Is Jesus Christ the Messiah(Ha Mashiach)

Is Our Jesus Christ the Messiah(Ha Mashiach)? According to the Bible We read today,then No,He Can Not Be. Why would God pick Joseph,Knowing He was from the Tribe of Judah,With the Right Bloodline and the Right Dna,then Not use Him? If the Spirit of God went into the Virgin Mary, Then God would Break His Own Laws of Deuteronomy22. Did God Marry The Virgin Mary? No,She was already Promised to Joseph. What do you call a Child born out of Wedlock? This is what Jewish and Islam Think of our Christian Saviour,What else can they Think? Why are there Millions and Billions of So Called Christians Going to a Church on Sunday,the 1st day of the week Knowing that the real Jesus Christ Would never go there? He would Keep the True 7th day Saturday sabbath.

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melvinabercrombie: Did Jesus Christ Teach Re-Incarnation?

Is Grandma Up In Heaven Right Now or Is She still In the Ground waiting on this Future Rapture to Come? Millions and Billions of Christians were taught This,Who is Right? Who Is Wrong? Who Gets to Decide? Jesus asked His Disciples "Who Do People say I am?" To Me That would Mean He Understood Simple Re-Incarnation or is it Resurrection? The Disciples Obviously Understood because their Reply was "Some say You are Elijah." How Can Jesus be Elijah when He Has Been Dead for a while. What about The Guy who was Born Blind? "Who Sinned?"

Tim Lovell: you are your own saviour stop

you are your own saviour stop looking for a separate deity to `save` you , you must master everything yourself take full responsibility for your reality

melvinabercrombie: Response

Its Great That you Have arrived at that Conclusion. What about the Million and Billion of other Christian Who Are still Seeking a Saviour to Help Them thru Their Everyday Struggles? At least Learn the Truth about this guy They Call Jesus. Everything You Know Is What You Were Taught. They Can Only Teach You What they Were Taught. I am Glad you were Taught to Take full Responsibility.Do You Only Get One Chance in this Game Called Life? Have You Lived Before? Thanks

Tim Lovell: Hi yes I do know the truth

Hi yes I do know the truth about who Christ was , actually it was a committee of being that came in not just yoshua(cant spell sry) , also you live many lifetimes and yes we all have lived before but actually its more complicated you have a multidimensional identity your main oversoul/monad splits into many separate parts that go and incarnate on various worlds all similtaniously but your part on earth for example will have lived many times before your current lifetime, Christ came to help planet earth which has been under malevolent control for many ages, he came in to show what a human should be and can be but the controlers just took his message and distorted it into yet another religion of control and carried on their dark ways , jesus was never going to `save` anyone he came to show what we should be like to help us break the control we have been under on this planet...

melvinabercrombie: Reply

Thanks for the Comment. All We have to do Now is get this other Billion People to get to the Level we are at. I am Not saying I am Better. I realize the truths. My Books Help Teach others that you do not get one chance in this game we call life and you get to go to Heaven forever and ever or burn in a Hell forever. All You Know is what You were Taught. All They Can Teach you is What they Were Taught. Read My Books ask Questions Demand Answers Thank you

Tim Lovell: you are wrong I am sry , you

you are wrong I am sry , you do not either goto heaven forever or burn in hell forever, this is a part of the programming Anu and his scientists put into the human mind program, listen to me and understand , the entire reality we live in is part of the programmed illusion of Anu from thousands of years ago, now the family of anu realised suddenly that a wall blocking their evolution came down on them after their interference on earth , , they were then informed by the federation gathering that they could not continue their evolution until they undid the damage they had done to earth, yes they created a new species (us) to mine their gold on earth , but in doling so they became karmicly joined to us , the council said to Anu , until you bring them upto your level , until they are what YOU are , the wall will not be removed you cannot advance anymore in your evolution, so many members of the family of Anu incarnated into the human line to try to undo what THEY caused from within , you get it? this is what is happening TODAY, wake up

bluesbaby5050: That was a very good explanation you gave Tim.....

