John Titor-Time Traveler from 2036

There was a war in the future of the U.S. that took place in 2015. John Titor came back in time to retrieve a IBM part to get the computers, and the internet back up and running in His Real-Time Line. And yes John Titor met his younger self when he arrived, and he had lived with his family during his stay. John Titor was in the U.S. Military, and he was picked for this mission, because his grandfather had worked manufacturing computers, and had built the IBM, and would still be alive to help him accomplish his mission. In this video he contacts The Art Bell Radio show, because he felt it was very important to tell his story, and to alert this current world of the possible future war, and what we needed to do to avoid it if only we would listen. He told of future events, and inventions in science with the CERN Hadron Collider that did come true after he left. He was on the mark with other information he shared while on Art Bell's Radio Show. I won't tell the whole story because it's long, and in depth, but very interesting, and worth listening to. He goes into great detail, and he explains all about how he Time Traveled, and what his Time Machine looked like and how it operated, and how it was installed in to a car. A picture is also shown on a web site provided by his family's attorney. John Titor stayed for 2 years before he left to go back to his own time line. The family's attorney was approached to ask his surviving mother if she would allow a movie to be made. It could be a future possibility. The picture provided is the IBM that John Titor had to come back for. It was stated that there was only 2 IBMs in existence, and only he would knew this information. ( You decide for yourself. ) Here is the link to his story:

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Quinton: I looked into this in great

I looked into this in great detail a few years back and it's a really interesting story. Thanks for the post :)

Terra Tea: good post _

I couldnt use the link, didnt allow mobile users. But You Tube suggested a related video that was done in 4 parts by...Realist news hosted by Joe. Never heard of him but thought he did a great job explaining about John Titor and reading his Art Bell transcripts. Very interesting notion. Just sorry to hear his timeline and how we experienced WWIII. Hope our timeline doesnt mimic his!

Best line: every possible thing that can happen or will happen has already happened somewhere

bluesbaby5050: I'm glad you liked it Terra Tea............

I posted another video of a man that also Time Traveled, but my guess is that he didn't even know that he did! In his video he recorded his event, of this with actual proof of the White House, and other close by buildings that were all lifted up and turned upside -down, and they slammed into the grounds there, with many visible cracks, and great damages those buildings he recorded it with his cell phone while he drove his car as it was happening to him, and while he was inside his car! He even shows people standing on the streets dumb-founded, and confused by all that took place. Please have a look at it, and post your thoughts about it, so that others that have not seen it will know too. ( I posted it with the rest in the column for the forum). Thanks:-)

Terra Tea: timelines

It brings up the concept that if you are good in this lifetime there is another time line where you are bad. For those people interested in time traveling this was a great video! Glad you shared this BB!

cosmicstorm: Theres alot of talk about WWIII in 2014

But since it MAY be in 2015, we can only guess the starseeds (and the people) stop a war for this year.

Phaminator: The 2014-2015 war that Titor

The 2014-2015 war that Titor speaks of. Is it referring to the instability of the middle east, global civil unrest, the recent Crimea crisis; Russia & Ukraine, and other random international political issues?

Terra Tea: war lasted for 10yrs

According to the video and transcripts i Johns timeline the war started in 2005 and ended in 2015. He could have mislead us by a decade for reasons known only to him..or its just that his timeline had/has a different fate than ours. He mentions he can only travel on lines that within 3%are close to his own, but with 2-3% difference.

Bb- where can i find that link again? Would love to see that!!

bluesbaby5050: @ Terra Tea..............

