july 4th ufo sighting

by Tim Lovell on January 22nd, 2014

I have posted this before but I thought id repost it for moonstar as she expessed an interest in good real life footage stuff :)

enjoy again all :)


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bluesbaby5050: It looks like the ET's are

It looks like the ET's are enjoying the Fireworks too, and also taking advantage of letting so many people all at one time see them too. Thanks.

Tim Lovell: yep that's wht their plan is

yep that's wht their plan is , and I have seen many of the exact same type of ufos always in 3`s or 4`s over major public events rock concerts or firework displays etc just goes to show they want all to see them not just some random farmer in south America or whatever :)

moonsstarr923: Pleiadian Lightworkers caught on camera

Since Tim has gotten me really into this......I've been doing a little digging on Youtube. Here's a good one!!! Whoa! Seriously, I might repost this b/c I don't want anyone to miss it!

Crackdown: Thats awesome!!

I would download this video and put into archive. Really unique! Thank you very much for sharing ;)

bluesbaby5050: Great Research Moonstar923!

Here's REAL Proof of some of Our Benevolent ET's (The Pleiadians) Working to Help Humans by stopping the Black Operatives Hired by the world's Governments from doing their dirty work against us. ( in Moonstar923's video above) They will Not fulfill their Agenda's against Humanity! Thanks for this video Moonstar923 :)

Karoline: I believe ALL UFOs are man made:

There are UFO sittings all over the globe and they are becoming more and more frequent. I know i'm not popular for my opinion and just about everybody on this site thinks i'm asleep, but i'll stand alone on this one. I believe you are playing right into the hands of the hierarchy. The Vatican clearly WANT you to be educated about UFOs and recognise them as 'extra-terrestrial' in their origin :
To me this is not a good sign. I don't know of anything good that ever came out of the mouths of the vatican. Wouldn't the heads of the 10 richest religions in the world (who all believe in a supreme being), have a whale of a time deceiving the public, if they have bought full disclosure and use of the technology, from the 'Keshe Foundation' for instance? Imagine the vatican with space ship technology. Why, they could convince people that the UFOs are ET and not T.

Crackdown: many UFOs are man made, but not all of them - thats for sure

Yes, you are correct that "fake alien invasion" could be one of tricks.
But, not _all_ of UFOs are man made! Actually, plenty of these technologies could be shared by ETs with governments. Clear example is Germany - tech from Aldebaran

One set of Maria’s channeled transmissions was found to be in a secret German Templar script unknown to her. A second series of transmissions appeared to be written in an ancient eastern language, which Babylonian scholars associated with the Thule group, recognized as ancient Sumerian.

Maria Orsic along with Sigrun, another of the Vril Society’s female mediums, began the task of translating these transmissions and discovered they contained instructions for building a circular flight machine.

Tim Lovell: im sorry Karoline but you are

im sorry Karoline but you are wrong not all ufos are man made atall and if you opened you mind just a little mabey you could understand this :)

UN.i1-PHI: vatican promotes ET existance bcuz theyr plannnig alien takeover

so (also religious) people will accept these beings who will show themselves and claim to be here for to bring peace with jesus and his army,(pretending to be) exposing the demons(et&man alike), and to unite religion and the world into their new world order they have been planning for so long, they will make it all seem to make sense so people will buy into it so they think jesus second coming is to save us/for 'the salvation', but in reality this will be tactical enslavement! and to evacuate people in the crisis they caused themselves by playing their final card, so called et-disclosure and the second coming of jesus people have been programmed to wait adoring/admiring for it to surrender their personal responsability to them and in the name of jesus or/and other 'prohpets'/puppets because the ones controlling this agenda will be playing both sides ofc!!!
they want humanity to surrender and submit to their tricks of tyranny, so they will win either way, they will/ want to play this alien invasion tactic and disclose extraterrestrials and connect them to the religious stories of angelic and demonic beings to support their agenda of one world order, then they will not care to show themselves and they can also disguyse themselves /shapeshift looking as humanoid beings like us people and how the people will expect the jesus clone/puppet to look like!
this is why they're(vatican nwo etc) now introducing and supporting the existance of aliens/et's because they want us to TRUST them, hug them with open arms, give the other cheeck and even baptize them and accept them as our (space) brothers, wich will be wanting to help us out with technology and fight the 'evil demons/aliens' wich will be on the same side behind the scenes!
BUT there are also REAL benevolant et allies of humanity wich will probably step in when they do this and they will be also blamed as the 'bad ones' ofc! so actually we need to be really carefull and prepared for this, both physically AND mentally/spiritually!

