Keylontic Science - The Language of Creation.

by Chris on August 14th, 2013

Subjects covered in this article:

•Returning the 'Tools of creation' back to Humanity

•What the foundation Level teachings can do for us

•Where our Power truly lies

•What DNA has to do with Spiritual Development

The teachings of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) represent translations of pre-ancient Sacred Science texts that belonged to advanced human races who resided on earth prior to our currently identified historical records. Both the content and the context of these teachings were therefore common knowledge to all Indigo and Angelic Human races and could thus be compared with a language which was spoken and understood fluently. Over the course of history (the details of which are outlined in MCEO publications) many aspects of these teachings were lost, distorted or hidden. Their essence, however, the understanding of the intrinsic unity of all life, including the birthright of every living, sentient being to know itself as a direct expression of Source, remains the instinctive kernel of spiritual aspiration and maturation.

The premise that each sentient being is an expression of Source (or 'God-Source', 'God', 'Spirit' or whatever term is used for this concept) implies that it embodies the attributes of Source. When we speak, in Keylontic Science (KS) of God or Source, we are not speaking of some elusive, distant creator god way out there, up there, somewhere, but rather of the Source from which each one of us consciously and joyfully steps out onto the stage of manifestation. Nothing can exist outside of Source or God, although it can choose to think and act as though it were.

A quintessential attribute of Source is that it creates from within itself. Observation of natural phenomena suggests that this creative process is not random, but rather follows clearly observable principles and natural laws. If Source creates from within itself, this implies that Source has also created these laws and principles as the parameters within which it has chosen to create. At the core level of creation Source has, by definition, access to all the creation mechanics through which, in total freewill, it continually chooses to bring forth the process of creation.

Creative endeavour involves not only inspiration but also requires a structure within which that inspiration can express itself in form. The 'creation' is not something separate from the 'creator' but a living expression of the creative force itself, a force which can be described as pure consciousness, knowing or cognition. Pure consciousness takes on form in order to explore manifestation. The form which this consciousness assumes is not separate from itself, is not something inert, but rather a living structure of units of the consciousness of Source or God. In other words, God or Source is not external to creation. Neither are we!

The original intention of Source was/is to retain the awareness of this creative process within all the expressions of itself, to have the free will to experiment and explore throughout the myriad levels of manifestation, to know itself simultaneously as the Source, course and goal of creation

'Keylonta is the science of energy dynamics as they apply to a multidimensional, perpetual motion universe. It is the primary foundation upon which all advanced sciences and technologies of light, sound, frequency and electromagnetic energy are built. Keylontic Science deals with the underlying structures of electromagnetic energy through which all matter forms are constructed and with the attributes of electro-tonal energy structure through which consciousness achieves diversification and individuation'

(Voyagers 2, p. 451).

A core principle in the MCEO teachings is that everything exists within Source or God. This implies that everything is creative, consciously or otherwise. Every aspect of creation is in a constant state of creativity, by its very nature. However, if a living being has lost its consciousness of this process, in other words if it cannot speak the language of creation, it becomes disempowered. It is creating, but without a conscious context and fluency. It is creating, but without access to the original manual. Without a clear understanding of the tools of creation, the process of creation appears arbitrary and unpredictable.

The teachings of Keylontic Science and its practical applications of Kathara Healing (KH) are designed to return the manual or workbook of creation mechanics to people who are seeking true empowerment. Initially, it may seem as though there is a whole new language to learn and one might wonder what science has to do with spirituality. Is it not enough to be spiritual and idealistic and leave science to the scientists?

The Birthright of Empowerment

This may initially feel like learning a whole new language. Understanding these components is, initially, like exploring the grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language. We could, of course, take a short-cut and use a phrase book, but this limits our expression and flexibility. What if we want to say something that is not in the book? And, just as importantly, what if the phrases in the book are things we would never wish to say anyway? Learning the grammar and vocabulary is far more empowering and leads to true mastery of our chosen tongue. Sometimes, in the beginning stages, this new language seems incredibly complex; yet, if we visit the country where it is spoken, we hear toddlers speaking it more fluently than we do! How do they do it? They do it because it is their birthright.