The link your asking me for can be found at the TOP OF THIS PAGE, where it reads-FORUM. Also, Look where it reads Recent activities, and look down to " VIEW MORE" at the bottom of the forum lists under the right side column. These are the 2 places where you can find what your looking for. And referring to John's Time Line in 2005, George Bush Jr. had to of been the president at that time, because Obama came into office during the year of 2008 during OUR Time Line, and he is just a NEW FACE with the SAME AGENDAS, SO DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS. I had said they are very CLEVER! I just thought I would remind the forum of this fact, only for comparisons sake. But, there's still a chance for WW3 in our time to happen with all the key events taking place, and building up right now. So that's why it's so very important for all of us to keep a Strong, Positive MIND-SET, and a Good Attitude to take shape (manifest), and to make into a Solid form! That's how we are able to make a change for the better OUT-COME for Our Future. You see, WW3 was only DELAYED in our Time Line, and the chance still exist, because TPTB are Still pushing for their Agenda 21, and events are now set in place for this to happen. Remember this is also a MENTAL WAR, AND NOT JUST A PHYSICAL WAR GOING ON HERE. It just has not escalated to an all out war between the KEY PLAYERS, and that's WHY it's CALLED A WORLD WAR, it involves ALL the key players all at the SAME TIME, and exchanging weapons fire as well. This war is NOT exactly like the OLD wars, because it now involves NEW HIGH EXTRA- TERRESTERIAL, Traded-EXCHANGED for large amounts of missing humans for their TECHNOLOGIES BEING USED AGAINST US OF, and IN THE MANY DIFFERENT FORMS, even our foods, though our seeds and the chemicals poisons added to them, and our waters, poisons added to it, are being used against us along with our weather patterns, HAARP being used with Chemical- Trails Added to the air we breathe, and to the poisoning all our soil, and waters, and the air though THE RADIATION THAT KILLS EVERYTHING OFF EVENTUALY on this planet, and with the many other components which are being used in conjunction with the currents of the oceans, and to pollutings though the OIL SPILLS too. We are being Attacked from, and with our weather, and ON THE INSIDES OF OUR MINDS though MIND CONTROLS, AND INSIDE OUR BODIES, VACCINES, AND though Big Corporations of Pharma- Medicines- though our minds, and body's, and EVERYONE OF ALL AGES ARE BEING TARGETED from the Birth of our babies though their BABY foods, though the Title-BABY's FIRST Waters-Bottled baby waters sold in many stores world wide, and though all the baby Formulars-Milks, and though the Mandatory Baby Vaccines soon after their births, and onwards into the young children's age before they start school. And though the FLU-Vaccines being offered to the young, and to the old alike. ONLY YOU CAN NOT SEE IT BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS COVERTNESS BEING USED AGAINST US! People need to WISE UP, AND TO WAKE UP FAST! Add this all up, and you can see just how this is happening to the human populations all over this planet! And let's not forget about the Abusive POLICE STATE being used against us, NOW INTO AFFECT. I don't think I need to say more to the people, because not all of us are stupid- ( means lack of knowledge). Thanks for your interests, and comments :-)

Tim Lovell: hmm BB I know what you mean

hmm BB I know what you mean about attacked through the weather I get blasts of wind every time I try and do something its really scary sometimes HUGE gusts come out of nowhere like its targeting me , its been going on for 12 years now and im tired of it I wish it would just end when will they just lose ...

bluesbaby5050: Oh Tim.............

I know your not enjoying this at all, but it is kind-da funny ( It made me laugh, sorry). Remember that big FACE IN THE CLOUDS WHERE YOU LIVE, all along the shore line? It had a great BIG Grin showing it's teeth even? I don't think there was any malice towards you in general. It was just cleaning your areas, and it was happy while it was doing it, and after all, the UK was involved with WW2, along with the rest of Europe too. Just talk to the elementals, and say you understand that they have their job to do, and you are thankful for this, but to please realize that you were against it all, and that your sorry, and that you want to feel safe. Your a wise man, and you know what I'm getting at. :-)

bluesbaby5050: Also Tim, on that same note...............

You should remember that all those elementals KNOW YOU, and they know your spirit, and that your spiritually advanced, and so they WANT YOU TO RECONIZE that they are a living different kind of being that was created for a special kind of talented, and special function connected to this planet with in their own right, and they want you to speak freely with them. This was how this was in the olden day when everything was in complete harmony. They are not our enemy when they are not being manipulated by the dark forces though technologies. They are used to cause great destructions, and to cause harm to us though those means. When this happens to them though those technologies they are BEING FORCED to carry out what the dark forces want to create. Same way with the mind controlling of humans to kill themselves, and others also, because they are PROGRAMMED TO DO those things, and they are not aware of their programming. Some are seeking help with this, because they realized this was not within their true behaviors. Most of those people are really loving by nature, but not all of them are, because everyone is different. You most likely knew this already, but, some people are not even aware of these programs used against us. Some people are waking up to this fact though.

bluesbaby5050: @ Terra Tea, Go to the Forum Page & Schroll down to....

The Title: " A Man Time Traveled into the Year 2022," while in his car, and recorded it though his Cell-Phone during his (unknown to him of what had happened) Trip to Washington, DC. and to the White House etc. Also, the link is still there in the column to the right of "Recent Activity" to the TC forum, , and you will have to scroll down to where it says-View More at bottom of lists, to go though all the postings of the last 2 days, and you will find it.

cosmicstorm: I just found something important in this topic

If you look at john titor time traveling through my eyes. You would see that he time traveled not just to warn about the war, but to in a way to tell us to double our efforts. I mean we're already trying, but if a war was able to break out then we didn't try hard enough, this is a chance to tell us we MAY not be doing our best. In other ways we have another advantage.