UN.i1-PHI: there are benevolant alien alliances,but is our choice/free will

yes they can help once they are allowed to interfere in this way, but its ALL up to us choose to NOT let us be ENSLAVED! we make the choice and our benevolant et allies have to respect this, and so if we will let us be enslaved by our own ingnorance etc, they will have to let this happen as its our free will/choice!

karoline i can also say i belive you(actually this 'confusing' tactic of them suddenly accepting et's) are playing right into the hands of their hierarchy, or their final trick for world dominating globalization/takeover NWO, pls think this trough, its not so simple, black'n'white, they will introduce the REAL 'invadors'(while many of them are here all along already) as both the good and bad ones to let us play into both sides of them, its all up to us to recognize this and stop their deceptive NWO!

if we let this happen, so will it be, if we really stop this, so will it be, thats why we humans need to independantly unify among eachother and not by their NWO system dictatorship!!!

bluesbaby5050: Karoline Knows............

Knows the Real Truth! And that's why she gets paid well to come onto TC to FOOL THE IGNORANT, and the Blind! She will argue till the end, because she IS A GOVERNMENT PAID SHILL! She Knows all the Tricks, and that's why she was SCREENED ABOUT HER KNOWLEDGE BEFORE THEY HIRED HER ON TO DO THEIR DIRTY WORK! They DO NOT PAY HER FOR NOTHING! Don't PLAY INTO HER/THEIR GAME! TC has already had many like her, and THEY LOST, but they did NOT give up with out a fight though. They LOVE THAT PAYCHECK!! LOL!

Tim Lovell: I do find it strange when

I do find it strange when there is so much undeniable evidence for ET`s that she teaadfastly continues to stick to saying no no they are all man made which I KNOW to be false , but I guess unless you have a personal ET encounter plus soul memories etc you just wont belive or as you say she is a paid dis info merchant lol :)

obsrvantlouie: Truth Control

Is a very intellectually and more importantly SPIRITUALLY advanced site...the more advanced the site/members are the MORE ADVANCED TROLLING TACTICS would need to be in order to have a "chance"for success. At this stage the TROLL knows she is not going to convince you; SO her agenda is simply to "waste your time and upset you" bc we all know who likes it when people are mad and upset.

"Think" about it, follow your own "instincts" as BLUESBABY said. If you want to continue to "debate/convince/help" KAROLIAR that is your path. For me, she has a lot to answer for and until she answers my questions posted on open forum she can go back to the dark and eat shit with all the other mushrooms.

bluesbaby5050: OMG......!

I love your sense of humor even when your being Truthful about Karoliar, and the rest of that statement. LOL! Thank's for the belly laugh :)

UN.i1-PHI: well i for one as well as some others ofc

did try to explain WHY this is dis-information regardless of if she is a shill or who i saying it , for a reason!(even if she cant convince most long standing members here, she may convince others and that we're just offending) and so i did not JUST repeatedly say that she is a shill in the forum after anu77 did, as i was more directed to exposing&explaining the information than the one who is telling it!

bluesbaby5050: Ya I did Repeat It!

And I will do so again, as needed. I support Annunaki77, and Edisonik by stepping forward with my belief's. Maybe others should do the same to show them support also. We are a TEAM, and on the SAME SIDE.

UN.i1-PHI: yea i know oops srry i told it in such way

i did not mean to sound rude or that its wrong to say/repeat someone is a shill, i just said that to show that this was not my aim/goal(as i tought anu77 will say it also when he's back),,,to explain myself... all peace...

Karoline: The Keshe Foundation:

Tim, i did have an open mind to this many years ago. I know UFOs exist, they're popping up all over the planet, all of the time. And i'm sure that out there in space there are ET beings, (maybe like us, maybe not) & i'm not closed mind to the very real probablility that we're not alone in the universe. But it's just too convenient that the 'Vatican' want us to believe that some of the UFOs circulating this planet are ET in origin.

The following is an extract by Hank Mills with Sterling D Allan (pure energy systems news).
Re the Keshe Foundation (Spaceship program organization), it asks, was a US Spy Drone Captured by an Iranian Flying Saucer in December 2011? Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian nuclear scientist and engineer, claims that an Iranian flying saucer technology he developed, was used to capture a Sentinel drone. Does Iran have a space program more advanced than NASA's?