The consciousness of the life-forms of this planet is functioning at what could be described as subsistence level, if even that. The original intention of Source was to remain fully conscious of its connection to itself, regardless of how far it travelled into manifestation. That means that each one of us, as we stepped forth to play the creation game, was fluent in the language of creation and intended to retain this fluency as we explored the farthest outreaches of this creation experiment. A quick look at the world around us would suggest that somewhere along the line we seem to have lost the plot! Not only are we not fluent, we do not seem to have the most rudimentary working knowledge of the language which is, by definition of ourselves as expressions of Source, our birthright.

The Foundation materials introduce some of the core concepts, terms and structures which form the grammar and vocabulary of Keylontic Science. If this is your first encounter with KS, it may be helpful to realize that at some level (your higher self) you already 'speak KS'. This is not a foreign language. In fact, as the implications of the larger picture become clear in the course of even a brief acquaintance with KS, it may begin to look as though it is the concepts, terms and structures of our current hologram which are actually in a foreign tongue! And, by that stage, even the word 'foreign' may have several layers of meaning!

The Sacred Mechanics of Creation

When one observes the intrinsic order of creation, there is the growing realization that not only is God or Source spiritual, but it is also highly scientific and ordered. If we are to reclaim our true heritage as expressions of Source, we may need to become fluent in the language of Source, which includes science. In fact, Sacred Science is as spiritual as metaphysics. It is the integration and application of what appear to be the polarities of spirituality and science which reawaken within us our true creative power and autonomy.

At the core of even the most complex structures lies an interplay of light, sound and energy. In order to get a real, tangible sense of how these factors interweave within and among themselves, it is at first helpful to look individually at some of the essential elements and then to explore how these elements connect with each other.

The 'tools' of creation are not random. They are an elegantly simple, yet intricate, system whereby Source steps into manifestation, a system described as Stair Step Creation. Stair Step Creation is the process by which the consciousness of the central Source of Creation projects its awareness into the formation of Morphogenetic Fields, laying the foundation structure for Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Order or manifest creation. Morphogenetic Fields are energy fields which hold the pattern or blueprint based upon which the units of the consciousness of God or Source build an arena, or hologram, in which to explore creation or manifestation.

The Physics of Spiritual Identity

Creation is thus both spiritual, in the sense of the one spirit or being which exists at the core of all life, and also profoundly orderly or scientific, in the context of the structures or tools whereby that process of creation unfolds. There is a point where science and spirituality come together and that point is consciousness. Understanding the energetic structures which form the foundation for what we experience as the creation around us (our hologram) is an essential step in reclaiming our spiritual heritage as conscious co-creators within the context of the Law of ONE. Without such understanding, it is difficult to comprehend the connection between our seemingly 'internal' consciousness and the world around us. Comprehending the intimate and organic relationship between consciousness (expressed, for example as thought) and how it translates into form or manifestation, is an intrinsic part of reclaiming our true heritage as direct expressions of the creative force of God or Source.

There is a physics of spiritual identity where spirituality is not just a concept, not just a vague promise of something God once said, but a living promise of energies, the natural way energy and consciousness work within a multidimensional system. Reacquainting ourselves with this 'physics of spirituality' or Keylontic Science is a powerful step not only in reclaiming our true heritage, but also in understanding our true purpose within the greater scheme of things. By contrast, many of our contemporary paradigms are based on a premise of separation, of a polarized dichotomy between spirit and matter, between science and religion, between 'man' and 'God'. If the true power of creation originates from the living cognition of union between consciousness and form, any system which cannot comprehend this point of all union between spirituality and science is ultimately disempowering, as it deprives the creation-in-progress of the very tools by which it can consciously create.

Our contemporary culture encourages us to look outside of ourselves for validation, to give our power to experts, institutions, to science- without- spirit or to spirit- without- science, in other words, to accept a view of ourselves as finite beings who need external 'God' or authority figures to chart our course.

