KRATOES VS. ZEUS IN God Of War Ascension 2014 Full HD 1080p MOVIE! Published on Jul 7, 2014. [click on image to enlarge]
Begins with an imprisoned Kratos, chained for breaking his blood oath to Ares. The Fury Megaera tortures Kratos, but accidentally facilitates his freedom. Pursued by Kratos, a desperate Megaera uses her parasitic insects to awaken Aegaeon—revealed to be the prison housing the Spartan and other oath breakers. Fending off the Hecatonchires, Kratos confronts the Fury Tisiphone who attempts to trick the Spartan with an illusion. Overcoming the illusion, Kratos locates Megaera, who despite using Aegaeon as a weapon, is killed by the Spartan. Kratos then retrieves the Amulet of Uroborus, an item previously taken from him.

The narrative shifts to three weeks before Kratos' imprisonment. Confronted by Orkos in the village of Kirra, Kratos is advised that the visions he has been experiencing are mind tricks created by the Furies, and instructs him to find Aletheia, the Oracle of Delphi. Traveling to the Temple of Delphi, he overcomes the corrupted Prophet Castor and his conjoined twin Pollux, who attempted to kill the Oracle so that Kratos could not see her. A dying Oracle instructs Kratos to travel to Delos to retrieve the Eyes of Truth. Taking the Amulet of Uroborus from the now-dead Castor and Pollux, Kratos travels to the Harbor of Kirra and encounters Orkos again. The oath keeper reveals that he is the son of Ares and Alecto. Ares wanted a perfect warrior who could help him overthrow Zeus. Disappointed in Orkos, Ares disowned his son, and Orkos became the oath keeper of the Furies to please his mother. He explained that Kratos was the warrior the God of War sought, and for that reason, Ares helped Kratos defeat the barbarians in battle. Orkos did his bidding as the oath keeper and did not question the Furies until Ares tricked Kratos into killing his family. Armed with this knowledge, Kratos takes a ship to Delos.

A week later, Kratos arrives at the island of Delos and explores the giant, ruined statue of Apollo. He is attacked by all three Furies, and although severing Megaera's arm, he is captured when the Fury Queen, Alecto, intervenes. Orkos, however, appears and frees Kratos, transporting him to another location, and Alecto vows that Kratos will never succeed. Orkos, who gives Kratos his Oath Stone, reveals that he and Aletheia attempted to warn Zeus of Ares' and the Furies' plan to overthrow Olympus. In retaliation, the Furies took the Oracle's eyes and are in fact the very objects Kratos now seeks. After a perilous journey, Kratos uses the Amulet of Uroborus to fully restore the statue and retrieves the Eyes located in the lantern it holds. After completing the Trials of Archimedes, however, Kratos is ambushed by the Furies, who take him captive and steal the Eyes, Amulet, and Oath Stone.

Back in the present time, Tisiphone casts another illusion and as the King of Sparta, she attempts to deceive Kratos, who overcomes it and retrieves the Oath Stone of Orkos. He encounters the Scribe of Hecatonchires, who reveals that he was the first mortal to be imprisoned by the Furies, and they were originally fair in their punishment, but devolved into ruthless beings on account of Ares. Kratos then continues his pursuit after the Furies, and upon reaching the door to Alecto's Chamber, he seemingly returns home to his wife and daughter, only to find it to be another illusion, this time cast by Alecto. She attempts to convince Kratos that he can live within this illusion if he rejoins Ares, but he denies her and states he requires reality. Enraged, Alecto and Tisiphone attack, Kratos manages to retrieve the Eyes, and Alecto transforms into a kraken-like sea monster. After a brutal battle, Kratos uses the Eyes to break through the Furies' illusions before killing them both, which subsequently destroys the prison. Before dying, Alecto promises that her death will change nothing.

Kratos returns to his home in Sparta, where he is met by Orkos. Although praising Kratos' victory over the Furies, the oath keeper reveals that Kratos will not be free from Ares' bond unless he kills Orkos. He begs Kratos to give him an honorable death, as it will free them both from the god. Kratos refuses, proclaiming that no more innocent blood should be spilled. Orkos' continuing pleas, however, ultimately force Kratos' hand. After killing Orkos, Kratos experiences the first of many nightmares—previously masked by his bond—and discovers his path to redemption through continual service to Olympus. Kratos then burns down his house, the corpse of Orkos inside, before departing.- WATCH HERE - More here watch -

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HebrianDaniel: You're gamer? :D Do you have

You're gamer? :D Do you have steam?

bluesbaby5050: Yes I have stream.....

I have played some. Not all the time though, because I have to work. I have many interests. I knew that you and Chris did, and so I posted this for you guys that are interested in this. I hope you liked it. I also like Halo1,2,3,4,5, and Mortal Combat and all it's versions as well. and many others. :-)

HebrianDaniel: I have 296 games on steam and

I have 296 games on steam and my fervor it's one is the assassin creed series because they work in the dark to serve the light. They aim to assassinate all tamplers who want to rule the world and enslave all human beings. You should play it. It's based on real historical events and has also conspiracies from reality.

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