The extract:
‘By allegedly harnessing a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter, regular matter, and antimatter, he claims to have developed technologies that rival those in science fiction. As we reported last April, Keshe claims that years ago he gave the Iranian military his technology in order for them to produce flying saucers; and the alleged Iranian flying saucer that had popped up in the news last March was a result of that. He had offered it to NASA, but they poopooed it.

If his statements are true, these craft can do more than just manipulate gravity for propulsion. They can also produce force fields, emit tractor beams, generate unlimited amounts of clean energy, and have inertial damping systems that allow occupants to avoid feeling accelerations.

Keshe is now claiming in a post made to his forum on December 13, that this technology was used by Iran to capture the unmanned Sentinel spy drone that the US military had sent over. He states that the drone was snatched out of the air with force fields, and then placed on the ground, without significant damage (as seen in the photo), to be retrieved. This is very different than Iran's official story that claims the drone was captured with a "cyber attack" or hacking. If Keshe's claim is true, then the "official" story from Iran is a spin. According to the mainstream media, the method by which the drone was captured is a mystery.

As he continues in his post, Keshe talks about how the Iranian saucer program is more advanced than NASA's space program. He describes it as being "light years" ahead of NASA. However, he makes it clear the technology is not going to be used for aggressive purposes by the Iranian military, but only for peaceful purposes. He describes Iran as a peace-loving nation, which may or may not be accurate.

In the same post, he invites the United States and other nations of the world to negotiate with the Keshe Foundation for full disclosure and use of the technology. It seems that he is serious about wanting the technology to be used for the good of the planet, and not to give one nation's military an advantage over all others’.

What if the vatican and other wealthy religions have got this technology already and it exists all over the planet? Scientists have been actively searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence in our galaxy for the last forty years (SETI), extending out to 40,000 light years from Earth (the galaxy being 100,000 light years across apparently) and to date, no signal from any extra-terrestrial stellar system has ever been detected. So i'm sorry Tim, i'll stand alone on this until an ET shows me otherwise.

UN.i1-PHI: dont let the et's and vatican fool you!

i understand you think its strange that they will be accepting/acknowledgin et's and that they want to welcome them with open arms in peace etc... but this is all part of their final plan to bring out their NWO order and enslave and evacuate most of the population and enjail them and ship them off to other planets as a food&rape etc.. resource!, this is what they are doing already for long time but they want total control and enslavement with their NWO! this tactic is made to confuse us and trust them(vatican nwo etc) and the aliens they will be supporting wich will be the ones who will want to steer us into this NWO with their technology and seemingly back-up&protection, but this is all part of their plan for total world control/domination/NWO!!!
pls wake up to this, just because they make their own flying saucers and want to intruduce their space brothers doesnt mean all the ufo's are 'man-made' or that the et's they want to welcome are good, and the ones who they will claim are bad will be bad, as the 'bad guys' will be also played by them, but the ones who will really want to help us will also be demeaned/demonized and portrayed as the worst/most evil!
they will create their chaos to bring their order!, nothing new at all but large scale and in full operation, this could be their final attempt for their NWO and our final chance to STOP IT!!!

Tarheel: This is a forum of,by & for Beautiful People.

People have heard me say this before. I know it's hard, but always TRY to allow for an alternate reality (or realities).

We all have our take on it. If we all remember to at least TRY to respect others opinions, we will be coolest.

Wax poetic, now.

Karoline: I think for myself:

It is the first duty of man to think for himself and i do.

UN.i1-PHI: yes but watch out they wanto influence your toughts&opinion!!!!!

by confusing u by their tactics, now they suddenly promote, et's because this is their excuse for revealing themselves with their high-tech and pretend to save/salvate humanity, but the reality will be the opposite, but in more complex ways, than just the plain opposite... but plainly said...they will pretend to help/save us from the catasrophy they engineer themselves to bring the NWO!

pls browse the site for more details on their agenda and their fake/psyop 'bluebeam' projects if you want to think more (deep) about it...

Karoline: And nobody on here wants to influence me?

