King solomon is real person?

I really wonder about him many people praise his name today
in the texts says he can speak 70 langauges and the animal tongue
he is very wise person many Kindgoms seeked his knowledge.
he had 1000 wives.
he was very rich.
everyone whould like to have king Solomon life :D

but the point if he is real person or just myth?

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Tim Lovell: Well he was a real person ,

Well he was a real person , isn't haelie salasi meant to be a descendant of him , that's who rastas worship :D And you know Bob Marley cant be wrong heh

HebrianDaniel: the rastafari movement

the rastafari movement bealive the Empror of Ethipia Haile Sealsi are direct discendent to Solomon. but is it possible to prove it?

contactorion: There IS considerable evidence to support the Ethiopian solomon

Connection. The new ancient hebrew styled alphabet on a particular structure which describs solomon giving his son the ark of the covenant. Also churchs dug into the ground in ethiopia have alters to the dimensions of the ark.
Also for the jews the queen of sheba is a myth that they attribute to lilith tricking solomon.
For the muslims its a section of the quran.

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