All you said is very true. Many people better wake up, or they will not advance either. It will only become harder, and take them longer if you do not accept this truth, and try to learn that we all had been fooled for thousands of years, and now this is changing, and for the better. A long time over due.

melvinabercrombie: Reply

If You Read all My Comment then You Would realize i am Trying to Teach this other Billion People First there is No Heaven/Hell You are Living it right Now. Billions of People go to False Churchs that tell You Give me 10% of your Money and i will Put in a Good word for you and Maybe you get to Go to Heaven Forever or If you Do Not Give me 10% of Your Money You are going to Burn In Hell Forever i believe in the Serians,They were the UFo of the past Is Anu another name for God? Like Yahweh is a Hebrew Name what is the difference? Who is right? We all are Here on Different Paths,Each Life we are Here to Experience different things. You are here to Experience different Things then i am WE can still Be Brothers

Tim Lovell: Melvin we KNOW , you don't

Melvin we KNOW , you don't have to come here promoting your book trying to convince US , my friend we know PERFECTLY well the truth, why do you think our website is called Truth Control ?

Tim Lovell: hello you fool I love you!...

hello you fool I love you!....

join the joyride!

HebrianDaniel: all these religious things is

all these religious things is bull of crap...
you cant convince us with youre preaching.

Chris: Stewart Swerdlow on Jesus

Stewart and Janet Swerdlow discuss the history of the real Jesus (Jmmanual). They discuss the evidence of Jmmanuels life from their recent tour of the South of France where He and Mary Magdalenes resting place can be found. Other future events, including a staged 2nd coming (project bluebeam) is also discussed.

Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt1/6

Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt2/6

Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt3/6

Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt4/6

Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt5/6

Reality Check - The Real (Jesus) Jmmanual, and the 2nd coming Pt6/6

pasqualie: take everything with a grain of salt

And focus on your inner self.

Although swerdlow i find his processes of balancing and deprogramming to be good.

He is not so different from others being human. I find watching his youtube although his information is insightful and interesting, He does use fear as well, like many others.

So use what resonates with you, and focus on your inner self. Never give away your power and follow someone blindly. You are in essence God or god mind or source, inside of you, as in all the things around you. So your most direct connection is through your inner journey, of finding out who you are and remembering.

But listen to swerdlows material and get what you can out of it. Also alot of what asha deane says is true as well from her perspective. Although some may not like her personality, her material is good. But forget the prophecies and fear, use the processes, thats what is important. the prophecies and fear wont get you anywhere, but keep you in polarity and drama.

lonethinker_: how do i start?

Hi tim . I feel like i have a grasp on everything your saying and have had experiences myself. But how do i start to know about Anu and everything related. I will like to learn the history part . I have had my share of experience that leads me to belive what your saying. I just will like to know where to start so i can finish my puzzle. You can message me or send me links. Thank you and happy i found this site

Tim Lovell: Hi Lonethinker a good start

Hi Lonethinker a good start would be to read the book Innana Returns it gives a good insight into the family of Anu and why they came to earth etc , also look into the wingmakers materials there is some info on Anu there also , and also on this site there is loads of info I will try and find links for you..

lonethinker_: Thank you. Will start right

Thank you. Will start right away.

Tarheel: Translation of Sumerian tablets on youtube is good, too.

There are several translations in easy-to-read form.

Tim Lovell: Innana Returns (pdf)

Innana Returns (pdf)

Here is a link to the pdf of Innana returns , read it , it is a very good insight into the family of anu and earths history..

Tim Lovell: can I ask when `god` went

can I ask when `god` went into the virgin Mary did she bleed?
also did she scream?
does this offend anyone?
does this offend you?

Tarheel: Dude.

Kinda sick thing to ponder, isn't it ?
I think the chemo is doing a number on young Timmy.

obsrvantlouie: maybe he is sick

Sick of Edi not answering questions asked on open forum......

Tarheel: We love ya OL, but.....

Edi isn't obligated to answer anyone's questions. I'm not obligated to answer anything either, nor are you. I do know exactly where you stand.

I will say, if that same question had been asked of me, I would completely ignore it. With questions like that, it's no wonder people don't always answer.

obsrvantlouie: I was referring to the relevant

Or perhaps 'more tasteful' questions asked.....not the idiotic ones. It was more of a joke for myself because Edi and Annu seemingly never answer questions asked of them on open forum.

Tarheel: I know what you were referring to.

The question was (IMHO) in poor taste. I try not to stomp on anyone's Free Will, but I am opinionated and can express my FW, too. You recognize & understand that about me better than you did before.
I feel a very STRONG connection to them, yet they don't answer all my Q's either. They don't have to. It's part of their FW, plus I read some "Nullius en verba" (take nobody's word, therefore "see for yourself") in their silence. That, and I ask A LOT of questions and consider myself a handful (burden) at times.
However, I wouldn't have answered that question, or if I had, the reply wouldn't have been nice. Like I've said before, I try to leave "Bad Tarheel" at home.