UFOs are not proof of ET, UN, only proof of what humans have been capable of since WW11 - The Fermi Paradox comes to mind - there’s no proof of ET! Alternatively, the last time the Earth’s ‘magnetic field reversed’ was the stone age, about 780,000 years ago. It is possible that civilisation has reached a peak of technology as we know it today, many times before, including the creation of flying machines (planes, helicopters and UFOs) and then the Earth has quivered it all away with a pole reversal, buried in the sands of time. Aren’t we due another major shift soon? Most who survived would have their memories erased if the magnetic field reversed. The rich elites would of course have created a means to protect themselves and retain their bountiful knowledge. Anyone else who survived would appear ‘dumbed down’ in comparison. One day in the distant future, the new evolution of human kind would say, ‘look what I’ve found, evidence that ETs visited Earth long ago’ and ‘seeded us.’

UN.i1-PHI: sorry but im not here to convince you & i dont need to influence

im just sharing my mind and you can take it however you want, the only way i may want to influence you by showing this, is to WARN you to not let you be (unconsciously) influenced by 'their' tactics, as i recognize them sometimes in 'your opinion', i dont want to be rude i'm sorry if i offended you,it is good you dont want to trust anything, but i mean watch out that they know how to use this in their advantage against you, by playing tactics on your 'rationality and scepticism',dont get me wrong i'm not saying it is bad to be rational and sceptic, as its good to not trust anything, but sometimes it can strategically make your approach to keep denying the hidden reality/truth

if you dont have proof of something, especially when its been witheld/coverupped, doesnt mean something isnt real or true, and when one thing is true, doenst mean the other isnt true(like human vs/& alien spacecraft on earth)
the existance of 'et's/ed's' is not just a very high probablity tough, but it would be 'impossible' if they didnt exist and 'we' would be the only life forms in all the space/universes/dimetions&timelines etc/LIFE...
because you havent 'seen one', doesnt mean they arent & havent been around here...but i know this is what makes you not 'sure' about their existance/reality, we're in for a hard 'test' or rather challange, will you be able to figure out whats really going on without having all the evidence? will you be able to figure it out by yourselves? i think we're here to help eachother out in this so we can inform eachother with what we 'know' without forcing eachother to belive it! so think as you wish, but if i smell some of their tactics in play, i'll tell about it from my perspective, not because i want to influence you, rather because i dont want you to be influenced to much by 'them', but actually it is very important that people get aware/wake up of the et reality of this agenda because this involves and explains much more sophisticality in it, but that shouldnt fear us, but give more insight of the situation and how we can handle/manage/act on them...before its too late and too hard to change/stop the ETNWO

Karoline: Guess they'll have to burn the witch then:

...again. Neither alien nor God will ever place fear in my heart in this lifetime, since i believe in neither. People are what i fear, people and the stark reality of what they are capable of. Infact i'd rather take my chances with an alien (if only one would visit me), than the vatican, the church of scientology or the government - in comparrison.

ps - never said i haven't seen udidentified flying objects in the sky.

UN.i1-PHI: i meant

because you havent seen an 'alien' (yet?), you are not sure if they exist at all.., or atleast thats how i interpreted you...
and i forgot to write something about that it seems you want/wait for confimation from an alien you would have to encounter (physically?) first, but they are like people too,they are also persons, and you cant trust them just like that anyway...

many people here mean no harm but good... why do you say they'll have to burn the witch again? were you referring this wich to yourself like we dont like what ur saying or something? ifso, c'mon we certainly dont want to shut you up or change you, let stand burn you lol... your very welcome here, and all your opinions, just as well as everyone else's...
dont take it all too personal pls, most comments are about things about reality and what people think of it and discuss them, wether they may be conflicting or confirming... 'we' dont do personal attacks and we not mean it this way... even when we would be suspiscious if you are an disinfo agent because of your neglecting approach of the et connection/reality to the nwo... well I had/have to have this consideration also but also its also pretty convincing that you could mean no harm/disinfo aswell and your a good intending person and not necessairly be an shill/agent :) just because you deny the alien reality but COULD be just sceptic about this as other people could be and think that aliens are not real(or in control on earth) because the vatican now supports this idea(because it is already very obvious THERE MUST BE LIFE OUT THERE!!!) ...and anyone can come here so ppl ask you are you a shill for denyin/nuancing et/alien control over earth? or was itjust my paranoooiaa... running awaay with mee yeaa... Afroman - Just My Paranoia

Karoline: To UN:

I think enough issues with people simply misunderstanding what someone else is trying to say, never mind intentional miss-informers. No I didn’t mean ‘you burning the witch’ I meant ‘the ruling elite’ burning the witch, cos we’d rather ‘burn’ than believe what ‘they’ want us to believe, which is that their UFOs are Extra Terrestrial.