Becoming reacquainted with the physics reality of our spirituality does not mean that we have to become 'rocket scientists', rather that it is empowering for us to have a working knowledge of cosmic and universal structure, of the stages by which we, and everything in manifestation, come into being. This requires an acquaintance with multi-dimensional structure, the nature of dimensions, and, even more fundamentally, an understanding of Morphogenetic (thought-form) fields and the creative power of thought. It requires a willingness to accept that our thoughts do not disappear into thin air once we stop thinking them, but that they are a creative force which build Morphogenetic fields upon which manifestation will be built. Every time we think a thought we are creating a Morphogenetic field; our thoughts don't just disappear when they leave our heads! Keylontic Science gives us the science to comprehend the creative nature of our thoughts and beliefs. When we think, we create, just as when Source thinks, Source creates!

Core to the understanding of multi-dimensional physics is the realization that these levels of creation represent aspects of our own consciousness at various levels of manifestation. There is a specific energy reality, for example, to ourselves as Soul or Oversoul, and the fact that we are in manifestation in this reality field implies that we also have expressions of self at these other levels. The model of the Time Matrix, which is studied in depth in these introductory materials, is a vital tool in understanding who we are and the reality of our energetic connection to Source.

Divine Equality and our Direct Connection to Source

There is an immensely practical value in understanding this energetic connection, particularly in the light of contemporary paradigms which encourage us to look for God, salvation or protection from external forces. If we are not aware that we have our own family tree of consciousness that connects us directly to our origin in God or Source, and if we have been conditioned to regard ourselves as sinful, lowly, powerless creatures, we are prime targets for manipulation and control. If we do not know of our own multi-dimensional expressions of self, including aspects of self in the higher dimensions, we may be correspondingly unaware that other inhabitants of earth also have a multi-dimensional family tree or that such levels even exist in any shape or form. Or, even if we are aware that such higher dimensions exist or if we are exposed to energies from these dimensions, we may be more likely to be impressed by their 'god-like' qualities and therefore to allow them to manipulate, control or impress us. In other words we are more likely to surrender our power to them or look to them to save, protect or rescue us.

A working knowledge of Keylontic Science levels the playing field, in that it presents us with a clear, concise framework of how consciousness moves from pure, undifferentiated Source into its countless expressions in manifestation. This is not an abstract theory about abstract energies; it is more like a map of our cosmic identity and a manual of instructions for regaining conscious mastery over the process of manifestation rather than seeming to be at the whim of fate or perceived authority figures. It also begins to make sense of the current planetary drama. If we can acknowledge that we have interdimensional expressions of self, then it does not seem far-fetched to suggest that the same goes for other aspects of creation. We can thus understand the mechanics of consciousness as embodied in the DNA or gene code, and how distortions can manifest at many higher dimensional levels.

The fact that some being or entity is stationed in a higher dimension than our current 3D reality does not mean that it has any greater authority in an arbitrary spiritual pecking order, once we realize that we also have levels of Self at all of these higher levels. Any being which feels the need to present itself as Lord A or Master B or Archangel C, and to use this implication of rank to control, manipulate or 'flatter to deceive', is coming from a hierarchical position which is the anathema of pure, divine, Christed love.

In Keylontic Science, words such as Christed and Christos are used in very specific terms. Every individual has many levels of Self, one of which is termed the 'Christos' or Maharata level, which corresponds to the twelfth dimensional level of our multidimensional anatomy. At this level, consciousness knows itself as a direct expression of Source, not only in an intellectual sense but, more significantly, as an experience of direct cognition. Intrinsic to this knowledge and cognition is a living and dynamic comprehension of the Law of ONE, that all expressions of Source are equal in value, even though they may differ in their frequency-holding capacity.

Keylontic Science gives us the tools by which we can not only access our own Ascended Master collective and other selves, but also by which we can gradually integrate these levels of our being into our conscious, everyday awareness, and, thus, our lives and living environment. With this integration comes a deep humility, as one truly embodies in one's waking consciousness the living awareness of the common source and divine equal worth of all life.

We can learn to be spiritually street-wise, to discern where we are being asked to place our power. If we are being asked to place this power anywhere other than in our own Self as expressed all the way back to Source, we have a right to question the motives of whoever is communicating with us, even if this being seems more powerful or more knowledgeable than we are.

