by verity on April 17th, 2013


Dear Jordan Maxwell customers and fans,

We are writing this to inform you, and respond to, an alarming number of email complaints we have received where individuals are upset because, and I quote from an email, " . . . at the lack of authenticity, accuracy and credibility of Joe Dombrovski (the astrologer)".

Please note, and / or its affiliates are NOT associated, promote or agree with, and would never recommend anyone to, the above mentioned individual, Joe Dombrovski.

Furthermore, we have never recommended anyone to the above mentioned individual and would NOT seek their advice.

We understand that astrology can be a great asset and tool for self-discovery, so for those who are interested in a personal astrology reading and / or advisor, please contact the best in the business - and the ONE AND ONLY who discovered, knows and practices the Nostradamus Method of astrology, Dr. Louis Turi -

For the safety and protection of you, and our customers & friends, please be proactive and forward this disclaimer to anyone you know who could potentially be affected. Dear Dr,Turi

I noticed your post on Jordan Maxwell Show Jordan tried to promote Joe Dombrovski

as a astrologer, even though Joe is using your methods without any deep personal knowledge as Joe is a charlatan compared to you.

You are number one in the field of astrology, and this Maxwell promotion of his

so called astrologer, will need your professional assessment.

It is in your best interest that you keep imposters like Dombrovski out of the astrology science. Thank you for reading my note. You are the Best!


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verity: Please , do you know him ?

Please , do you know him ? experience ?

bluesbaby5050: I remember him but............

I don't know him personally. I read about the long history of problems he was causing. All of it was posted on the internet explaining all about him, and many warnings were given out to the public as what he had been doing. There was a court case against him, and the case was also posted on the internet, because he was taken to court for fraud in these matters, and it also stated the public had to be warned of him.

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