Maybe I should take my whisky glass off the Bible and trouble myself to ‘read it’ again cos people are far more interested in ‘God’ than ‘nature’. Shall i go back to what I used to do, which was just being silly really, figuring out who all the ‘players in the game were’, my own way - with numbers:
I simply used the number 9.The only number which when multiplied by ANY other number, the numbers will then add up to 9. For example 9 x 39928 = 359352 (3+5+9+3+5+2=72) (7+2=9). This doesn’t happen with any other digit. A=9, B=18, C=27, D=36, E=45, F=54, G=63, H=72, I=81, J=90, K=99, L=108, M=117, N=126, O=135, P=144, Q=153, R=162, S=171, T=180, U=189, V=198, W=207, X=216, Y=225, Z=234 (the English alphabet).

So, putting that into action (you may want to smoke a reefer for this cos it’s boring): The Hebrew term Abaddon and the Greek equivalent Apollyon appear in the Bible as a place of destruction and an angel. In the new testament book of revelation , an angel (destroyer) called Abaddon is described as the king of an army of locusts (they didn’t have a word for UFOs back then). In Greek, ‘Abaddon’ means ‘the destroyer’ or ‘Apollyon’. The words Abaddon, Apollyon and Al Qaeda ‘each’ add up to the number 369. So does Qabil (in the Qur’an, Qabil is the Bibles ‘Cain’. And so does the word ‘Igigi’ (if you’re a Sitchin fan). And so does the word Asta (Sitchin said Asta was Isis) if you’re into ancient Egyptian.

So, in the book of Revelation, chapter 9 and verses 11-19, this dude has an army of 200 million with their chariots, that’s 200 million no doubt UFOs (cos everyone believes in ET), and their job is to destroy a 3rd of all men. And it says they will rise up ‘out of the Earth’ (cos all their man made UFOs are stored down under). So what I took from this was that the ‘Al Qaeda’ pilots of the UFOs would rise up out of the ground in their UFOs and kill a 3rd of all men. Is there no end to these bloody Abrahamic cults.

In my opinion, those who believe that UFOs are ET will give way to the NWO for protection from them and people like me (the non believers) they can simply burn. So what will be, will be, no matter how much we disagree about who’s who and what’s what.

PS - i like your sketches

UN.i1-PHI: i'm 'just' sayin... (well it got pretty long so...;p)

they(aliens and spacecraft 'both' 'good and bad', 'et and terran') are real and many malevolant too in charge here instead of us...yet,and they(NWO,vatican&their alien masters controlling it/them) want to introduce the them as benevolant space brothers so they can take over while showing themselves and creating chaos for their order,,
it got pretty long so click here if to open&close what my message i wrote (first)...and this is why they are introducing/acknoweldging/welcoming aliens!!!

moonsstarr923: "guess they'll NEVER have to burn the witch..."

ya. thank goodness The Burning Times are OVER. (for witches)

Tarheel: Certainly NOT.

Why (Give us all your money) in this world (Give us all your food) would we want (Give us all your meds/drugs) to influence you ?

Are you serious, because Im not. Come on.

Laugh, PLEASE. It was in jest.

Have a gr8 w/e !

UN.i1-PHI: influence...

help/support in earth in wich way; tyranny for enslavement or awakening for liberation...

UN.i1-PHI: Angel Of Mercy


I kept the right ones out,,,
and let the wrong ones in...

Had an angel of mercy to see me trough all my 'sins'...

Aerosmith - Amazing

Tim Lovell: Hmm interesting , the first

Hmm interesting , the first one could be the flash :) but I dunno it could be cgi etc but you just don't know , also I would like to say the vid I posted I know arnt now or malevolent ets the pink light ufos are the benevolent ets , the pleidians from erra their craft also tend to be either golden or pink or can have no lights just a ship , the holographic inserts from the draco are usually huge fleets of white orbs , like the one spelling allah is lord or whatever also the Jerusalem ufo over the dome of the rock was a holographic insert by them too so yes you have to be discerning but you usually can tell :)

Annunaki77: There are non-believers

Then there are dis-info personnel. You Karoline get paid well for your lies.

Simply put. Your doing a good job I am beginning to believe all this Alien stuff is just the figment of a Human Imagination.
Everything is Man Made , Can you Debunk me.

