land

I agree with the laws of the land 100% You said it so well ! Annunaki77.I applaud you. A friend for Freedom!!

Annunaki77: Correct

Thank you Incarnate. Many Blessings to you and Free Humanity.

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