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by Tarheel on November 4th, 2013

Sky's comment on "Aton Egyptian worship" sent me spacing and I brought this upon from a layer of consciousness I recalled.

King TutankhAmun was NOT originally named as conventional history would have us believe. His original name was King Tutankh"Aten". The crooked Amun priesthood were so peeved at Akenhaten for destroying the old order of polytheism (that lined the Amun's pockets) so they posthumously changed Tut's name and re-instilled their way.

Tut's dad (Akhenaten) had blown polytheism out of the water in Egypt and instilled the 1st known monotheism worship (Aten or Aton if you want-which means "of The Sun"), and for this he was NOT "heralded". In fact, Akhenaten's likeness was defaced and his new capital of Egypt "Amarna" was destroyed. Following Dad's structure is what is believed to have brought The Boy King's rule to an early abrupt end (due to his untimely death at 19 yrs of age). The Amun priesthood also did NOT give the Boy-King his due King's burial. Sad, but true

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Quinton: Cool post Tarheel. King Tut

Cool post Tarheel. King Tut and Akhenaten are a really interesting study.

Tarheel: King Tut-Layer of consciousness

The Egyptians used to switch locations for the capital city of Egypt every 2100 yrs (+/-) from Heliopolis to Thebes (Karnak). When it was time for Akhenaten to do so, he declined and built Amarna 1/2 way between the 2 and destroyed the polytheism and instilled Aten (Sun) monotheism worship.

Amarna was, then, modern day wonder-full of magnificent art and architecture. This SO upset the polytheistic Amun priesthood that once he & Tut were "gone", they erased the city completely and defaced every statue of him and re-instilled their polytheism.

***An interesting sidenote is:" Akhenaten was one of the 1st pharaohs to allow his queen Nefertiti to be depicted as an equal. Previously, the patriarchal pharaohs would NOT here of any woman being called an equal. The old patriarchal paradigm was so anchored in masculine ways that Hatshepsut (A woman) was depicted as a man in statues posat mortem. She is said to have been one of if not THE best pharaohs and Egyptian prospered under her rule but wasn't recognized as such due to her being female.

The 18th dynasty (Hatshepsut/Akhanaten/Tut) sure got a bad rap, huh? Damned Amun mofos (laughing) !

I wonder if "Amen" at then end of Christian prayers came from the Amun priesthood. Ideas?

Quinton: From my understanding the

From my understanding the Amenist pharaohs were much closer to the philosophy of the ancient Druids while the Atonist pharaohs were the predecessors for the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). From my research the Christian/Judaic/Masonic/British/Vatican New World Order stems from Atonism and the Solar Cults operating behind the 18th dynasty. The pharaohs we have in Britain today are a continuation of the 18th dynasty pharaohs that were exiled from Egypt.

And yes, the Amen at the end of prayers did come from the Egyptian god Amen, or more specifically Amen-Ra.

Sky: Sounds like you know this well.

It does stand to reason that the Amen Ra priesthood had been corrupted in that they where connected by association historically with Aton (totalitarian Stalinist motif stuff like Moses dictator worship) that Sigmond Freud in his last book Moses and Monotheism alluded to. I did not read the book so I could be stretching this too far. I do currently hold positions expressed by Ralph Ellis and Michael Tsarion that Aton worship was a step in the direction of soipathic organizational mind set. That is lacking transparent audits so to speak so as to make things measurable. I feel that Aton worship was worse than Amen Ra worship. Joseph Cambell in his VHS visual/audio series, I believe it was called Mythos with Susan Seran as moderator. Campbell's portrayal of Ignoton (phenetic spell sorry) confirmed to me that Aton worship was worse than Amen Ra worship. I truly wish I was more certain about what I am speaking about here. I really got interested in this from reading Michael Tsarion Origins of Civilization vol 1&2. I read each at least twice and one on each to look up footnotes here and there.

Tarheel: Particularly compelling to me was....

..was the fact that the Amun (Amen) priesthood basically covered in sand (almost literally) the entire 18th dynasty. They don't sound like "the high road" (but I don't really know who was innocent) or they would have let the 18th dynasty's history stand. Why erase a whole city?

Of the little bit of remnants that were found, it appeared the people of Amarna really were hip on Ak & Nefertiti and Tut.

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