Hit'N'Hide - Space invaders

bluesbaby5050: I Agree with you , and so does Edisonik...........

As I knew this to be true from the very beginning when she first showed up on this forum. I was NOT fooled either, as some others were, and some others were NOT.

Karoline: To Bluesbaby5050:

There’s more love emanating from a tank full of piranhas than I’ve received from a few of you ‘Bluesbaby5050’. I don’t need any more bullies in my life, had enough of people like you as a kid growing up. Anyway you lot have just reminded me I’ve still got a life I should be living.

bluesbaby5050: Good!


UN.i1-PHI: oww BB... i was not that fooled! hehe...

i tought you understanded me,and what i was doing and how&why!, your now repeatedly portraying me as being the fooled one by her but as i even said to you i also had this tought/feeling from the start, but not everyone reading this will have that tought/feeling/instinct also..!

so i kinda 'played' along in an more objective way because just because someone thinks like that does NOT necessairly make them a shill, and as other people can also believe those things and agree on them like in her posts like that there arent any aliens or ET ufos on earth because the vatican is suddenly saying so ... because they want to play along in the NWO et takeover invasion...or that these gods were actually planets because of the representations

because everyone is welcome to come here in the first place and even shills can come here and then i/we can deal with them more properly too by countering/backfiring the disinfo if you think it will be worth the effort as these things has been talked/discussed about in the past on this forum, members and guests come here every day and read these things first while there is many past information covering and explaining/exposing this in the previous/past topic posts&comments and i think its good to re-peat/re-post material on these things to keep them showed&emphasized when needed...

i went a long way trying give the reasons why this 'may'/'is' be disinfo(WETHER INTENTIONAL OR NOT), and to try to expose these tactics without offending anyone, as i think this is a way to backfire the disinfo, without having 'proof' of anyone really being an shill, anyways i dont care what y'all think of me i'm just doing/saying what and how i want to do/say,or feel like i have to even if i wouldnt like spending so much time/energy in this... and you warned me in the beginning about not to spend too much energy in this, well i wanted to do this anyways, and i explained why (i think;) )it would/could be necessairly/important, cause i wouldnt want people who read these messages to just think we're just some offending alien supporters critisizing 'normal people' who come here and scaring them off, no i offered my perspectives on these things so then there is also an conflicting/counter/critic message and 'opinion' on her messages wich were conflicting the et reality, i personally felt this must be exposed in somewhat such way,.. properly so people dont just think we offend others because they have critic/conflictic beliefs or (dis)info!!!

bluesbaby5050: I did not RE-PEATEDLY Protray You........

As being fooled. You kept at it making it look that way, and going on about things way too long, and this IS HOW IT DID LOOK. I didn't mean to offend you. Sorry you feel that I did. Not meant to. That's WHY she ALWAYS aimed her comments at you most of the time, and this is/was another tactic she was using, YOU, and this was very obvious, and she would ignore Obsrvantlouie and his questions to her on purpose. She avoided him altogether after. She THOUGHT she had you though. I know what you were doing for the sake of the other members, mostly the newer ones on here. That's fine with me, as it is needed. I hate to drag things out, as you must know by now :)

bluesbaby5050: As you know Un.i1..........

I GAVE YOU THUMBS UP! To your Responses to her! Good job. Your good at this. I like to get to the point, while explaining information right away. ( My Style, while Yours is a different style).

UN.i1-PHI: avoiding accusation and redirect them again...

i knew others was asking&accusing here for being a shill, so i felt this is not what i should keep doing, and that others will say that again in the future, i felt to direct myself more on the information itself, even if i repeated made the same points many times over and in different ways...
i also asked her what she have to say on people accusing her for being a shill as she was avoiding that and started accusing others for being shills, and this she ignored also...
and i still wonder what she has to say on this...

UN.i1-PHI: i dont want to drag this on too much but u pretty much did...

are u 'sure'...as i felt&know you did imply something like that, like in these comments;
http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/july-4th-ufo-sighting#comment-22490 ("I was NOT fooled either, as some others were, and some others were NOT.")
http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/july-4th-ufo-sighting#comment-22503("YOU FOOLED some people here like UN.I1PHI, but not me! Even Obsrvantlouie COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE")
and even in this one u very suspiciously used capital UN like from my username..... : /
http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/july-4th-ufo-sighting#comment-22491("come to this forum to deceive the UN-knowing, and those that are blind, and ignorant. USE YOUR INTUITION PEOPLE! ")

i know enough of what i'm doing and dealing with okay

bluesbaby5050: I d a r n well KNOW what I wrote...............

