It is time to stand up and do something!

Everyday I'm seeing posts about war, crime, poverty, pollution, aliens, reptilians ... etc.
and yet nobody seem to care about what's gonna happen when we are out of resources and can not do anything to save humanity from wiping itself out from the existence... Resources are controlled by donkeys who controll banks and the money; Simply "overlords" who only care about power and controll.
Today as you all know we are a little bit advanced when it comes to technology; Building cars without drivers, AI robots, rockets, weapons, smart phones, super computers etc. But unfortunately the humankind is ultimately ignorant and stupid and also uneducated. Jacque Fresco, founder of TheVenusProject mentioned "The human kind isnt yet capable of controlling energy and power." and I Agree with him because we are so blind that we can not see what our decisions will lead to which consequinces. We are simply destroying ourselves, the mother nature and other beings that share this planet with us.

But there is always HOPE and an extra option... We still have time to put things right and solve our problems; Diseases, wars, crime, uneducation, poverty, politics, hunger.. you name it... and again the time we have is not that much unless we act right now and change the system. I understand that most of you are afraid of change with all those already-answered-many-times questions... After doing lots of research i have found something interesting.. a project that does not want any profit but resources; The Venus Project. TVP was found by Jacque Fresco about 85y ago. He has been re-designing the society and the system in a way that no government will be needed and all of world problems solved, yes, he has been finding solutions to our problems and has designed a new system which is based on resources and not money.

Look people, it doesn't matter if there are reptilians controllig us or not they are on their feet because of our blind-support. We have been enslaved to the elite for many many years now. If you want them to lose and cry like kids then you have to get rid of their system and build a new one... So what TVP need is Us.. OUR SUPPORT. Without our support and resources we can never get rid of the government and soon it may be too late! They have started to secure this system to keep track on us.

You have to understand that we do nit have any other alternative at the moment so lets spread the word and make this world a better place...

in The Venus Project people will have access to everything.. No secrets will be kept because there wont be any reptilians brainwashing us. and guess what we may even build spaceships after building the cities and solving the problems...

in TVP you will not be forced to do any work since automation will take care of that.

thank you all for reading. please read and watch about TVP AND THINK WHAT YOU WANT This world to look like in 10-50years. or more...

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Terran resistance: what if...

theres a flaw with your preposition. we only see "middle-management", the people we see are only the face of the government not the government itself, most taxes according to contactee simon parkes goes for natural resources like gold which is shipped off world. what about all the corporations? we need to get rid of money, then have ufo disclosure to topple the government so that there is enough angry people to topple them. The only way we can do that is to topple it with mass defiance by spilling the beans online to fight off the flat-earth scum government shills for example.

truthseeking_wolf: Lets stay on topic

Why do people always blame ET beings? Why are people afraid of ET life?

Im saying that WE , the people have the advantage. Either we all stand and take them down ... OR we let them fuck us up with their unproven stories. Look its not 100% that Aliens are in controll of humans but there is a POSSIBILITY. abd it wont matter if there are aliens over the elite. as long as we live in a system where no one is in CONTROLL. They cant do shit... If we only fear and stand back we can never free ourselves from this fake shity life.

Terran resistance: p.s

in turns of time according to many "THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED", what that means is that earth will be liberated or has already been liberated in terms of time.

we are just in the unlucky part of the timeline.

Terran resistance: p.s.s

the earth is governed by many factions very few being reptilian. Theres Hyadeans, The moon, the pleiadians, semtic aliens, sirians, these are the big players. But the biggest alien intrusion comes from fourth density which is a plane of existence you can only reach as a ghost. Promixmity=control. so as follows fourth density surface earth, then the moon, then hollow earth third density, then hollow earth fourth density, then the pleiadian war carrier in fourth density in descending order of control.

truthseeking_wolf: And where is the proof of this?

.... everyone claims that some reptilian beings are controlling the planet and humanity... but what about the proof? Lets wait for a moment and question what we are told; "Pleiadians are good beings"? so how do we know they are called pleiadians and are not bad beings? And if so why are they not helping us? I mean... according to what people are claiming Pleiadian race is much older than reptilians... also advanced in technology.. so why would they not just troll the reptilians?

Quinton: Hi truthseeking_wolf, thanks

Hi truthseeking_wolf, thanks for joining the site and for posting this. I'm very much into this topic you are talking about and I would love to see The Venus Project take off. I most certainly think there are some flaws in the system (as there are in pretty much any system) but I am willing to set those aside and support people who want to implement it. I think people should go for it and do it. I recently wrote a book about a very similar topic: how to create a free society without government. So I'm very much in line with the kind of thinking of TVP and have followed it for years.

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