By this definition, it is not spiritually mature to hope that God or some angel or 'master' will do this work for us. There is a real sense in which surrendering our power, with a wish and a prayer, to perceived God-figures or any type of external authority (in human or other-dimensional form) is actually an abdication of our most profound (and ultimately most joyful) responsibility: to know how creation works so that we fulfill our real purpose in being in embodiment at this time. Expecting anyone else to do this for us will be truly counter-productive, rendering us more vulnerable to control, manipulation and ultimately to the fear which is born of powerlessness.

Comprehension of the dynamics of the current planetary drama begins with comprehension of our personal anatomy. 'As above, so below: as within, so without'. The elements and patterns from which cosmic structure is built are also those which form the building blocks of our personal energy systems. If we can identify these elements within our own being, the bigger picture becomes both more comprehensible and, at the same time, less daunting.

Re-learning the Language of Creation

In our exploration of KS, we are, in essence, learning (or more accurately, re-learning) the language of creation. If we can imagine a society where these mechanics of creation were common knowledge, it would be similar to a culture where a given language was spoken. In this culture, children would learn to speak this language fluently and naturally; it would not seem complex or difficult because it was all around them. The language in which these words are being written in this moment in time is in itself complex but because it is familiar it seems natural. When we encounter a system as comprehensive as KS, it can feel like we need to learn a whole new language; not only that, but words with which we are familiar take on other, often richer, meanings. In language teaching, one can give someone a phrase book; he will get by in basic circumstances but he will be limited in his expression because he is being given set formulas rather than the building blocks which will enable him to make the language his own. Access to the mechanics, in this case grammar and vocabulary, gives him autonomy and power in this mode of expression.

The language of Keylontic Science is not difficult; it is merely unfamiliar to us in our current state of development. For this language to make sense, and therefore satisfy the mental body, which must be included in any true spiritual integration, it is recommended that newcomers spend time with the Foundation materials (as suggested at the end of these articles and on the product list.) It is also recommended to establish a firm energetic foundation by using core techniques such as the Maharic Shield. In the analogy of language learning, it is more productive to start at the beginning rather than rush into a doctorate program. The frequencies being anchored on the planet at this time mean that one can perhaps progress more quickly than one could even a few years ago, but there are still basic steps which are pre-requisite fore-runners of solid, sustainable growth. This ultimately saves time because each presentation builds on what has gone before.

Unconditional Love and the Law of ONE

Making this information available is, in itself, an act of pure unconditional love, in that it allows those who use it to reclaim their original God-given birthright of full union with their own Source. This full union implies a regaining of humanity's true stature as fully cognizant, sentient, creative and powerful God-beings, all within the context of the Law of ONE and the sacredness of all life. Beings who know themselves as directly emanating from and expressing Source do not need to have power over others, nor do they need to give their power to any self-styled higher being, because they recognize and live the principle of divine equality. This leads to a state of Omni-Love, where the divinity of all of creation is not only acknowledged but also lived as a state of being.

This state of Omni-Love, combined with the understanding that all living beings take their origin from the same Source, implies that all life is of equal value. The vast differences in consciousness which one may observe, for example, on the current planetary stage, reflect the level of consciousness which can be embodied in different life forms, since there is an intimate connection between consciousness and biology. All life, regardless of its level of expression, is held in equal love by Source; it could not be otherwise, as Source recognizes itself in all manifestation. It is, however, possible for individual manifestations of Source to deny the Law of ONE and therefore act within a paradigm of separation (anti-Christos) consciousness. A being acting from a standpoint of separation has lost some or all of its ability to draw its sustenance from the Primal Life Force currents of Source. It therefore feels compelled to feed off other life forms in order to survive.

KS defines love as a state of vibrational harmonization, an ability to feel resonance with all expressions of life.

DNA Activation and holistic spiritual development:

The paradigm of Bio-Spiritual Evolution recognizes the intimate connection between
the human DNA, the multi-dimensional levels of identity and anatomy,
and the spiritual integration process.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul, handbook)

Keylontic Science and Kathara Healing are holistic in the true sense of cultivating and activating all aspects of our multidimensional selves. A more scientific way of expressing this would be to say that with this system we are activating our DNA strands/ DNA Strand Template, many of which have been dormant or distorted for thousands of years. Full discussion of DNA is available in many of the materials. If we wish to activate our DNA as quickly and yet as safely as possible, it is wise to do this at a comfortable and stable pace. The old adage of making haste slowly comes to mind.

