Kelvin Okofar

by Tim Lovell on April 22nd, 2014

Well I thought that I was an ok drawer , but then I found this guy! OMG lol he is AMAZING he draws from MEMORY also! I just think he is amazing true photographic visual memory ... well time to improve lol...

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Tim Lovell: there is always someone

there is always someone better that you can look to to improve to , this I have learned from all my artistic career and learning.

bluesbaby5050: Don't Underestimate Yourself Tim..........

Because, I have already seen your work, and it's waayyyy better then I can do! Kelvin is also great. This guy is awesome! He sure goes though a lot of pencils! LOL! Thanks for sharing his work here, I liked it.

Tim Lovell: heheh thx BB btw here is my

heheh thx BB btw here is my latest 2 drawings , one of a Shitzu and one of a Datchund ( sausage dog) lol enjoy...

Tim Lovell: and a song to top it all...

and a song to top it all...

an d you ...have proved to be...a real human being...and a real hero....

Real Human Being...

Real Hero

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