by Annunaki77 on January 6th, 2013

Now I will be discussing the New Weapon of Terror by the Global Elites, this Weapon will not be ready till 2015 but when it does roll out you and your families will become True Canon Fodder. What Weapon might you ask?, the Weapons are DRONES. Yes DRONES, What is a Drone?, a Drone is a Remote Controlled Plane which will be Armed to the TEETH with Advanced HELLFIRE MISSILES.

What is Hellfire Missile? , it is a Missile Designed to enter through your front Door to Burn you and your Family with the Fires of HELL.

Now why would your Loving Governments be doing such a Unloving thing to their Obedient Surfs?, well if you have an Opinion about Tyranny you will taste a HELLFIRE MISSILE. They are testing these Weapons of Terror already.
They tested one in a Residential Home in the USA and the Mainstream Media Machine was Quick to call the Test on a Political Dissident , a Natural Gas Explosion.

You see everything is coming together, the Global Elites want Humanity to Die.
While many of you Enjoy your Lives and Simply do not Discuss Politic's on your Dinner Table because you think it's crazy and rather Watch Lady Gaga, or American Idol or discuss Nonsense about other Family Members, I am like a very tuned Machine Studying the Unseen Enemy that wants you all Dead.

You are all living in THE MATRIX, and if you don't tune fast to REALITY, you will become a Statistic. People truly PERISH for lack of Knowledge.

But the DRONES, are a Frightening Part of this Equation of System Terror which will be used on all Citizens Worldwide. It is a System to Intimidate anyone who SPEAKS OUT!, about Tyrannical Government.

These Killer Drones have been Used in Pakistan, Lybia, Afghanistan, and Syria , killing large number of Innocent Families under the guise of SECURITY. Hunting One Terrorist but killing Mass Numbers of Innocent Civilians in the Process to Eliminate just one Dissident.

You see the Drones are efficient in Killing Large Numbers of Civilians and that is the AGENDA. These War Games are about Reducing the Population, it has nothing to do anything with killing Terrorists, because the Terrorists are under Uncle Sam's Payroll. The BANKERS, FUND the So Called GOOD GUYS & THE BAD GUYS. These Wars are War Games , what is the AGENDA?, The Agenda is to Seize the Planet and to Destroy the Human Race, does it sound too OVER THE TOP?, well it's REAL and if you don't WAKE UP, your Dead Men and Women Walking!.

These Systems are in Place for Culling the Human Population.
The Drones will be Tested on Civilian Targets and then these Criminal Weapons will be Rolled out and Packaged and GINGER BREADED as a LAW ENFORCEMENT TOOL to catch Criminals supposedly.

Know this the Drones are a part of the Surveilance Grid and Terror Grid, just like in Terminator Movie, anyone has an Opinion about their Tyrants which is in Power they will be Terminated via HELLFIRE MISSILES.

What will you do when the New World Dis-order runs Wild on YOU!!!!.

Predator Drones and the Smiling Killers Who Fly Them

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bluesbaby5050: These KILLER DRONES..........

Have been used in the Middle East already,and they have been leaving children with Missing Jaws, and Burned Limbs,and Burned Bodies! These Operators DO NOT SEE the Maimming, and Deaths that they are causing sitting behind these controls closed in a semi-truck container parked out of sight. This is NOT A VIDEO GAME! It is Real Life, and Death they are causing! This is Nothing to be SMILING ABOUT! The female in this video actually called these Killer Drones,"Flying Angels!" This is Discusting to say the least! BAADDD KARMA!

bluesbaby5050: These SOLDIERS are HIRED Killers!

They are Hired Killers Paid With YOUR Tax Dollars! All Wars are Hell! The Real Cowards are the suits sitting behind desks giving out the orders!

Annunaki77: Yes and they already have Foreign Blood in their Hands

America is next!. There are no Bounderies for the Reptilian New World Dis-Order.

Chris: hey kanesh what will

be humanity,s future and when will the reptilian Nwo implode i remember alex collier saying in 2013 there will be a demensional shift to 5th densisty will this happen.

Tarheel: they think they are needed w/in The USA.

What a joke they are. It's obvious they fear We,The People.

Crackdown: about "Amazon Prime Air" delivery ( drones )

The future popularity of drones could be exploited as a great cover-up for surveillance by special services. Nowadays, any drone in the sky would attract great attention; but, as soon as they will become popular, it would be easy for "yet another drone" to spy without causing any suspicions. In addition, Amazon could share the captured videos from cameras which are installed on drones, like they are sharing the information about your online purchases

bluesbaby5050: This AIR Freight by way of Amazon has too many............

Problems as it was stated in another video towards the left of the page. And it's said that these drones can't sense trouble of any kind, and they will be prone to Hacking of the packages being delivered by thieves, and these drones can't see well enough to avoid branches of trees etc. It was already tested by the U.S. government they said, and that this method of delivery will create more problems then it is worth in the long run, as was stated on those videos.

Crackdown: Any problems are solvable, although they would delay things

i.e. the obstacles could be avoided thanks to high resolution cameras, which are transmitting their video stream to on-board optical recognition system (which are very advanced already)

bluesbaby5050: It's even said in those videos that.........

It's planned to deliver medications via the open air also. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE....Lol! Nothing surprises me anymore. Thanks for this post though :)

Quaesitor: They have already chosen the

They have already chosen the states. This program will be rolled out under the guise of "job creation".

Ecbra de Oaoj: so, choose stop it.

how? claim to your State not bomb Syria or Turkey; neither other place. joint with people that wish it and work to peace happen.

since Lyra; and even before; defense. is the resourse of these that want mantain life and dignity. and NSA is just more one; inteligence service. that acess internet datas. even considering only "this" dimension.

to understand; that each one is part of "matrix" and; that many things will happen, we wish or not is important because elevate the individual concience to the above this matrix reality but not means give up; change it.

isnt the spoon that bend. in this way of ... choose (?)... the spoon not exist.

and in this trilogy film; in last scene. remember? Neo was assimilated for few seconds. but because he trusted; this caused the final colapse of sistem there and people was not more killed and slavered by machines.

and in end; Arquitete says to Oracle when she asked he if they will came back: why do you think I am... a human?


choose Peace; work for it; and trust.

life and soul will continue after end of each one movie.

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