Jesus is a composite character

by Crackdown on October 12th, 2013

Jesus is a composite character, created by Council of Nikea. From 310 AD to 325 AD, the Council of Nicea created this composite character, along with Virgin Mary. The Biblical Jesus is a composite character, and as such is an allegorical myth. These composites were made for the purpose of uniting religions of the ancient Roman empire, so that their resources were not being used to constantly stop religious wars between different factions.

Catholic church created this composite character, because at the time they were expending a lot of resources putting out religious wars. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but like many things it got perverted. Yeshua Ben Joseph, was a Jewish rabbi who lived from 70BC to 9 BC. He was apparently crucified at some point, charged with being a thief.

Prior to that there was a man by the name of Rabbi Hallel who apparently died in 100BC. Rabbi Hallel was called "The Great Teacher". Many Christians are led to believe that a man named Jesus was called this, when in fact it was Rabbi Hallel. Now, what happened was that the New Testament composite character of "Jesus The Christ" was created by the Council of Nicea.

Most of the words that are attributed to this composite character, referred to colloquially as "Jesus", were in fact spoken by Apollonius of Tyana, who the Bible calls "Paul of Tarsus". Because Rome had their armies scattered all over the place and all these wars were over the subject of religion, what the Council of Nicea decided to do is essentially create a "State Religion".

So, what they did was combine the religions of the east and the west, both of which were concerned with Sun worship. Those in the West worshipped Hesos, also called Hess. Those in the East that worshipped the Sun worshipped Krishna, which in Greek is called Kristos. The very first "Bible" that was put together in 325AD.

They took some books that Apollonius of Tyana had brought back from Burma, called the Codes of the Initiates (which concerned themselves with man's relationship to the seasons, among other things) containing lessons that were handed down to those particular Holy Men in India during that particular period in history. The Codes of the Initiates allegedly contained words that were spoken by Krishna.

The very first "Bible" was called the Helios Biblios, which means "The Sun Book". Helios Biblios was assembled between 324 and 355 AD, by the Council of Nicea under Emperor Constantine The Great. Then they slowly developed a "God", a personage, to replace the Sun. They changed meanings, and every scribe that worked on this thing kept changing things as belief systems were revised with the prevailing times. They slowly changed the books, disposing of the material detailing reincarnation and many of the other teachings. (eventually, the reincarnation was completely written out of the Bible by Justinian and Theodora in 553 AD)

The exact words ascribed to the historical "Jesus" with reference to the Sermon on the Mount were found in a Turkish museum, authored by a Greek Senator in 64 AD. The Church went out a gathered all the information they could at various times in history, and they suppressed what they didn't agree with or what they didn't want the people to know.

Yeshua Ben Joseph was of the royal line, but he tried to create rebellion against Roman tyranny as well. Now, there was also another Yeshua. Yes, it was a very common name than in Judea. Another Yeshua was a rabbi who was also a rebel, of sorts. He died at Massada in 64 AD, and his presence at Massada was why Massada was attacked. His name was Yeshua Malathiel. The bottom line is there was no "Jesus Christ" in history at all. It was a composite character, and history reveals this fact.

Remember, this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice. They have altered the truth just enough that it has kept all of us holding back, waiting, and waiting. Lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. Here we are, making a decision to hold ourselves back, because we are waiting for someone to come and save us. It isn't going to happen. Benevolent extraterrestrials don't want to come in here and "save" us, because don't want to baby-sit, and then if something "happens", we can always "blame", and the cycle starts all over again. We don't have time - the Earth is sick

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bluesbaby5050: RE-POST...........

This is well worth a review for the new members.....This is very IMPORTANT!

Aluyi: Nice One

A very well thought-out point to point subject the world should read.... but guess what it a´int gonna happen because we are afraid to face the truth or facts. But thank goodness I saw the ´Light´.

lightbearer: Very Nice

Very nicely done. Like Aluyi said, people are afraid of the truth.

UN.i1-PHI: maybe cuz many ppl are just afraid of being wrong for so long?!

and too lazy to seek out the real truths between the 'chaos' of (dis)information
wich demotivates(and fears) them to re-consider things in ways contradictory of what has been taught or believed for so long(as in religious ways/doctrines), because of the huge magnitude that the lies carry(what the deception would mean for the world) and the need to figure things out again and start thinking by and for ourselves!?.

Tarheel: I saw a documentary on Jesus-"Bible Secrets Revealed".

It blew Biblical accounts out of the water, saying anything and everything from "The Bible has the timelines wrong (Jesus lived during Herod, so our years are skewed 4-7 yrs as Herod died 4-7 yrs before Jesus supposedly was born) to Matthew, Mark, Luke & John had 4 different accounts of what actually happened. There are MANY other misnomers it referenced.

I doubt you'll hear that @ church on Sunday though. Yikes!

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