The promotion of Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord & Saviour is nothing more than the Promotion of more Carnage & Bloodshed as well as Mohammad and other So Called Saviours.
I will teach Ancient Truth and the Truth is you cannot Allot all this Power to just One Man.
Many Priests , Pasters & Imams are Preaching that there is " NO SALVATION ", without Giving your Personal Free Will to One Man, this is very Dangerous Doctrine because any Man can come out of the Blue and say they are Jesus or Mohammad , pull off some Magic Tricks and Decieve the Public into following them into the Meat Grinder.

I am of Canaanite Decent I am Canus/ Canine Decendant of Olympus , I am not a Christian or Muslim or anything else. I can offer my Perspective on a few things that should Jog many Memories in Ancient Hypocrisy. Lets go back a few thousands of Years when the Hebrews were taken from the hands of the Great Pharoah of Egypt. This was planned even before Moses came into being. It was Lord Enlil's Wonderful Idea to distablize the Reigns of Control from the EN KI TITES. From the Rebel Reptilian Queen and her nasty Grey Co-horts.
Lord Enlil's henchmen helped the Hebrews to leave Bondage only to become Pawns for Lord Enlil. The So Called Promised Land was Canaan , the Lands of the Giants, the Sons of Olympus. The Hebrews Wondered for 40years in the Wilderness and then after this Terrible Ordeal in the Wilderness the Hebrews were Conditioned and Trained to become Bloodthirsty Warriors, they had 40 Years of Training by Lord Enlil's Canus Warriors via Extraterrestrial Intervention.

The Hebrews had to follow Orders Period if they didn't the Canus UFO's would drop nasty Snakes to Bite the Hebrews and Poison them untill they served the Will of Lord Enlil ( Yahweh ). Many Hebrews Died by these Snakes and the Hebrews out of Great Fear from the Kods above surrendered their Free Will to the Will of Lord Enlil.
The Hebrews became a tuned Army like no other and basically Marched to the Land of Caanan and with the Help of Enlils Space Ships they attacked Canaan.
The Canaanites were Powerful Titans with Awsome Size & Strength and they saw the Attack coming but they did not see the Cloaked Spaceships of Lord Enlil. The Armies marched towards the Cananite Army, the Hebrews engaged the Titans and were basically squashed like mash Potatoes but the Spaceships above launched a really good Assault which caused Panic among the Giants , this Panic was the Adavantage the Hebrews Needed to Kill every Man , Woman & Child in Canaan, Including the Large Beasts which fed the Colony.

So to this Day the Hebrews are not Free , they are Pawns and Slaves. How about Abraham he was played with Emotionally to kill his beloeved Son on the Altar. Many Humans Fight and Kill each other so that those who are Above Laugh , Riddicule and Entertain themselves for their own Amusements ( Those Being Extraterrestrials ).

So just who is really the Bad Guy here?, the Pharoah did make the Hebrews work their Asses off, but he did provide Work, Homes, Food & Shelter for his so called Slaves.
Lord Enlil provided a Promised Land?, a Land flowing with Milk & Honey?, more Like a Land of Blood & Carnage.

Now lets look into the Future , we come across a Messiah , Jesus Christ the Lamb of Enlil.
Preaching Peace , did anyone know that Barabas was the Son of Jesus? , many still do not know this, Jesus was a Pawn also to play with the Hearts of Men. He did a fabulous Job and he served Lord Enlil very well. We look into the Future after his Crucifixtion and what do we see?, we see the Church being formed from the Roman Empire, we see an Emporer by the name of Constantine who created the Bible to make himself a GOD/DOG (Canus King).

When the Bible was created in 325AD he had 1700 Scholars help him create the Bible. Once the Bible was created 1400 Scholars violently rebelled the creation of this Book. Emporer Constantine had the 1400 Scholars Executed, the last 300 remaining Scholars agreed under the fear of Death to Create this Book.
What happens next is absolute Sacriledge, the Spanish Inquisition was created, anyone who denied the Church and Jesus Christ was to be put to Death, so Free Will was under attack again. Many Men , Women & Children we Burned at the Stake, many Mavericks , many Spiritual Healers, many Midwives, many Scholars, many Scientists, many Great Thinkers.

The Roman Catholic Church is an Abomination that should have been Discredited Hundreds of Years ago during the Times of the Spanish Inquisition for all that Mass Murder of Innocent Souls and to this Day they still Sodomize Innocent Boys. Yet people still gather to this House of Hypocrisy.

It's as if there was an Ancient Agenda of Dumbing Down the Human Species with Religion and Dogma. The Dark Ages were Dark because of Lord Enlil and others like the Reptilian Queen and her nasty Grey Co-horts. So as long as Humanity is still awaiting a Savour or Messiah the Cycle of Carnage will continue.