Isn't life a bittersweet symphony? (only about 4 minutes)

Tim Lovell: nah don't worry I was just

nah don't worry I was just moking religion , was wondering what edi thought of religions etc

edisonik: The Page for your Destiny

The Page for your Destiny will be written by you and not by others. The Pantheon of the Annunaki was written by those who felt that Humanity had the right to know as they evolved through time.
And through time Humanity will find it's place among the Stars.

The Ancient Sumerian writings were transported into the Bible and the Bible is a Book that is bits and pieces of an Ancient Story and not the full Story.
The rest of the puzzle you will unravel through your Destiny, you see you are all Special and deep inside you dwells Passion, Free Will & Destiny.

This not Man or ET can remove from you because it was given to you by Friends from the Stars above.

Love One Another and always let go of your Fears and Embrace your Love for yourselves and others through Harmony, Wisdom & Love.

Not Arrogance or Ego, it was Arrogance & Ego that destroyed the Earth , Mars and other Planets, this can no longer be allowed.

Peace & Harmony always.

Tarheel: Thanks Edi, I needed that.....

I've been a little "off my game" lately.
Your kind words and messages are always a welcome sight.

edisonik: You are all Open Books, we

You are all Open Books, we have taught this before, all you have to do is open your Heart and you will know what it is that you must do.
This Reality is being Manipulated by those with Lots of Money & Lies , but when you Open your Heart from inside you will know your Divine Mission of Personal Growth.

You live in a Vibration , a Force of Eternal Energy that was given to you by "THE ONE", The Tree of Life, Your Sun which is the Fruit of the Tree of Life and the Galaxy is that Divine Tree.

For if there is No Fruit there is No Life.

You are Life, Focus on your Destiny and not on the CIRCUS that other Fools want you to follow of believe.

Know the Ways of the Ancient ELOHIM.

edisonik: We Are Electric - Flying

We Are Electric - Flying Steps - Lyrics

Photons , Electrons

Life is Energy , you are Divine Energy , Created in our Image & Likeness.

edisonik: We have the Power to Destroy

We have the Power to Destroy ( THE DOGS / DESTROYERS ) But we choose to CREATE
( KODS).
So Love & Peace will be THE WAY.

Tim Lovell: Edi can I ask you can you

Edi can I ask you can you explain how the Great Pyramid was used to power the weather control device and the various craft that used it as a power up point? I know that the various crystals that powered the pyramid are now removed (but there is a craft still under the pyramid, but at a slightly differing dimesion) can you explain to the others how the pyramid truly functioned?

Tim Lovell: Also Edi I know about Zeus on

Also Edi I know about Zeus on Mars this is elder stuff for us anyway

pasqualie: tim

thoth and others just took different names as they went from one civilization in time to another. different names same annunaki entities. its why thoth and a few even go and say in writings i am these names in different times they have been in. thoth was hermes, chichutek or something like that from the aztec time and a few others.

its the eternal behind the scenes battle they set up between the knights templar and the knights of knosses.

annunaki vs reptile, evolved today into the masons vs other organizations, countries, religions.

all an attempt to keep you in separation and polarity. to direct your attention outwards.

edisonik: Mastering Yourselves

You have awesome power. All Humanity but those in power spend alot of money in diverting your attention to an imaginary enemy , through fear they try to control your reality.

It is your perception , it is how you manage yourselves that makes the difference in this reality.
3rd Density is a very simple reality to Master Once you get taught by the Ancient Masters of Time & Space , but for a person how is based in Basic Consciousness they will not think Outside the Box and therefore will become a Slave through their own Fears & Ignorance.

Learn to Master yourselves and in this way , no one will be able to Dominate you or Rule you.

Giving up to Fear & Ignorance will only make you a Slave, some Prince Aya Hated Most Adamu.

edisonik: THE PYRAMIDS

As for the Pyramids , these massive structures where balancers for a planet that is being inhabited , also with the help of the giant crystals communication and power was magnified for the purpose of powering Civilizations and communicating with other Civilizations on other Planets & Starsystems.

Do you really think that Humanity is the only Form in this Galaxy?, do you really think that your Leaders are the only Power in this Neighbourhood.
Do not make me laugh, they are little Insects in the scheme of things in this Galaxy.

So Master yourselves because your Lifecycles are short , when you get old you will move to the next Dimensions so learn as much as you can instead of being Fools for your Governments & Leaders.

Tim Lovell: Edi I know this I was only

Edi I know this I was only asking for your confirmation, also I know we are certainly not the only humaties , infact we are only a later group created from lyran humans and others ,

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