This is what developed when Lab Rats were being fed GMO CORN, and GMO SOY, and GMO WHEAT,and GMO RICE! Just look at the Huge Cancer Tumors on these animals that grew on the Rats as a result of being fed GMO GRAINS. And our goverments are trying to keep us on a steady diet of Poison GMO grains/foods! I WOULD LOVE TO FORCE FEED THEM THIS CRAP! I BET THEY WOULD PROTESTS LOUD AND CLEAR OH- NOOOOO YOU DON'T, IF IT WAS THEM ON THE RECIEVING END !!!!!!

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ShockRah Zulu: So basically the only safe

So basically the only safe food are those given to us by our Mother, Naturally... I need to start my garden ASAP!

bluesbaby5050: When you do start it..............

When you do start your garden, look for NON-GMO SEEDS! Heirloom seeds are the only kind to use. You can buy them from seed catalogs or off the internet. This way the seeds will be able to be harvested from your crops, and used again each year. Like from your pumpkins, and watermelons, cukes, tomatoes, summer squashes, and lots more. This is the safest kinds to use. A raised garden bed is also best. It prolongs the life of your vegetables, and it promotes the length of time of your garden well into the fall ,and early winter months. Learn how to dehydrate your veggies, and fruits. Canning is also great too. Good luck.

LoveTruthPeace: Do you know a trusted website

Do you know a trusted website to buy seeds, that you can share with us?

bluesbaby5050: YES!

www.Puritans ~~~~~ They also sell EMR'S of ALL Kinds, and they have sales on items at reduced prices. The Foods will store, and keep for 10 years and more. They also have a mail order catalog to order from too, and it's free, so just look it up, and apply for one. I am a returning customer myself for years.

bluesbaby5050: ERROR IN TILE FOR HEIRLOOM SEEDS.......... ~~~~~ Closed on Sundays. OPEN- Monday though Fridays. 8am to 6pm / Saturdays 9am to 5pm / Mountain time- Utah, USA. They sell all items for survival also. Water Filtration systems from simple to large, and some tents, and tarps, and camping gear/survival tools etc. All you need is on the web site, and in their mail order catalog or call to order-1-800-999-1863.

ShockRah Zulu: All awesome advice! If I

All awesome advice! If I didnt live in an apartment I would have had a garden long ago! As for the raised gardens, I assume old tires would do the trick? What would be the best method of dehydration, without use of tech? I would like to get to the point where I cut out all technology from my day to day

ShockRah Zulu: A man in Africa, I believe,

A man in Africa, I believe, invented a refrigerator that runs without electricity!! It uses a small pot within a large pot, and inbetween the two pots is water.. on top of the large pot is a wet cloth and basically how it works is when the water evaporates and leaves the pot it brings hot air with it leaving the contents cool. allowing perishables to be stored up to 3 weeks!! without electricity!!

bluesbaby5050: Yes ,and the bigger the better. In the cold months...........

You can cover the root vegetables, and some above ground vegetables with hay/straw in case of frost. This is a way to make them last longer, and it keep the life in them longer too. This is important. Make a root cellar. They are easy, and many ways to do so.

bluesbaby5050: You can have a few large deep containers on a porch/ deck....

Or on a patio and grow strawberries, and you can use hanging baskets for herbs, and tall buckets for cherry tomatoes, and lettuce. Window boxes are also great for lettuce, and herbs.You can even do potatoes in tall buckets too.You can grow these in a large sunny window in the eastern window, or a southeastern, and a southwestern window right into the fall. Start seedlings germinating in yogurts cups in January in the northern climates. I did this, and it works great!

bluesbaby5050: I am familiar with this also........

You could also use wet sand between the pots too with the wet cloth on top. And then you could also keep them covered below ground in a shallow hole as well.

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