Keep Moving Forward!

Before you read this, remember one thing. People will think negatively of you.
People will talk negatively to you as well. An when they look down on you, because they will, and they mock you. Or they just simply treat you like crap. REMEMBER. You're not Alone. An Don't let them win!

They will try to hurt you, an all the while, they could not give you a second though on their opinions. Be if that they are right or wrong, they WILL tell you that YOU ARE WRONG.
Don't even give them the time of day! No one is worth causing you grief if they simply do not understand, believe, or care for you, or what you stand for, or have to say! They're not worth it, their NEGATIVE opinions.

Remember who you are, speak your mind, write your story. Do not let others stand in the way of your progress. People will claim to say they know you, some may even state they can see right through you.
Don't believe the lies of anyone who says they know you more than you.
Your on a journey of self, an if you look deep enough you will find you. They can't be inside of you, so they have no say so, they can pretend to know all of you , but only you along with the prime creator, knows you fully. The only thing you need to do is tap into and find yourself.
If there is anyone who claims to have found their self 100% they're a damn liar. Think about it, WE are all here because our creator wanted to do exactly the same. An WE'RE All here because our creator is STILL finding itself! So, don't let some nobody who pretends to know all, or be all, or have all the answers, dissuade you from telling your story.

Be Well,
Keep Pushing Forward
Sir Falkenrath
(Keeper of the Falcon)

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bluesbaby5050: Keep moving Forward

Very well said, and I agree.

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