Keeping an Open mind

We as human (In this for) sometimes have a difficult time in remaining neutral
(As discussed in an earlier article)
We also have a tendency to be set in our ways. Especially as we get older, we feel we're more wiser, and sometimes we inadvertently close off a part of our self. We close off our minds. Or we get set in an opinion or fixated on something.

In fact there is a word for someone who stays fixated on one thing. Yes, we know the disorder. OCD. I'm talking about:




repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased."

I learned this word while working as a Life/Job Coach for disabled adults. Let me tell you, some people can really stay fixed on something for a long, long time.

We often get ideas in our heads, we subject them to our judgments and we mold them to our ideals along with perceptions beliefs and everything in between.
When sometimes the hardest thing to do is to allow our selves to keep an open mind.
Read, gain knowledge, don't believe all you see or hear or read, do question, but don't be an automatic no person. Don't be simply NO, and nothing else. Or My way or the highway. Because when you do this and close you mind you're the one missing out. You rob yourself of opportunity, change, learning, and wonder anew.

Just remember this, the next time you want to approach a new idea with negativity or a closed mind. The only one you hurt is your self.

Peace be with you.

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