Lets not forget Mohammad in this Equation also , he was a Warrior also and one night the Annunaki came to him , Enlil again and he told Mohammad that he was a Prophet of his people and to Kill all Infidels, what does Mohammed do he lays out a plan of Carnage.
More Blood being spilled for the Pleasures of Enlil.

The Only time when this Cycle of Carnage will end is when Humanity grows up and Finally decided to become Adults and start taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTIY for their Lives.
INDEPENDANCE is not easy but it's not Impossible either.

I believe in Hope so start believing in yourselves. Human Life has Value so start in believing in yourselves and not a Third Party. DO NOT BE STUPID , QUESTION EVERYTHING , INCLUDING YOUR IDEOLOGICAL RELIGIONS THAT ARE DRAGGING YOU INTO WAR & CARNAGE.


George Carlin -Question Everything

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mfrey0118: Why does every entity in this

Questinon everything, I agree! So why don't you (the author) question this:

Why does every entity in this frackin' universe insist on trying to convince me I am a Hu-Man being? Where did that term come from? Hu-Man or Hu's (god of material world) Man, or sub-man or less than Man. I AM NOT HUMAN DAMMIT.
Therefore, if these so-called enlightened beings are calling me Hu-Man, I have no choice but to conclude they are simply another level of subterfuge relying on their self-proclaimed elevated status for credibility. FAIL.
Insistent labeling is a great litmus test, I have found. Soren Kirkengaard was so on point with his "when you label me, you negate me" concept!
Who am I? I sure as hell ain't can be though, have at it. When that malakim in the white light at the end of the moon tunnel asks you upon your death who you are, tell them you are THE NAME and you are Hu's Man and see if it gets you to the next level or right back in this fracked up cycle with total memory loss...

Crackdown: note about "Human" word

"Human" word has a translation at all the languages. However, some languages could have a hidden meaning for "human" which is better than hidden meaning for english version that you have described

Example: russian translation for "human" is "chelovek" ==> "Chelo-Vek"
"Chelo" could mean "mind" or "entity", "Vek" means eternity. If we put it together,
"Chelovek" means "eternal mind" or "eternal entity" ! I believe "chelovek" is a good word, and it empowers you when say it - just by saying this word I could feel myself
a bit stronger...

So, if you dont like hidden meanings of some words of your native language, you could translate these words to other languages - in order to find a substitute with better hidden meaning. Substitutes could be used in situations which you consider as important

However, if you go to the light tunnel after death, nobody gives a fuck about
what are you saying! You will be subjected to the same treatment as other people
who die in your area. If you want to avoid this "freaked up cycle with memory loss" :

1st - dont go inside the light tunnel
2nd - dont approach anyone, dont talk to anyone, dont trust anyone, until you
figure out how things work in this higher dimension of our world. it could be easy to trick newbies so they get into light tunnel or other trap / crap

TillToTheWhen: Hi Crackdown

Hi Crackdown,

just wondering your opinion on this. Do you think that all of us here went into the light in our last lives or incarnations? Or do you think some of us willingly chose to come back here, without being duped? And how would we know, since we have no memory of the past lives? Also do you believe in Indigo children? I feel like I am one, because I have most of the symptoms of it, and was born the same year that they were said to be introduced. So, it makes me wonder who I was in a past life...or how long I've been here, or how many times I was fooled into coming back. lol

TillToTheWhen: Also the "Ghosts" that get

Also the "Ghosts" that get stuck here, what's up with them? They never got shown the light? Or they just avoided it? I understand that most of them have no clue they are even dead. I wouldn't mind being a ghost here I guess....but I'm not sure exactly what it would be like. It's hard to understand how you would not realize your dead, when people obviously wouldn't answer you or notice you if you talked to them, walked up to them, etc

Crackdown: Light , reincarnations, indigo...

as you know, there are many spirits ("starseeds" / extraterrestrial incarnates) who arrived here to help Earth people, even while being aware that they could stuck in this system. You could be one of them! Anyway, the probability that you have been on this planet for many thousands of years, is pretty low - so I could tell for sure that you arrived here from outside at some point of time. Despite the limitations of our physical body, you CAN remember small fragments of your past life, either accidentally - or with someone's assistance - or trying by yourself (deep meditation?) That could answer your questions about "when?" and "from where?" you have arrived. Also, those who have set up some important life purpose, and after death of their body they feel that it was not completed, could decide to have new incarnation here at Earth in hope to achieve it in the next time - although they know how to avoid the light tunnels / crap traps

People usually label as "starseed" only those whose very recent incarnation happened in place "out-of-this-world". To be honest, everyone is a "starseed" - but, those who have experienced many incarnation cycles in our limited Earth realm, they tend to be more skeptic and ignorant about "spiritual stuff" and other "unusual topics" (like aliens) in general

