KUKULKAN -QUETZACOATL--The Mayan Feathered Serpent God.

This is a picture of the Kukulkan palace. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.


bluesbaby5050: This movie you saw---

I have seen this movie a while back that you speak of,and do know some of that history. The people made sacarfices to their god, and they would use the people that was their enemy ,usually from the neighboring tribes.They also knew that blood has a source of power in it,and we know it contains codes in it too. They believed that they got the power from the victims blood,and this is one of the reasons for their behavior.The power they believed they got from the victims,would benifit their tribe,and make them powerful also.This was what they believed at that time. The people from that Mayan tribe are still alive and well to this day. They do not practice those blood rituals anymore. Times change.

wmarkley: me too

I believe that i saw this movie back in the 70s, good movie.

SpiritualWarrior92: This movie..

This movie you guys speak of sounds a lot like stupid sMel Gibson's movie apocalypto..
Idk if its that one exactly but i see the similarities.
Im my words, that movie was very misinterpreting and disrespectful !

Nonetheless (the feather serpent) Kukulkan-Quetzacoalt is said to be fair skinned with dazzling blues who warned the Mayans of the death coming and to prepare themselves for something wicked coming their way, also he told the Mayans that he shall return once again.. but the funny thing about was that Quetzacoalt's story was manipulated by the Conquistadors like Cortez who used that as his tool to spread his fucking deceptions and murderous rampages..

I even heard that when the conquistadors were in the ocean with their smelly ass ships t new ufo's were following them.

-thank you very much

Peace, Love and Unity, always!

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