.Kuiper Belt Aliens and the 4th Reich.

by Chris on September 14th, 2013

The Kuiper Belt is an area or space surrounding the outer portion of our solar system. For the last decade mainstream scientists in NASA and other places have discovered thousands of planet sized objects that are not following the normal physical laws of the solar system. It turns out that these are spaceships of some super intelligent and advanced alien beings from this galaxy, from other galaxies and even from other alternate universes. They have been amassing there for supposedly more than 15 years now. They consist of various forms of insectoid beings, lion people (Aris), Sirians (Sirius A), Kirrlots, and many many more groups that have been never heard of before. They are supposedly in contact with 4th Reich under the Antarctica and are waiting for a perfect moment to overthorw the illuminati and Draco forces from Earth and this solar system. They have sabotaged Large Hadron Collider twice, and also sabotaged the Icelands Volcano. These alien beings are collectively referred as Kuiper Belt Aliens or KBAs in short.

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bluesbaby5050: This a RE-POST that Needs World Attention, and it is REAL!

It is a STAR GATE! It is located in the UK. It is very Dangerous! It was made to Allow the Reptilians a DOORWAY=GATEWAY INTO OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, and ONTO EARTH! I have pictures of what this looks like. I will post them for this forum.

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