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by Chris on August 28th, 2017

This is the video I mentioned having made before the one titled "Talking With TE'IR, RH'AG, ........." You can see the difference in the lighting.
I'm well aware there's some kind of way to come close to duplicating the shading. The issue is that I did nothing. I don't think Herckie did either.
This also explains why they are showing themselves as these Blue Avian type E.T.s.
Learn more at JayAraeEssex.com. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvLZdMWokVQ

Talking With TE'IR and RH'AG (Blue Avians) and a Space Federation Visit in Person, 1-19-2016
This is a different kind of video on various levels. I started talking about TE'IR and his son RA'HG, known to Corey Goode and others as the Blue Avians, when TE'IR started scanning me during the video. I had become sicker again and he was checking me out. Just before I turned the camera on, the light in the room turned a different color. I was looking with my Pineal but, being sick made it hard to see. I couldn't see exactly what was happening until I finished the video. I could feel TE'IR's concern in his heart though. I also talk about a physical person who popped into my last event at the end of September in 2015. Luke and Blair took a short video of him, as they were aware that he was different, not from here. When they tried to send me their short video and wound up losing all the pictures and videos on their camera. It didn't want to download onto the internet and when they tried a second time, bam.'

Drachk Attack Federation, Corey Goode Attacked ?, ET's Closer To Showing Their Bodies (2-1-2017)
The old Federation of planets, which gave other planets permits to abduct and experiment on you and Animals, take minerals, etc., just made a grave mistake. They tried to slap the Drachk in the face. Corey Goode was just in the Emergency Room with chest pains.
People like David Wilcock are trying to say, or at least insinuate, that it was a government thing. It was not. Some ETs are much closer now to revealing their physical bodies to you. You can actually grow and evolve your brain now, interested?
Proof is at JayAraeEssex.com and TheSpiritualFoundation.com. See the Q.E.E.G. test results and video.

Space Theatre: David Wilcock, Alex Collier, Corey Goode, Etc. (6-18-2016)

Everyone seems to be saying all kinds of things about our family members from other planets. Their time frame, spiritual concepts, even basic foundations are wrong. So many of them, even Corey Goode, are being fed false info. (portable clear info. viewer), sad but true. He doesn't know about the Drachk and Antids yet.
He does have a pivotal place in what's about to happen though.
Corey will eventually be one of the primary ambassadors to the Antids and more, a very important part of Earth's future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wENenQdU_Fc&t=652s

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Chris: Don't Mention The Reptilians ?!? (9-26-2016)

The oldest, strongest, and most advanced physical beings in Creation are the Drachk, the Dragon form of Reptilian Race. The Annunaki, not those here on the Planet but most everywhere else, are incredibly strong, compassionate, and honorable beings who know how to work together to get things done. The problematic Annunaki here on this Planet are an issue that will soon be removed as such. I know these people personally.
I talk with them all the time. They often come by to talk.

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