Higher frequencies have been anchoring on the planet for several years and the level of this inflow of energy is accelerating exponentially. As humans are intimately connected with the energies of the planet, there is a corresponding level of activation of human DNA, including the growing awareness of other dimensions and probabilities. Therefore, DNA activation will happen to everyone, to some degree, whether we are aware of it or not. In spiritual terms, what is really significant is whether this activation occurs within a Christos (Law of ONE) or anti-Christos (control and separation) orientation.

For example, activation of the third DNA strand, which corresponds to the mental body (our level of consciousness stationed in Dimension 3 or D3), will increase the capacity to rationalize, comprehend and formulate ideas. If the individual is aligned with his or her Christos self and is therefore coming from a position of Oneness with all life, this intellectual prowess will be used to serve the law of ONE, through life-supporting ventures or projects. Without this connection, the mind can be used to promote or concoct inventions of destruction or dominion. Similarly, activation of higher levels of DNA such as within the D4 astral level, can lead either to greater spiritual integration and freedom (Christos) or disintegration, disempowerment or misuse of spiritual power.

The DNA and spiritual evolution are totally intertwined with each other. As we work with spiritual integration, what we are really doing is activating dormant codes of the Silicate Matrix gene code in the DNA. This is the basis for a new understanding of what it means to evolve, biologically and spiritually. There are ways that we can consciously interact with our DNA strands in order to clear blockages and realign distortions, thereby reawakening our true potential as conscious co-creators and as masters of our hologram or arena of manifestation.

The frequencies which are integrated into the bio-energetic field with regular use of the Maharic Shield, the foundation stone of all KS study, progressively realign the entire template of consciousness to its twelfth dimensional Christos level. This enables all of the levels of DNA or dimensional structure to be brought back into balance. It also serves as the essential bridge to accessing higher aspects of our being such as the Primal Light and Sound Fields. All of these concepts are explored thoroughly in the foundation materials.


The practical applications of KS and KH are presented in the form of a broad range of techniques, many of which involve what would resemble guided meditations involving the use of symbols, colors and sounds. Each Color or symbol is chosen for a specific purpose, the explanation for which is to be found in the relevant materials. The choice of a particular Color, for example, relates to the dimensional frequency band which is being activated in a particular exercise. The tones and songs, many of which are in the ancient Anuhazi language, the language of our DNA, are precise sound formulas, the vibrational aspects of which activate the embodiment of the specified qualities within the DNA template. In a similar way, the symbols are visual translations of the essence of a particular frequency band or field.

It is not necessary to understand the rationale for any of these elements to begin working with the techniques; however, an acquaintance with the explanations as given in the teaching materials will help to round out one's experience and also integrate and satisfy the mental (D3) body, an essential step in fully anchoring higher frequencies into the emotional and physical bodies.


A balanced combination of techniques, reading and listening to the foundation materials will establish a firm foundation which will facilitate much smoother progress than attempting to do too much too soon. Our divine blueprint holds the memory of these energies, but our manifest bodies need time to readjust and integrate, just as people who have been on a long fast need to come back to normal eating gradually so as not to overtax the body. If we bring in too much frequency at one time, our energy systems will tend to shut down until they can catch up; remember the hare and the tortoise!

One could think of working with KS techniques as being like starting a spiritual fitness program. In all such programs, one is advised to start gently and work up to a more rigorous routine. An over-enthusiastic start could lead to burnout. As with fitness routines or learning to play a musical instrument, an hour a day is more effective than seven hours on Sundays.

Every moment of contact with these materials helps to activate DNA; knowledge itself carries a frequency which in turn activates cellular memory. The foundation program also clarifies the context within which words like ascension, soul, ascended mastery, Christos, dimensions and countless other terms are used, a context which often differs in essence from the given interpretations of these terms found in many metaphysical or religious paradigms.

All creatures and things are Spiritual Beings having a Manifest Experience.
No creature or thing can be ever divorced from its innate spirituality,
but only from the awareness of its nature.

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