Just flew in and boy are my wings tired (lol lol lol lol lol lol)

Sorry about that title there.

Anyway I am a DIF refugee. I was banned for telling another member that the moderator merlincove had deleted a thread. Which was true. He had closed and deleted it.
I said nothing bad about him, only that he had closed the thread.
For that I was banned !!

All Hailz the infinite stupidity of the DIF !!

And now I have angry trolls trolling me on YouTube because of my merlincove video.
To view it search 'merlincove' on YouTube. It will be the first and only result.

See the comments and how this guy deleted his own comments and then accused me of deleting them. He keeps shooting himself in the foot and coming back for more.

Anyway i just stumbled upon this forum. How are things here.
Do we have the tyrannical 'No Discussing Moderation' rule here ?

I would assume not, that is a DIF thing.

PEACE & Peavy


inanna17: Booomieeeee Glad to CCCC U, meow!

Baby baby

U can let it loose here. The TROALs are driving mustangs - will they ever choose another model? HA HA HA

Trailer parks
and singing larks

the plastic blows
the raven knows

little piggggeeees
are late to

the barbecue!

squeeeeel piggiee squeeeel


Quinton: Welcome to the site and

Welcome to the site and thanks for signing up :)

LordEnlil: We have rules even in

We have rules even in Haven...and it is not so bad...
Use the mind...and read between the lines....that it will be sufficient..

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: Welcome my brother

Welcome my brother Mason...

Lord Enlil

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