Tim Lovell: In my opinion this guy time

In my opinion this guy time traveling is a hoax just my opinion tho :p

bluesbaby5050: John Titor is a Real Time Traveler.........

This is no hoax, and it has been proven, and this is still quite possible, and these facts can not be ignored. Time Travel has been PREFECTED SINCE IT FIRST BEGAN over 50 years ago, and Time Travel is/will be used often, even the inner- dimensional aliens use this method, as well as Extra-terrestrial aliens too, though worm holes etc. I'm not sure about this man in 2022, but, the buildings sure are real enough, and so are the damages we can see with the naked eye. (And that's my opinion).

bluesbaby5050: And since the 50's.........

Very many TV, and movies have added the "Time Travel" conception in their productions in these arenas. Star Gate- SG 1, and Star Gate-SG12 series was made to open up people' eyes, and most do not know they used many of the scientific FACTS in those programs, that information came straight from the aliens from off world though the Alien Technologies (the Greys etc.), so came these themes of information that was inserted, and passed on to humans viewing these shows so they would one day wake up, and become enlightened though the Black and white TV programs of the 50's such as "Time Travel " played out weekly every night. And the "Twilight Zone" with aliens included in them. And then came the Famous TV series that played nightly of "STAR TREK" in the 60's, and then the late 80's and the " Star Trek The Next Generations," in the 80's, and on into the 90's, and then "Star Trek Voyager," their spin-offs in the movies came to the front of the human consciousness to tell us what really has been happening behind the scenes every day in the human existence. And even their PROPS they used in the Medical operations on board those ships came from the Greys technologies used in those programs, and in those movies. "Space Odessy" is another famous movie with" Hal" the host computer that ran most everything on that mother ship. We can no longer deny the past, and we can no longer deny our future.

bluesbaby5050: And The Planet of The APES movies..........

Was really a bad joke as Apes = Us humans( that's how we humans were portrayed in this movie) The Reversal of rolls being played out on screen, and the real Fear of the PTB acted out in a future reality of Apes-Us taking over the future of planet Earth, and this was an IN YOUR FACE MOMENT OF TRUTH of the Hidden Fears hidden from us by TPTB! THEIR FEARS! And then all those spin-offs that came later to inform us of the truth we/you could not see then, or deny seeing before your eyes. People need a Reality Check.

bluesbaby5050: On this same note............

Remember how the Pilot of that space ship that crashed landed on a FUTURE Earth By Actor, Charleston Hesston as he played the Commander of that ship, and how he was able to get there ? HE HAD TIME TRAVELED TO A FUTURE PLANET EARTH, AND HE FOUND OUT, TO HIS AMAZEMENT, and CONFUSION, How Everything had CHANGED in that FUTURE Time Period? ( More Proof of Time Traveling in movies).

Terra Tea: artifacts found also support time travel

Though you dont hear about it much, nany construction workers and/or archaeologists come across items that are not from the time period they are discovered in. Nails, pennies..small items.

If you go to the website it has a timeline and he occasionally throws in odd objects found. For anyone interested in early history and the Annunaki timeline this is a really good site! It covers alot of ground and scientific facts to back it up.

Arthreas: I first heard the John Titor

I first heard the John Titor from a visual novel named Steins Gate. I though he was just a character created for the game :D He had the same story you give. But in the game he said that CERN already created time travel and he came from a future that CERN had world under it's control and he came back to warn us. It was interesting. Game is a good one for. It contain time travel and conspiracy.

Tarheel: I'm not sayin'....I'm just sayin'.....

How about this one....Einstein said we cant travel backwards. SO, IF we time travel forwards, how do we get back?
I guess we're stuck. Dude.
It would be cool IF we could do either, and I do believe in the possibility of TT.

obsrvantlouie: TT

Is possible during oobe/astral travel.

Tarheel: Let's do it.

I want to check out 1940 Germany, 30 CE Jerusalem and whatever year En Ki came to Ki.


pasqualie: In astral

you can even split yourself into many and be in many places at once experiencing the events at same time.

i know a guy who was dreaming had an out of body experience. he was having dinner with friend in his home city, while he also was in australia at some book store buying a book.

he remembered enough details about book store in australia where he found it on the internet. called the place and asked the clerk who was working that time and day if they remembered him coming in to buy a specific book. and the store clerk remembered him buying the the specific book.

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