Janeway vs Archon - Star Trek Voyager

Janeway vs Archon - Star Trek Voyager
March 8, 2015. Janeway vs Archon - Star Trek Voyager // The Archons Are Terrified Of Humans Awakening!
Just saw this posted on Davids site and its an interesting plot line from one of the
Star Trek Voyager shows and they are portraying demonic entities that catch
souls at death and uses their essence to enrich themselves. There are many variations
on these themes from all religious and ancients texts and like a lot of myths and legends
originally they are based on events passed down as fireside stories embellished over the
generations. Religion touches on devils and entities and there is probably more to it
than we admit in public. I like many would take the biblical texts more seriously if they
replaced God , Jesus and some of the other prophets as ETS, as speculated by Ancient
Aliens etc.

Anyway many science fiction and TV series and films are based on the cutting edge
of known mainstream science and the imagination and creational abilities of the
script writers to use all the current and older theories of the alternate communities.
I watch a lot of Scy fy and have noticed how science fact and fiction are one creative
field with one leading the other as fantastic ideas become reality....

This clip demonstrates the mechanism that Archons use to gain control of the human soul at or before death, through manipulation into an agreement. They have no real power beyond manipulating people into an agreement with them, and their purpose is to trap souls, to then feed off of them in the reincarnation cycle. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v79lVNKthCw&feature=player_embedded#t=0 MORE HERE: David Icke ☼ The Archons Are Terrified Of Humans Awakening & The Control System Flapping LikeCrazy! - https://youtu.be/UV8smP-8FE0

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quintar3652: Janeway vs Archon

Thank you for sharing this. I used to watch this show and had completely forgotten this episode. It is definitely a lot like what I have read about how the archon work. Great find. Loved the second link too. Great share.

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