This is how I write, I use Capitals in the FIRST letter , because this is AN IMPORTANT WORD, and Nothing more. I had A'S in the English grammer, and I know how to properly use the letters in the English language. Your L00KING for some thing that IS NOT THERE, just because I cap the U in my words does not mean this is about you. A good writer does just that. Nothing more, and by the way, I always speak up front, and not behind hidden phrases. You should know this above most people on TC by now. So I do not need a re-view. So please read it as I intended to be read. Thanks :)

UN.i1-PHI: okay forget the last one

it wasnt about that one anyway...but afterwards it kinda seemed to add up lol
that was just an suspicion that i couldnt prove , but i'm pretty sure did imply me first(in the first comment without naming me) and then after you even included my name so... but u say didnt speak(imply me) behind phrases and you do speak up on front??
this is my point... no hard feelings tough

ps. i cited to show exactly where/what i meant/got that from aaight

bluesbaby5050: I did name you as shown..........

I did say this UP-FRONT. You take things way TOO Personal. Kinda Like in having a INFERIORITY COMPLEX. The rest is just Important words that SHOULD STICK OUT, to be noticed by people when reading. Don't try to stir up anything I did say, and then twist it to look like I was meaning something different, like you have done in the past. This is WHY I try not to talk to you, just because of this Example right here now. MY TRUE FEELINGS. SORRY IF THIS OFFENDS YOU. But, I will speak the Truth Only, and this is what I truly meant. Keep over Analyzing the Threads, and like I warned, you will fall into your own trap all of your own making. You will be alone in this. I am finished with this. I was honest even now, and nothing more. BB5050.

UN.i1-PHI: lol i shouldnt have included the third one nvm

but in the first one you did imply me without naming as i felt that too and after you said thesame with my name there so i was right bout that
i didnt want to focus on the UN upper case or whatever i because you now do focus on that one mostly and base it on my exaugguration on that one, yes i may have overreacted/overtought that one but im still convinced i was right you did imply me in the first one and and then after again including my name, thats all i meant to ask and wanted to verify... but nvm i guess you wont respond on that one only anyways...
i did not want to steer your meanings but the first two ones i listed are very obvious u were mainly implying me, i said i have no hard feelings and i do not want to stir it up the way u do now

sry for being off topic tim

bluesbaby5050: My last REPLY............

I KNOW I DID IN MY THREAD, and I SAID SO! I did not lie, I DID WRITE IT,BECAUSE I FELT THIS TO BE TRUE. I will not drag this out anymore. My LAST REPLY TO THIS SUBJECT HERE. It's about UFO's, and NOT about you. FINISHED !

UN.i1-PHI: mine too

sad how u miss the point, i only meant to ask you because first you did not mention me but did imply me(as i felt it), and then after that you did mention me verifying what my intuition knew you meant/implied me mainly(without naming me first), (and you respond saying u did say it infront?while that was afterwards...)
and i was right after all and i tell you i'm not fooled at all and also not by u(that u meant me without naming me first) neither u dont even get what i meant to ask again this is why we argue and i dont want this neither, you know how to turn it again you say it is not about me? well besides that you did imply me the first time(without naming), it was about you saying" i'm not fooled others were, i was not, they were, as some where and others not... u sure know how to proudly promote urself again

i dont like confusion or underlying implications directed on others in such way,but i did not mind/care but i just wanted to ask/show address this, but everytime i try to sort it out with u it just gets worse... my bad for tryin? i wanted to show/ask u about it, not accuse u, but afterall my intuition was right about it anyways,so.. what shouldnt i have talk to you because u respond like this...? i tried to be clear and i shouldnt mention the capitals as your argument is based on that wich was not the one i mainly intended to show and ask u about...

look i didnt want it to come to this but do i have to remind you u first tought Tim Lovell was an disinfo agent aswell?? and now your all friends with him wich is good ofc but you tought that just because he was saying 'unpleasant' things about enki and that he's responsible for unpluggin the humans dna etc(or something like that*), and i tried to tell enki tried to do his best for humanity how/with what he could manage and disobeyed their orders etc and u said i was exposing him for this...

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