"Indigo children" and "Indigo people" are those who have indigo (bright purple) color of aura. If a person has indigo color of aura, it means that he/she is relatively spiritually advanced (e.g. good intuition) and this color could also reflect the fact that this person have determined his life purpose before his birth (that info was taken from a book which listed aura colors and described them) If you are concerned about the color of your aura: there are some helpful tutorials at youtube ... Also, maybe people could change their color of aura during lifetime, by changing their way of living. Because "starseeds" are usually more spiritual advanced (simply because they could remember more about "their roots" at subconsious level) a large percentage of "starseeds" are also "indigos"

"Indigo children" term is used more commonly than "indigo people", probably because there is a larger percentage of spiritually advanced children than spiritually advanced people. It is known that in very young age, all the people could see the aura, but as time passes - people are being taught to focus on the thin area of light spectrum (that we could perceive with eyes) and to ignore everything else. For example, a child had an unusual experience with "ghosts" but the parents were ignorant and thought that child made it up, so they dismissed these stories ==> that discouraged the child from paying attention to his "imaginary friends", and after some time the child forgets how to focus on things that are outside the visible spectrum

"Ghosts": they could have avoided the light, but that does not mean they will not go to the light later. E.g. a religious person has died. He/she strongly believe that he/she should eventually go to the light "to the heaven", but they could try to influence their family members to do something (which they consider as very important) and go to the light a bit later - after they have "settled the things". You could be right that some of them are not aware that they are dead, or it could be that they are got used to being in "ghost mode" so they are in relaxed state and dont appear very emotional. Its possible to influence the world in a good way while being a "ghost": e.g. helping some starseeds to remember their origin by interfering with their dreams - sounds like a good idea ;-)

TillToTheWhen: Cool! Thanks for all that

Cool! Thanks for all that interesting info. I've personally never remembered any other past lives, but I've always been intrigued by it, and always wondered where we came from and how long we've been around, etc.

435: No need to be "Saved"

There is nothing to be "saved" from.

The Bible, Quran, Gita, Vedas, Talmud, etc, etc are all symbolic representations of the "Days and Nights" of the Universe and the evolution of each and every part thereof, these allegories in these Holy Books are about The Cosmos and the mini-Cosmos (You) all the way down to atomic and sub-atomic structure. These Holy Books are simply science books put forth in the form of allegories, metaphors, and poetry. You Your Self are an evolving being, a being of amazing beauty and brilliance. Your Higher Self is using what You call a "body" for experience - to evolve It-Self. All the world is a stage, and We are all actors playing a role. We are all One. The Uni-Verse (One-Verse, Uni means "One") and every-thing in It are One.

The story of a so-called "Loving" Creator that brutally tortures and murders "his" own "son" for the so-called "sins" of the other off-spring should raise a flag in the common-sense and common -decency portion of thought. The Christian "Scriptures" were assembled by the Council of Nicea around 350-370 or thereabouts and Constantine and the Mystery-School leaders that he had brought in formulated the "official" Canon of the "Christian" (official new state religion of Rome) Religion. They used Mystery-School transcripts- simply lines to be recited by actors in the Initiation rites which symbolically represented Truths of the cosmos and creation- to be the new "Script-ures" of the new Religion. And then they enforced this new religion by torture and murder of those that knew it was non-sense (when taken as literal), and those that refused Christianity solely on the non-logical part of it (almost 100% of it).

A simple Google search of "Bible Contradictions" and "Bible Atrocities" will reveal a lot to you. There are a lot of places in the bible where "Love" is explained. "Love keeps no score of wrongs" 1 Corinthians 13 tells us. "God is Love" 1 John tells us. No one is sitting "up there" or anywhere writing down everytime you "sin" etc. And what is "Love?" Love is the absence of Judgment! This again means that no one is keeping track of your "wrong" doings!

There is no savior. There is no need of a savior. You will reap what you sow, this is simply Cause and Effect or what is commonly called "Karma." And to put it bluntly, any person of honor wouldn't want someone to be tortured and murdered so that they could be "forgiven." I want to bear my own burden- don't try to take that away from me. I need it to grow. This "doctrine" of "salvation" has caused a spread of unintelligence, hypocrisy, fear, chaos, and bloodshed to every corner of the globe. Those preaching "Love your neighbor as yourself" have murdered and tortured hundreds of millions of people in the name of "the savior" and in the name of "Love." And this misunderstanding of "Love" has led to extreme confusion and destruction.

None of these "Script-ures" of the "past" are literal history. And none of them were intended to be taken as such. It is a abuse by those of "authority" to use these books against people, and to control people through the fear,guilt, and overall slavery that has resulted from it.

There is no gain without resistance- and so therefore when One attains the correct comprehension of the "Holy Books," One will have grown a tremendous amount through the psychological "deaths" of falsehood and superstition.

This information is not put forth in the spirit of anger or condemnation. It is put forth in the spirit of freedom and growth. I totally 100% respect each and everyone's thoughts on these issues.

Thanks for reading!

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